Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When The Truth Is Written All Over Your Face.........

" Oh....look what we found.....just tossed here all shredded up......we have no idea what happened "

.........the rest of the roll......hundreds of bits all over the floor. I wonder if Sammie and Bailey really think I don't know what happened here!


  1. They do like to chew up Kleenex and tissues, I'm not going to let my little dachshund, Rusty, see this post, it will give him ideas.

  2. This is so funny! They really do think we don't know don't they? hugs, Linda

  3. In my house, it is generally tissues unless of course the tp has been left hanging by a grand-then it's fair game. Love the pups though, they make us smile.

  4. Hahaha the innocent look!! =D

  5. Better question them, they may have a story on how they spotted the culprit getting away ~

  6. Haaa! That look of "I didn't do it"! It was a loofa sponge at our house today...a brand new one!
    Too Cute-

  7. That would be a perfect photo to post on this website I just found out about called!Everyone posts pictures of their "bad dogs" along with a shaming sign. Maybe something like "Look what my brother did!!" I'm sure I have a photo or two I could post too (I have 3 dogs so there's always something suspicious going on). Such cutie pies!

  8. That is so funny! Don't you just love it when our dogs punish themselves? That look always gets me.

  9. HaHaHa! Looks like my hallway! This motley crew does not think I know who is guilty! With pieces of tp on their silky coats hmmm....I am sure it was the cat! LOL!


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