Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Forgotten Mountain Treasures Part 2

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday.

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Last week, I realize everything went haywire with Blogger and I think Mr. Linky. Hopefully, this week will be better. If you were not able to read last weeks post, click HERE, as this is a carry-over from last week. I am crossing my fingers we will NOT have a problem this week!!

Let me continue with my long forgotten treasures that were abandoned years ago and have been preserved in the rubble of a forgotten cabin.....enjoy.

These are so cute. They are made out of hard plastic, reminds me of Melamine or Texas Ware, but alas, no markings on any of it. This is the creamer and sugar lid.

Here are the two matching cups. That is all I found, nothing else that matched this set. Still....they are pink and really cute....don't think I will ever use them, but hey....I like the colors.

What do you think of these adorable luncheon plates? There were only 3 plates to be seen. There may have been more, but I decided I had better just stop all the digging around. I love the look of these. There were no matching cups, but the design is really nice.

I just love the details of the rims. Look how delicate the handles look. I don't know what I will do with these either, but I will save them....they have found a home!
How about this beautiful Refrigerator jar...complete with ORIGINAL RED lid. Oh, how I love this. I have not been able to clear up the glass, as it has a fog, but if I can not clear it up that is OK, I just love this.

Now.....this has got to be a real favorite of mine. I dug and found this amazing silverware. Did you hear me.....SILVERware. Most all of it is the real stuff. Some is marked Royal Manufacturing Co., Solid Brazilian Silver (with a crown). Let me tell you, I wanted so very much to continue to dig to find more pieces, but Steve insisted that enough was enough.

Here is some of the detail of some of the pieces. I love the details. Some have initials but nothing really matched.

I think t his makes a nice display. I purchased this milk pitcher at Goodwill for .50 cents and think it makes great vase for these vintage pieces.

Oh, and if you noticed my vintage tablecloth in the backdrop, that was a great find at Goodwill too, I paid a whole .75 cents for that on half price day......Smile!!

Well, this concludes my Forgotten Mountain Treasures for now......notice I said for now....or until I discover a few more just waiting to be found. Have a great week everyone!


  1. oooh I love the cups, please use them :-) I definitely would :-)

  2. Your adventure sounds like fun. Hope you get some use out of the thingies you found.

    I think "Brazilian silver" actually has no silver in it.

  3. Hello Suzanne,
    this is my first time playing at this great meme. I see you have showcased a lot of vintage thingies and your adventure does sounds like fun!
    I have posted some old stamps...

    Have a great day:)

  4. may be right, I did not have a chance to research that part yet...but none the less, I love them! ;)

  5. I can not believe all the things you found in that cabin. I love the pink creamer and sugar.

    What I would give for a good Goodwill!

    Thanks for hosting VTT. You do such a great job!

  6. So nice, as always! The silverware display was great, as was the tablecloth they are on!

  7. WOW! That cabin could have been its own flea market!

  8. You have missed your calling. You should be a writing, trash pile scavenger.

  9. I didn't know you had found that much stuff - Steve should have let you take more. But, now you'll have to make a second trip - with a big backpack!

  10. These items all look like they came
    from my grandmas kitchen! Great fun stuff!

  11. Love your treasures--good for you digging through the dirt. The luncheon plates are nice too bad you didn't find an even number. But isn't that how it goes usually 3 or 5 of a set. Love the silverware display.

  12. How exciting to begin quilting. You will love it especially if you are using repro fabrics...that's where my heart is. I am working with 1930's style right now too. I'll be checking to see how you're doing:-)

  13. I really love the fridge container. I would so put juice in that!

  14. Suzanne, I am more than a little jealous! You can't get a better bargain than FREE! What fun you are having. You have found some wonderful treasures, and I love all of them. My husband would have a terrible time dragging me out of that barn! laurie

  15. Plastic.....& then real silver, isn't vintage wild?

  16. Suzanne,
    Thanks for hosting. We sure do appreciate all your work, and you sharing your beautiful finds.
    Love what you shared today, especially the silver.

