Sunday, August 26, 2012

Progress on My Jubilee Quilts

I'm afraid I stay behind and can not seem to keep up with the Barrister's Sow-a-long over at Randy's blog. But.....I am trying!! I most likely, would have not had such a hard time of it had I not decided to make an extra quilt in all Christmas fabrics.

Both of these quilts are my Jubilee quilts, made in the year I turned fifty. I can honestly say, I would never have believed I would have completed all of these blocks and continue to stay sewing to complete these quilts. I guess my motivation is "turning 50" and needing something(s) to commemorate that event!

To get a better look at photos to enlarge

I decided to lay all of the blocks out and take a look at how they were coming together.  So far, I have completed 39 blocks for each quilt.

Here are the Christmas fabric blocks. At this point I am not sure which set of blocks I love the best!!

And speaking of behind.....I am six blocks behind before the new blocks are released on Randy's blog.

But if you do that math....that translates to TWELVE blocks behind.....six blocks for each quilt!!

I have all the blocks cut out....and if this looks like a gillion pieces...well believe me it feels like a gillion times ten to me!!! I need to get these sewn together today if possible, or at least make a good dent in these blocks....there are tiny pieces in wish me luck!! I think the new blocks come out this I need to get busy!!!

Have a great day!!! Sew something fantastic!!


  1. Suzanne your block are so pretty! I know you are going to have two fabulous Jubilee quilts! Keep sewing. Hugs, Linda

  2. Love your guilts! These are going to be beautiful.

  3. Both versions are beautiful! Congrats on turning 50 and on making fabulous quilts to celebrate!

  4. Such awesome blocks! Hope you get the 12 done soon =D

  5. Hello, What great work, the quilts will turn out great! Anna

  6. I like all the fabrics in both of the quilts too!


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