Monday, January 17, 2011

A Special Birthday Wish For My Mom

Today is my mom's Birthday and I'd like to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! Today she is 73ish.....and I do mean "ish" as I fear the years have hit a wall and we are reverting back towards childhood. True. I swear.

This is a early picture of my mom.....has not really changed too much through the years! She is a strong, independent woman who means so much to us.

Here she is in High School (the one on the far left)....she has always been a real show stopper....loves to be the center of attention and well, usually is, one way or another. She certainly lives life to the fullest!

See what I mean.....this was last week when she spent a couple of days with my daughter and niece in Austin shopping and having a good time....a little too good of a time if you ask me....clearly no adult supervision was along on this trip. daughter and my mom.....where are the adults here??? No where to be seen!

My daughter, niece and my mom.... I was afraid to ask what this was about! But you can be sure of one thing, there must have been lots of laughing going on!!

This was taken at my daughters apartment last week. That is my mom sleeping on the floor on a air mattress. While sleeping, my daughter and niece decided to leave and purchase party supplies and decorate all the while she was sleeping....she woke up to a mess beyond belief. All in honor of her Birthday!!! And she never heard anything!!

Yep, I am certain the years are reverting back to childhood even as I type this!!! Happy Birthday Mom.....I am so glad you are always ready to have fun!! I love you and hope you keep sliding into good times for a long time to come. You know they say, you are only as old as you feel, and well...from the looks of things, I'd say not bad!!!


  1. Howdy Suzanne
    Happy Birthday to MOM .
    Excuse me one moment while I leave a little note for Mom ( YOU ROCK MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!! )
    Okay Suzanne now you can read the rest :)
    Seriously give your Mom my best wishes for many more happy young at heart Birthday bashes .
    Hugs and blessings for you all
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  2. Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Oh goodness - - - I'd say she's at least back in her teenage years, these are the very kinds of things my teenage son and his friends used to do!

  3. Your Mom is beautiful! It must be something about the 70s ... my Mom is the same way! And I'm GLAD ... I hope I'm as good at that age!

  4. That picture of her all dressed up in the costume cracks me up!!! Happy birthday to your mom. We're all young at heart as long as we believe in it.

  5. Happy Birthday to Mom!!! You're an inspiration!

  6. Your mom looks like one fun gal! Happy Birthday to Suzanne's mom!

  7. Now there's someone who knows how to live! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom!


  9. I meant to add - to your mom!

  10. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Nothing wrong with reverting to childhood ~ we all need to celebrate our inner child. I wish your Mom many more happy and healthy years!!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom!! What a fun time this looks like they had!! Nothing wrong with being young at heart!!! Keeps you Young!

  12. Thank you very much my dear but some of these pictures should not be here !!!!--My family loves to show things on me !!!! But I really had a good time with those two girls and no I do not intend to grow up---that is not any fun. I may have years but I will never be old !!! Life is too short as it is and I am going to enjoy what is left of mine to the max!! And the slide at the ice show was really "cool" just was slow going---could have been the weight of the one sliding. I love you very much and thank you for having lunch with me today.

  13. My sister posted her comment from my computer. That should be her picture, not me. Susie, great tribute to her. She seemed very proud.

  14. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Guess what I might have to start going backwards myself!

  15. You are so very fortunate to have your mother. I miss my everyday. I love her nursing picture...I am a nurse. There was something about wearing a cap a pin and that starched uniform.

  16. thank you for all the kind words and birthday greetings. I really had a great day and yes I wrote the comments above LV (my sis)--I was at her house and on her computer when I wrote that, and I am on mine now and not doing very good with getting this posted but I am Patsy, Suzanne's Mom. Thanks Suzanne for the nice post---I do love you very much and I did have a wonderful time with the girls---I do enjoy life and having a good time.

  17. Happy Birthday to your mom. Looks like she know how to enjoy life.
    ~ Sarah

  18. This made me laugh! I'm glad she had such a great time! I know I did too. This was a great post! Happy Birthday Nanaw! Loveee youuuu! :)


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