Friday, June 25, 2010

Finished For Friday: A Stash Reorganization

I have a confession to make today. When my kids were in Elementary school, they had to be at school by 8:20am and picked up at 3:00pm. I can not tell you how many times I would drop them off at school, rush to Sherman Williams for either paint, wallpaper or both, then rush home to begin a project on one of my childrens rooms. I am not kidding when I say by the time I picked them up from school...I'd have whatever project I decided to do, done and it would be like magic in their eyes, a whole room transformation in a course of a school day.

Now with that in mind, would someone explain to me why a simple task of cleaning out a closet, reorganizing and putting away everything again and changing simple things in a sewing room should take 2 1/2 days to complete. I am scratching my head at that one....I don't get it. I guess back then, we did not have computers to suck up a lot of time....I am going to blame it on the computer..... not age!

This week, I want to show you my fabric stash that has been pulled out of all sorts of bins, stacked and folded on the side shelves of the closet. Now, I can at least see what I have. ~I did not paint these shelves bright pink and lime green....well, I did paint them, but years ago....that was my daughters choice, not mine and well, as time is of the essence, I have not repainted them.

I even gathered up all my vintage sheets I have been purchasing, and stored them in one place.

Just look at all this vintage goodness....I hope to get around to making a couple of vintage sheet quilts soon. I am looking for some vintage sheets with a more brown, green, or orange coloring in stripes or anything other than florals. My son, is like me, and likes to sleep under covers even in the summer. Problem is, he is so hot natured, and is always burning up. I think a light weight quilt made from a more manly vintage sheets would be perfect.....I know I want one for pink florals!

You can even see the bolts of backing fabrics and upholstery fabrics on the look of all this, you'd think all I ever did these days was sew...and it is quiet the opposite...I can hardly find time! Maybe I need to stay out of the quilt shops.......just sayin'

I purchased this great storage unit, it holds lots of goodies! Do you see those red boxes??? I found two of these, brand new for $3.99 at goodwill. They are stemware storage units, but I had another idea.

These are perfect for storing craft supplies and vintage lace and trims. Remember, when thrifting, think outside of the box and come up with new storage solutions for the things you find. As in this case, perfect-o!

Here is my scrap bin, finally with all the scraps gathered up and in one place. Before they were in several bins and they were all over the place.

Top shelf holds my buttons, thread and other goodies!!!

And on the far right, I have bins of vintage hankies, linens, tablecloths and quilts. Some are cutters to be used in projects, while others are just stored in this space.

I am so glad I have something to share for finished for Friday over at Lit and Laundry! In case you are wondering why there are no before pictures, well lets just would not have wanted to see them....Trust me!!!!

Believe me, for a time this week, I did not think I'd even see the hallway as I was so covered up with stuff, much less finish to have a blog post up. Man I wish I knew what sped things up about 16 years ago....I needed a HUGE dose of whatever that might have been!!


  1. WOW.. I want to be that organized! Everything in its place and right at your fingertips!

    ~Really Rainey~

  2. Oh my dear Suzanne, you are adorable! I wish you could see how I get things done...I am sure I have A.D.D. and it is a severe case I assure you! If I got to do somehting it may take two days now instead of 2 hours1 OK so you are normal like the rest of us in blogland!

  3. Lookin' good, Suzanne!! I wish my fabric stash was even 1/2 as together as yours...have so much great fabric and it's scattered in 3 locations! Can never find that "perfect piece" that I know I have!! Happy Friday *elaine*

  4. Looking great! We will NOT discuss my space or stash. I have more of both AND a bigger mess!! It is taking me more than two weeks! Anyone want to come help? I'll share! :)

  5. Wow Suzanne, your space looks great! So organized. It's so nice to be able to see fabric instead of plundering through plastic bins. Ask me how I know ;-D


  6. Hi Suzanne,
    What a wonderful, organized space. You should pat yourself on the back for finishing that project!! That would have taken me longer than 2 1/2 days.
    Now just think of how wonderful it will be when you can find the perfect fabric or trim in your organized space! You've motivated me to try and tackle my "junk" closet.

  7. This is great. I actually rather like the pink and green shelves--works beautifully with some of those vintage florals I see peeking out in there! Beauty!
    You did great to get all this done in 2and a half days. I have been working off and on for three weeks on my stuff and can't see a difference yet!
    I wish the organizing fairy would visit!

    Hope you get to some happy sewing soon in your beautiful area!

  8. I concur it is the computers that slow us down, I am currently re-organizing a room in my house and I am on day three!

  9. WOW..Suzanne! I am so impressed. My dish closet looks that good but my fabric stash is in bins everywhere (mostly under EVERY bed). Someday :)


  10. Oh, you really make me want to get my stuff in order! Great stash you have! Love all the fabric!

  11. All I can say, you have way too much "stuff". I know you had a lot of fabric but never dreamed this much. You need to stay away from any store for awhile and start sewing what you have. Lord help her!

  12. Wow! What a great job organizing! I'm really impressed. I know how much work that is - my fabric etc is always only about 75% organized, and that other 25% drives me nuts. If you're like me, you found things you forgot you had - that's the best part! Happy sewing when you have time and thanks so much for linking up to Finished for Friday!

  13. Nice organizational skills! My favorite is your pretty jars of different shapes and sizes for storing buttons, etc.

    I used to be fast at getting projects done too. I wonder what happened?

  14. Um-hmmm. Let's say it is the computer. What great organization. I'm having so much trouble keeping mine organized. Is it more trouble to put everything back where it belongs or just to start the organization process about every 6 months? Lane

  15. Terrific reorganization! I too store my fabrics on shelves in a closet-each shelf has one color...well it starts that way on Jan. 1 of each year!

    Love the big bin for your scraps and oh those buttons and lace trims and vintage hankies much goodness!

  16. Very good work! Looks fantastic!

  17. Suzanne, great job, love the pink shelves, so cheerful! Can I ask you, how did you organize the you keep all the 1 yard piecs together, then the 2 yard, and thr 1/2 yard, etc.. I would think that would work better than keeping them toethe by color then you know how much you have..looks great btw..


  18. Great job Suzanne. I am looking forward to seeing the quilts you make from your stash.

  19. Um... WOW!! I need a closet like that ... a sewing/craft room and hours alone... or maybe with a sewing tutor!! =) I love the jars!! I love jars and buttons!! =)

  20. Suzanne, you have a great closet for your fabric stash and other sewing things. I'm envious!
    I smiled when I read about you transforming your child's room while they were at school. I still remember the magical feeling of walking into my bedroom after being at school all day. My mom had painted the room, put on new bedspreads and hung new curtains. All of it was in shades of lavender. I shared a room with my sister and this is what she had dreamed of. It was a special time that I still remember fondly! I'm certain your children have the same type of feelings about their rooms. ~ Sarah

  21. Wow, so organized and colorful to boot- that would certainly get my creative juices flowing! I recognize at least 3 of the sheet sets you have there from my sister and I's room and also my parent's. Too funny!

  22. Wow! Good for you! Now doesn't that feel better :) I have the same project "pending"
    Great idea on the storage bins for ribbons & such.
    & I know, I know..when we were building, if I had an hour I would run out to the house & I say, "Oh, I only have an hour" :)

  23. Thanks for the wonderful tour of your newly organized sewing closet! Hey, I kind of like the pink and lime colored shelves. ;-)

    I think reorganizing takes more time than painting room because you have to make a decision every couple of minutes. Once you decide to paint a room, all you've got to do is paint. It's labor intensive, but not nearly as brain intensive. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)


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