Friday, February 18, 2011

A Crisis With Identy

I am beginning to hesitate before I open my email! Seriously. This story is true. Every word of it. I will tactfully or at least with every bit of tact I can muster, try to explain how you just never know what might be around the corner....I kid not!

Last weekend, there was a message in my "comments" section of my blog waiting to be moderated and published. I read it, without even paying any attention to who it was written by. Confused by what the message said, I glanced again at who sent imagine my surprise when I saw "coloradolady" sent it to me.

Here is said message:

"I want the readers here to know I am the original Coloradolady. I have been the Coloradolady since the 1990s. I do not and never will stand behind what is written here, nor support it. This was not written by me. I am the original. I hope my readers don't think I am this person."

OK....seriously....what the heck????. I read it again and then did a little probing into this statement. I quickly discovered whomever sent this, is correct, I have a feeling they would not like what I stand for or talk about. Original??????...I am not so sure.

I see no reason to quote the email I received, I think you can get a feel for it, and let me just say, it was not a "Hi! how are you? I'm so glad to meet you" type email. Nope. None of that!

Fact Number 1: My daughter gave me this name back years ago when Craigslist started, and we were helping plan a wedding and I sometimes posted in the "wedding Forum" It was a brief stint with that to be sure. So when I decided I wanted to have a blog, even when I really did not even really know what a blog was, that is the title I used as my blog name. If I had of had a better idea on blogs and what they were, and I am most sure I would have went in a different direction and  I would have chosen a different title.

Fact Number 2: When I made my blog, had this title been taken, blogger would not have allowed it. I actually found blogger last, and had looked into wordpress and typepad...but that name was not taken. So I chose it. End of that you'd think.

Fact Number 3: I never even considered searching the name online. Never. Who would have known that this very thing might be a good idea????. Like I said, I really had no idea what a blog was about. I thought you'd write a post and 1000's of people would come comment and love you! Ha! That first post only got one comment and I have no idea how they even found me. (see, I told you I did not have a clue, for we all know that is not how it happens!)

Fact Number 4: Someone else thinks they are Coloradolady, well, actually I guess they are...just a very different one...and they don't seem to approve of asking for prayer for sick children. The don't seem to enjoy old junk or turning things from trash to treasure. This person must have something against quilts, fabrics and crafts. I don't think they like GW or Thrift shopping. They certainly don't believe such a thing as a happy marriage exist. I am thinking they don't like the idea of "play it forward" as well. That is okay...we are all different, we have that right...identity crisis!

Fact Number 5: THIS COLORADOLADY is real and what you see on The Coloradolady Blog is the real "me". This Coloradolady does not enter chat rooms, or post on controversial websites. This Coloradolady does not play online games using this handle. This Coloradolady does not record herself "singing" and post online for all to hear. This Coloradolady does not join on line dating services using this handle. I am sure from the unpleasant email I received, this person who calls themselves CL would be most happy for me to clear this up.

This really upset me, because I wonder what someone would think to find this online and not know there were two of us out there. Two who are very different in all aspects. Well, with the exception of the name and hopefully the love for Colorado.  I wondered if I should change my blog name, but I refuse. "The Coloradolady Blog" is something I have worked hard to build. It is honest, and real. It is not all  happy go lucky, there are real struggles and writing about them helps. But overall  I try and promote good things and thoughts. If someone has a problem with that, well, that really is not my problem.

But please, if you ever find something out there on line and wonder "What happened to her, that sounds nothing like Coloradolady" Please is a mistake in identity. Please know, I only blog under this name...and absolutely nothing else.

I wonder if this happened to you, would you change your blog title? Am I really off the mark with this one? What would you do??? It sorta puts a whole new spin on a  Identity crisis doesn't it????


  1. I would TOTALLY not change the name of the blog. Anyone can tell from reading your blog that you are a sweet, loving, family oriented woman. Even if I did stumble across another 'coloradolady' online, I would assume it was just that...another person. There are like..I dont know...5 other county mouse's out there, and it really doesnt bug me at all. I think the people that really KNOW you, know you well enough to discern your 'voice' when they are reading.

    Im sorry this person is being this way, I wish they would get a grip and realize that the internet is a big place. You wouldnt go after someone with the same first name as you, and the same should apply to a blog name. Unfortunately I have seen this happen to a sweet blogger before and it SO bugs me. Its the internet, people!!

