Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday: Sweetness!

Yesterday, I shared some photos of my garden for the 2010 spring planting. As I was in the garden taking the photos, I got to thinking about a little garden of long ago that only grew cherry tomatoes. This little garden, which was maybe a 4X4 foot space harvested the sweetest tomatoes I had ever tasted.

Most of you know my sweet Aunt LaVoice from Thoughts at Meme's Corner and will enjoy this memory for Take Me Back Tuesday. Many years back, she had a small space in her backyard that served as her garden spot. The only thing I recall ever being planted there were about 4 tomato plants. These were not just any tomatoes, they were plants that harvested tiny, sweet as could be tomatoes.

Now, as most kids my age at that time, I did not care for tomatoes that I remember. But I can still remember the first time I had one of these tiny wonders, I compared them in my mind to grapes, and I loved grapes. I was fascinated with these little red delights.

Honestly, when I think back to those days, I think my aunt and most likely my mom thought of me as a wild child, clumsy, always into something. And I guess really, that is an accurate description now that I think about it........anyway, I remember to this day, as we were driving over to my aunts house for a visit my mom telling me to NOT ask for any tomatoes. She demanded I not pick a ONE off the vines, in fact, I think she preferred me not to mention it at all. All of this was followed by a stern " do you hear me?" from my mom.

Well, of course I heard her, I'd of had to been deaf not too, but it went in one ear and out the other. I sat in the passenger seat of that car, and as my mom was instructing me on how NOT to act, I was only thinking of one thing. All I could see in my mind were the yummy little tiny tomatoes on the vines, and my attention was focused on hoping my aunt had some in a bowl on the counter and I did not have to hint I wanted some. Worse, I remember already plotting an excuse to go out in the back yard and hope I could just stroll by the plants and pluck a few off the vine and eat them rather quickly. Wild child that I was, I paid no attention to what my mother instructed in the car that day while on the way to my Aunt LaVoice's house.

Thank goodness, I did not have to stand at the kitchen counter and stare longingly at a bowl of sweet cherry tomatoes and hope for one too long. My aunt I am sure offered me some before I had to embarrass my mother. However, I remember thinking the one or two I was allowed to have was not enough to satisfy my appetite. I think, at least I am pretty sure I headed right out the back door and sashayed rather nonchalantly around the garden and picked every one I could possibly get to without getting caught, just as I had planned.

Thinking back, I should have been ashamed of my actions, because most times my aunt would send me home with a little brown bag of tomatoes to enjoy at home....and you know what? All the way home I can still remember myself trying to plot a way to hide most of them and not have to share.......shameful, I swear......but true.

That is it for this Take Me Back Tuesday......I am sure when my mom and aunt read this confession of sorts they will think ....wild child indeed!!!


  1. AWWWW, Suzanne! What a sweet memory of your dear Aunt!! Those small plots seem to grow the sweetest fruit---maybe it's all the sugar compressed into one small area, concentrating in the tiny globes.

    It makes her own blog all the better for me, just to know more about her kind nature and her generous love for children.

  2. Thank you for sharing this memory of yours. It took me way back in time to a tiny tomato plant and a memory of my own.

    What a wonderful Aunt you have. I visit her blog often.

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    You're not shameful, just real.......I'd of done the same. I still adore cherry tomatoes to this day, and currently have some growing, along with the beefsteak variety. There's nothing better than pulling a huge tomatoe off the vine, slicing it and putting just a little salt on the slice and gorging away.......aaaahhhhhhh so yummy!


  4. Too too funny Suzanne. My Grand Mama had cherry mater plants scattered around our gardens. I remember being completely grossed out by my 10 years younger Sister toddling around, snatching a bright red one off the vine and happily chomping into it. It was before I ate tomatoes.

  5. What a sweet story! Enjoyed your photos, too!

  6. Ohhh Suzanne..I had to smile. You little tomato taking wild child...and weren't they so good??? :)
    Maybe they were so good,because she's the sweetest lady ever and I love her to the moon and back... but I would have grabbed a tomato as well.
    Nothing tastes better than a juicy red,ripe juicy dripping down on your chin tomato and a few pieces of rock salt..sitting in the garden in that hot sun,watching butterflies,ladybugs and eating tomatoes... *sighs at a wonderful bunch of memories


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