    Barbara Jean

  17. You really hit a treasure trove there! I think I'd want to head back with some work gloves and a respirator mask and poke around even more *L*

    I LOVE those pink cups, maybe they'd be good to take camping since they're plastic?

  18. You must have a special instinct to find such a place and to make such great finds!
    The shape of the plastic sugar bowl and creamer is as sweet as the colour.

  19. Hi're a good scavenger! That fridge jar looks just like one we kept cold water in back in the 40s....Loved all your thingies... ;-) Bo

  20. The refrigerator jar is adorable.
    I can just imagine your husband prompting you to come on, hurry up. When we go antiquing, mine stands outside the store, pacing.
    Lovely treasures!

  21. I had so much trouble last week I reposted mine from last week so everyone could enjoy. I love the mountain finds. I have some of the old hard plastic kitchen dishes too. Mine are green and yellow. I love the colors.

    Thanks for sharing. I love Thursdays and seeing everyone's treasures.


  22. You find such lovely things.
    Love the pink!

  23. I love Thrift Store finds like your tablecloth! Cool stuff Lady.

    (PS could you delete #23? I goofed. Thanks)

  24. yes, i did! i heard you!
    and no, i can't believe you found all that in a mountain inside your home-
    i absolutely lov, love,love the silverware, jar, and lucheon plates

    one of the things i genuinely miss about home is goodwill, and thrift stores

    we have flea markets here the call them flohmarkts- and only in spring and summer

    first thing i thought when i got your mail today is that you are sooo sweet! i will write later tonight with more info-
    anyway, love all your treasures

  25. Love your "dump" finds! In the early 60's this use to be a past time of mine...located and went dump hunting ....found tons of good stuff. Great stuff!

  26. You really hit the Mother Lode! Try some denture fizzing tablets in that wonderful jar.
    The Raggedy Girl

  27. What great treasures, but I'm really digging that refrigerator jar with the red lid :0)

  28. Love the glass luncheon plates. I've got a set of 12, and wish I had 12 more:-)

  29. Ooh...I have dishes that look similar to your cups...
    I'll have to post some pics soon.
    LOVE that Frig jar!!

  30. Suzanne, imagine if we go shopping together.. it must be fun bringing home tonnes of chinaware! hehehehe.. I love your refrigerator jar.. never see one before and the pink creamer & sugar bowl are lovely! Happy VTT and have a great week!

  31. Girl I love that table cloth and only 75 cent you hit the MOTHERLODE on that find..Now I have an old frig water jug that also was cloudy...I drop a poli-dent tablet in it and it just cleaned it up reall pretty for me...a Antique dealer told me about that trik...try it your'll be amaged what it can do even on old linens...May you have a great day my friend...wished I had done the VTT with you...too late now to post...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  32. This is the first time I've participated in VTT - what fun!

    I love the treasures you found - what a great thing to have given new life to long forgotten things!

  33. Hi! I just discovered your blog today, and I'm participating in the Thursday fun! Going to check out everybody else's thingies!

  34. I have an award waiting for you at my blog!


  35. I love your mountain treasures! My favorite is the refrigerator jar. I've never seen anything like that before.

  36. There is no telling what all you would have found if Steve had just let you kept on digging---I am always amazed at the things you dig up.

  37. love the flatware! hope you have a great weekend friend...I am pretty much done my planting now...then off to my sister's house to help her overcome her brown thumb! lol

  38. What a great adventure to find so many terrific things in an abandoned cabin -- it's like a great kids' story come to life!

    Love those glass plates, how sweet are they? And your flatware is a great mix, most of it is probably silverplate (I have some of the same pieces). it might shine up very nicely if you get tired of the worn look!

    Great fun post!

  39. LOVE the 'fridge jar!

    Stop by my blog - there's an award waiting there for you today!

  40. Love the silverware! and the glass dishes are wonderful.

    Computer problems so I've been off-line for days but I heard you've had your first quilting class! Way to go!

  41. Great post, Suzanne! I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading...finally. Happy Sunday!

  42. I'm excited about being a part of "Vintage Thingies Thureday".



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