    You will always be the Coloradolady to me! A sweet woman who, when I was a scared pregnant newlywed, sent me a dear book of prayers for my unborn child. I'll never forget that.

  2. Don't you dare change a thing!!! I have enjoyed your blog, stories and pictures for some time now. It is a sad fact that many people in our society enjoy lashing out with the sole purpose of hurting other people. They would rather hit you in the face with the door instead of hold it open patiently. Keep the great stories, words of encouragement and prayers coming, ColoradoLady!!!

  3. Oh, Bekah, I had really forgot about that! I usually do something and forget about it. It made my morning to know it meant so much to you. Thanks for a great reminder to start my day!! I love my online grandson!!!

  4. Each morning when I turn on my computer and check my Google Home Page, I look to see if there is anything new in your corner of the world. I have come to rely on Coloradolady to join me for my first cup of tea for the day. My day doesn't start until I can check on your sweet doggies or quilts, or vintage items.

    I loved your fun request to have quilters send you charm squares for a postage stamp quilt. Your blog is a warm, friendly oasis on the internet where people never have to worry about an unkind word or a snarky put down.

    I started using the online name Katie Q in 1999 when I joined Y2K quilt charm swaps (never did start the quilt). It never occurred to me that I would be the only Katie Q on the entire internet. In such a vast enterprise, it's hard to believe that anyone could come up with a name that will never be thought of by anyone else.

    I don't know who this woman is, but she can call herself anything she wants and still not be my Coloradolady.

  5. I can't stand confrontations and would probably ball my eyes out but I'm afraid I would change my blog name. That is me, not you. There are so many questionable people out there that I would want to stop them plus I would mark them as Spam in my email and not give them anymore access to me. So sorry for this problem.

  6. Wow! I'm not sure exactly what I would do. Unless the other CL has the name licensed or copyrighted there is nothing she can do to you. Keep your name! It is hard enought to build a following without having to become known under another name. And poop on the other CL - she can change her name!!

  7. Wendi via a online reader!!February 18, 2011 at 8:27 AM

    Good grief, the nerve of some people. I don't blame you for being mad, I'd have been mad too.

    But I have to say, you have a great following. Your page stats reflect that, and that is what is important...not comments and not followers, and not someone who thinks they are you in a different light. Speaking of that, did you know you can delete the following button and eliminate all the hubble surrounding who has the most followers? That really means nothing.

    My mom's blog had very few followers under that widget, but in reality, she had thousands that read her blog DAILY and most never left a comment on any post. Who cares, I say. I'll email you what I have researched on this topic.

    You have a HUGE following, and most I would imagine are not public but through online readers. There is a reason for are welcoming, real and not afraid to wear your thoughts and emotions on your sleeve. People relate to the ones who don't profess to have perfect lives. When I click on a blog that all they talk about is their perfect lives, I want to puke and click off of it, as we know nothing in real life is that way! You stay the same, don't change your name. Us readers know who you really are!!! Sorry for my soap box!! I tend to do that from time to time.

  8. What about all the other Colorado ladies, some of good report, some of bad? Will she be able to force them to change their names? What if all the Suzannes start having fits and tantrums? You'll have to change your name to ... uh ... Obschnizzerogumptionisticizzermonosis. That otter do it. :-D :-D :-D

    Keep the name, ignore the troublemaker. Ignore her *totally*. Your blog is lovely and sweet. You will not be mistaken for *her*.

  9. A nice presentation on a frustrating situation. As I see it, she is using just Coloradolady, you are using "The Coloradolady". In my opinion it may contain the same word, but a different title. Unless it is copyrighted, no worry. Some cases you just have to consider the source and let it go.

  10. Hi Suzanne, I am sorry that you going through all of this! Don't even think about changing your name. I have heard of people getting their whole blog highjacked before, but this sounds like a different situation. It sounds like she does use the same name, but oh well. You being a Suzanne and me being a Kathy, we know that sometimes folks do have the same name as we do.

    I would try to just ignore it now that you have explained it all so well. She sounds like one who might just thrive on controversy, and adding fuel to the fire will not probably help things much.

    You are awesome and your blog is awesome. I wouldn't change a thing!


