Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday: Week Sixteen

Welcome to Tell Me Tuesday.....First off the title is a bit deceiving.....it really is not about you telling me anything.... but answering a question truthfully and maybe telling yourself a little something you had not thought about.

I'd love for you to join me each week, and copy the question onto your blog and answer the question....and link back here. I am sure it will be interesting how there will be many different answers to the same question.....and hopefully give each of us something to think about as this new year progresses. My thought is so many people (including myself) are looking for some answers to various things. I have a feeling that the answers are inside needing to be jiggled loose and maybe a question posed a certain way will have a cause and effect in a good way. We will see how it goes! I have committed to this once a week for the whole year of 2012. I'd love for you to take the challenge with me!

I am keeping the rules simple...I'd love to watch this grow as the year goes on.

1. Grab the button on the sidebar if you like so others can find this new writing experience each week.

2. Once you link in, visit the person who linked in before you and leave them a comment. It would be great to visit and leave comments for as many as you can. But at least try and leave the person ahead of you in the link a comment of support.

3. Please link back to my blog and mention Tell Me Tuesday somewhere in your POST. That is it....easy.

Most of all, look at this writing experience with an open mind. Sometimes the questions will be hard...and require some thought. That is a good thing. Other times it will be easy. You can add photos, or whatever you like to your post. It is about you after all. ~ Thanks for joining me.....I hope you enjoy this each week.

Week Sixteen Question:

What is the best part of being you?

Goodness.....not easy to answer. First, I need to  define "You"

"You" does not mean, mother, wife, teacher, friend, daughter or any other descriptive word....yes those are all things that we are...but not really the "you" part of that question......

I am going to think on this question....and answer later today. Something to think about and look at your "real" self in order answer honestly.......be back later! 
What are your thoughts? What is the best part of being you???  

~ After thinking on this today, I think the best part of being me is the fact I am able to take the hard things that come my way and still weather the storm until better days come. There have been lots of times I felt I would not make it and that my ship would sink, but somehow, with either sheer grit and determination I always pull through. It is not easy as I have found that there are not really enough people in my life that truly understand or take the time to try and understand to lighten the load. It is more of a pull your boots up by the straps and move forward in the muck if you want to see and smell the flowers again. Is it easy? No. But I have done it time and time again. I know some who don't have it in them and never seem to get to the better things in life, they stay in the mud. I am thankful that there is a part of "me" that is able to do that. I am glad I have it in me to know that sunny skies and beautiful flowers are always around the corner.


  1. Suzanne, I don't blog, but perhaps I may be allowed to comment. I am likely older than you and your friends, but that has given me a perspective you might not have. I am 68, as of last week, and my husband and I have raised four children, and we have soon-to-be eight grandchildren, so you can see that I've had a lot of time to decide just who I really am.

    I think the best part of being me is that I finally realized I like me just as I am. I need to lose some weight, but it doesn't trouble me enough to worry about it or work hard enough to really get it off, and besides, I think women my age need some padding. I would like to have my house shining all the time, but if it isn't, I know we are still comfortable and well-fed and it is clean "enough". I love my husband of almost fifty years with a depth of love never reached when we were young, and he loves me the same way. We live comfortably, if not lavishly, and we have no real desire to be rich. I turned a corner in my thirties, when I told some relatives I knew I might never suit them, but I liked who I am, and if they didn't like me, it was their loss; we eventually became very close. I know God has blessed us abundantly, and He is my Lord, and my eternal future is secure. What more can anyone ask? I think the best part of me is that I realize what true happiness is...it is being content with what you have and being thankful.

    I hope this is what you are looking for on your lovely blog, Suzanne.

    Mary Jane Plemons

    1. Mary Jane What a beautiful post! I know you have a special love with your husband, it shows!! Thanks for commenting today, such an inspiring post.

  2. Beautiful and well stated!

    I don't have a blog either but am hoping to this year.

  3. I am in total agreement with the first comment.

  4. The first comment is very well-stated and actually somewhat similar to my post. :) Well-stated.

  5. Mary Jane, you have what we should all seek!

    Suzanne, perseverance is a truly admirable trait! You're right there are a lot of people who just don't have it in them when they see possible defeat instead of fighting it, they embrace it.


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