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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Casa Neverlandia - Austin, Texas

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I have mentioned here before that my daughter lives in Austin, Texas and it is always fun to go and visit and experience all the "Austin" things....weird and all. In fact, the more out of the norm, the better! 

Last week, I told you about a shop and the food trucks on South Congress and how much we enjoy them. Another aspect I love about that part of Austin are the homes just off of South Congress. They are a mix of eclectic homes, some of them in their original condition, but many have been redone and are most amazing in their decor and style. I always wonder about the people who live inside those houses, always want their story or a part of their story. It holds a magical sort of allure for me and I tell my family all the time, that if I lived in Austin, I'd want to live here in this area. If I could not do that, there is one other area I really love that has the same feel. My daughter just laughs and rolls her eyes......not her style at all!

Last month, when we were in Austin, we were getting ready to head home and had to walk through some of these streets in the neighborhoods to get to where we parked our car....ummmm.....yes, the parking could be a little better, as we had to walk several blocks......but that turned out to be a wonderful thing.

We happened by this house once we found the car and made a wrong turn. Turns out to be the right turn...would you just look at this house...I was mesmerized and forced, yes forced my husband to stop. And would you believe this time, there was a story that went with this mystical house. Oh. Joy.

The house has this sign out front and was fantastic information about the  owners and the house. (Click the photo to read this information.) It is hard to imagine the house being purchased for 13K in 1979.

How many times do you see a fantastic home and wonder about it and the occupants? I was really interested in reading this sign, but was more fascinated with what I was looking at. The house is magnificent, everywhere you look is something fantastic and unique that was used in the homes decor.

The colors, the glass, the siding, the paint, the landscaping, the front door, every where you looked was a fantastic array of beauty on this one house.

I wanted to go up and ring the door bell, just to get a closer look. My husband kept telling me and my daughter to get in the car before someone called the police. Reluctantly, we got in the car....

....but not until I thought once more about walking up these steps for a closer look. The house is spectacular nestled in the trees of this eclectic  neighborhood.

I know this weeks Vintage Thingie is a bit different, but I wanted to show you how fantastic homes can be in this town that would like to stay weird. If I am not careful and keep out of these neighborhoods, I just might find myself trying to relocate there. I fear I'd fit right in and be right at home.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!! .....and I guess I should say, ALL of Austin is not like is rather normal and sorta boring....I prefer the more wilder side of things that this town has to offer. *wink * wink !!


  1. We always seem to fly by Austin on the way to San Antonio. Sometime we need to stop I hear it is a fun town!

  2. My neace lives in Dallas and she says that whenever I come to visit her, she's got to take me to beautiful Austin! Thank you for hosting this great party, the first in 2013! Happy new year too!

  3. What a fabulous house! The only time I've been to Texas is several times changing planes at Dallas/FW airport! So anything you share is a wonderful new thing!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting! Have a great week...hugs, Penny

  5. Such a beautiful surprise to see the Casa Neverlandia. A visual treat. Thanks for hosting, glad I could join in this week.

  6. Suzanne,
    Thanks so much for posting about this truly magnificent home!! I loved it!! And I so enjoyed reading about it too!! You would have had to pry me away from those stairs!! I would have loved to see the inside!!
    Thanks for hosting and THANKS for this wonderful post filled with so much whimsy and JOY!!


  7. Those steps are amazing! Thanks for hosting the party. I'm glad I finally have something to post.

  8. Wowza on the house. This is my 1st time back. I'm re-learning the ropes. Hope you are still enjoying your bunny prize.

  9. That house IS amazing! I love places like that which have a story! Thanks for the opportunity to link up!

    HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  10. I would love to get a closer look at that house also. I'll walk up those steps with you!!

    hugs, Linda

  11. Amazing! Its good to get lost sometimes, what an amazing house you would have missed. Joining in this week, have to come back to peek at the links after work later. Thanks, Pam :)

  12. ok you are the only person who has ever called austin boring.. ever. in the history of the world.... lol

  13. at times we need magic in our lives, to enliven things up, this kind of things like beautiful houses and such makes up for it. thanks for the magical post.

  14. What a fun house Suzanne! We've got a very creative one in Santa Monica - the owners put mosaic tiles all over. So much fun to see.

    Happy VTT!

  15. I would have been right there with you and your daughter, wanting to go up the steps and knock on the door. What an amazing house! Thanks for sharing the photos of it.


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