Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sewing In January....and a lot of cutting too!!!

I have been so busy sewing and trying to get things done that is on my to do list for 2013. First, and foremost is to not start any new projects until the ones I have sitting get completed.....or at least near completed. I did however sneak in a couple of projects in December that would carry over onto the "to-do" list for 2013.  One of those projects was to sign up for the Winter White Friendship Block exchange, I talked about it HERE.

I cut into that fabric and constructed a block to see if it was going to work in regards to size and pattern. I have to admit, I worried, fussed, ripped and worked on this one block more than I do believe I have ever worked on a block before. I told ya' I was worried about joining a swap like this, so I stressed over this one!

But I did manage to get all the fabric cut, and the middle section sewed together on the other eleven blocks and this will most likely be ready to send off to Lala towards the end of the week.

I do hope it fits well with the other blocks and hope it reads winter to others besides myself. The unfinished block measures 9.5 inches. The block itself blends with the design wall fabric...but I think you can see that cute swirl white on white in the photo.

I did save the bonus triangles from cutting the blocks....I may have to sew these tiny things together into squares and maybe use them in the quilt...believe me, they are small.

Here is my sewing table....some of the winter blocks are still sitting waiting to be sewn together, those strips are going to be the sashing for one of my Jubilee quilts. I did two of the jubilee quilts, one in Christmas fabrics and one in fabrics I loved from my stash.

I had both of the quilts on my design wall, but had to remove the Christmas blocks and work on one at a time. I am ready to sew the sashings together and cut the corner stones and assemble this one. I also need to finish the other one, and have them done by my birthday in March. Both of these will be my Jubilee Quilts, both made the 50th year of my life. I love how they are looking finally all together on the design wall, and want to thank Randy over at Barristers Block for the great sew along this past year.

Lastly, here is my Easy Street quilt which is the new Mystery by Bonnie Hunter. I have everything cut and ready to sew. Part one is on the right, all done and now just need to get started on the rest. I did not use Bonnie's colors, as you can see, so I am excited to get a little further along on this and see how it all comes together. It is rather difficult to see all the progress on this quilt by others and realizing I just could not keep up the pace during the holidays this year. But I will work on it a little by little and get this one done this year.

I have a few other blog post I need to get done this week, and try and get back on a schedule. I have lacked time and motivation for several weeks.....need to get over that slump and get back to what I enjoy doing....just wish I had a little more time in each day and wish I felt a little younger with a lot more energy!!

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Your block looks amazing, Suzanne! Don't doubt yourself for a minute.
    Thank you again for hosting the SSS- I really enjoyed it.

  2. Oh my goodness,you have so much to do. Good Luck with the catch up. xx

  3. Wow,you are busy! Your quilts are looking great!

  4. I can't believe you are even questioning your abilities on the Winter White blocks. They look wonderful and definitely wintery. Your Jubilee blocks are amazing too. I have never tackled anything like that before, but really should venture into some more complicated blocks. All those little triangles looks like snow! Since I haven't finished Orca BAy from Bonnie's mystery last year, I won't be starting Easy Street. I confessed all my UFO's on my blog...check them out. BTW Lala is my Aunty name, you can call me Lee!


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