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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Graves in a Vintage Cemetery

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You all know I always talk about visiting the cemetery when we go to Cripple Creek Colorado. For a reason I can not describe, we always walk through the cemetery and visit a lot of long forgotten graves, and then of course those that will never be forgotten. (to see details, click on photo to make larger)

It is always fun to see what has been left at the grave of the infamous Madam, Pearl Devere of Cripple Creek.
During the Gold Rush she ruled the roost and many roosters! I first talked about her HERE, if you'd like to have a look at that information. No matter when you visit, there are always trinkets and things left for her.

This time, we noticed a grave we had not paid too much attention to before. The head stone took me by surprised...then I noticed how the grave itself looked. Very desolate. You can tell this guy has no visitors....I always hate that for some reason, always makes me sad..........

But look who this is..........Fred E. Krueger...................

Or could it really be Freddy Krueger??? Could that be why no one visits??? I am NOT one for horror movies to say the I did not waste too much time wondering about this grave, did not want to take  any chances!

I found this most interesting. This is a family plot for Johnny Nolan. Johnny Nolan was a huge character in the Gold Rush Days of Cripple Creek. I noticed right away there were no graves in this plot. After a brief argument with my husband and upon some research, we discovered that no one at all is buried here in the PRIME plot in the cemetery. It seems it is owned by the Nolan family, or descendants, and no one was ever buried here. I was just baffled by that. This has a direct view of downtown Cripple Creek and Bennett Avenue. I can think of no better place to be myself....wonder if they'd sell it????

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday.....hope you enjoyed a look at some very vintage graves!!


  1. How interesting a piece of Colorado history! I am always taking pictures of tombstones for genealogy purposes.

  2. Suzanne, Thanks for hosting. Really like the graveyard tour. I truly Freddie stays right where he lies. Ginger :)

  3. love those old cemeteries and gravestones. They really can get very interesting right? But it always just kills me to see the ones of small children and painful. Great photos.

  4. Hi Suzanne, We are home from vacation and getting back to life in NC. My to do list is long after being gone for over a month.I am glad to be here today. I have missed you.
    I really enjoyed taking a peek at the cripple Creek cemetery. The bit of history is interesting. I too like to read stone markers in a cemetery. A certain mystery and imagination is always in these places. We loved our visit out west and especially the chance to stay in your cabin.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. this is an unusual share...but very interesting indeed!! Love it!

  6. This history one can find in an older cemetary!

  7. Suzanne, we used to go to an old cemetery in Cedar Key Florida. It was a little town hidden away close to the coast. There were some VERY old markers, and some sad ones too, like lots of babies. These can be interesting places to visit.

    Jocelyn @

  8. No wonder you get in a depressed mood, with your head in an old cemetery all the time.

  9. Wow, that's a heck of a view for a cemetery! I love walking through old ones, seeing the huge stones, reading the dates. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hmmm....very interesting. My interest is always piques by old cemeteries but I have yet to visit one.

  11. Not too crazy about that F. Krueger pic as I scroll up and down but I do love and appreciate your Vintage Thingie Thursdays. I adore all the entries and have so much fun visiting them and getting all kinds of ideas. Thanks for hosting this :)

  12. You have hit a spot in my heart truly as I am a funeral directors assistant and I LOVE old cemeteries and stones. Fantastic postie!

  13. I love visiting old cemetaries. So many stories. While on vacation at Renfro Valley KY - we stopped at a small cemetary on a hill. A stone listed 13 children in one family - all who died at birth or under 5 years old. So sad.

  14. I am fascinated with old cemetaries and this one is great. Very interesting about the empty plot.I think more research is needed here.


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