  11. Sorry this happened. I have had a similar situation with someone using CEOriginals for commenting on YouTube. The comments were downright nasty! After much thought, I chose to ignore it. Only if this woman has registered the name would it be necessary to change yours. She really didn't need to be so creepy about it! Connie

  12. Suzanne do not change a thing! This other person has some nerve coming at you like that. I love your blog and you! And....what would you change it too that you were sure no one else had? This is such a huge world I'm sure there are so many using the same name. My blog name is not unique and If I had any idea what I was doing when I stated blogging I would not have picked "A La Carte" but I would not want to change it now. So ignore this crazy person and know that we that love you know you aren't doing anything wrong. hugs, Linda

  13. I think you are doing the right thing!!! You know who you are!!! Those who know you know who you are!!!! I see how this could feel so strange to all of a sudden find out about but you are doing the right thing!!! hugs

  14. Your post today was wonderful,dont' change a thing. I'm sorry she upset you. I'm a "Coloradolady" heart 'cause I was born in Denver many years ago, and grew up in the Mountains near Evergreen. I've enjoyed reading your blog ever since I discovered it. Thanks.

  15. Hum...I certainly would not change my name! I'm sure there are other Coloradolady's..maybe they just aren't blogging.

    You can't change your blog. It's who YOU are. And we all adore you for that. ;-) I know I love catching up with you. You're such a great source of comfort and friendship to me. I know know you IRL but I certainly sense compasion in your emails and posts.

  16. That last sentence is a mess! It should say: I don't know you in real life but I certainly sense compassion in your emails and posts.

  17. I am so sorry that this has upset you. I think this has happened to another blogger about a year ago. It was a quilting blog, and I can't remember the name, but the quilter did NOT change her name. Keep up your great blog. We all love you.


  18. Hi Suzanne! You don't owe anyone an apology and please keep blogging with the name you love. This other person does not have the exclusive rights to that name. Technically, every woman who lives or was born in the state of Colorado is a Coloradolady. Are none of them entitled to refer to themselves that way? Brenda (Cozy Little House) told me about your site when I first started blogging about a year ago and suggested that I participate in your Vintage Thingie Party on Thursdays ~ and I have. I love the term Vintage Thingie! I have enjoyed participating in your weekly party. I have loved seeing your Vintage Thingies. I have enjoyed visiting the other participants and have loved being your friend. You just keep blogging as the Coloradolady and hold your head up high!!

    Lots of love and support,
    Susan and Bentley

    PS: If this person gives you anymore grief ~ we'll just let Bentley give out a big growl!!

  19. A search tells me that there is a suewis out there with a rather unique medical condition, that is not me. I won't be changing my name and you shouldn't even consider it! Just like you I didn't know what I was doing when I set up my blog and had no reason to see if the name was unique.

    No reason for you to worry about it because the online places where that other person hangs out probably are not places we would go. :)

  20. For Heaven's sake! No, I would not change a thing, and neither should you! The name is not copyrighted. You didn't take a name that was already existant on a blog. You've done your part.

    Seriously, on a planet that's approaching 7 billion people, do you not think there's some overlap? Really?

    We read your blog--email, readers, feeds, however we can get it--so we know you. That's the reason we're here! We like you. We agree with you. We enjoy it and feel comfortable here. Anyone who doesn't should exercise their God-given right to click away!

    Now, let them click on whatever they like. Take a moment, catch your breath, enjoy something really pretty, and let that remind you why you do what you do.

    We're not going anywhere.


  21. Don't change a thing! We're all here because of who you are and what you write about-just look at how many followers you have. Don't let one person's sour grapes make you change what you do and how you do it.

  22. I will join everyone else and say do not change it. Your personal name I am sure there is more than one of you so this is a person who hopes to scare you into giving up your name so she can have it for her blog. to blog about who knows what. chin up girl and carry on.

  23. First of all, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I can't even imagine the shock of reading such an email. I wouldn't change a thing. I can't even begin to understand people like this and why on earth they have to be so dramatic, nasty, and negative. Strange indeed, but you have a world of friends behind you and I doubt "Miss Panties in a Bunch" can say the same.
    Hang in there and you keep doing what you always do.

  24. how awful, what is wrong with people? We know that your and orginal!

  25. I think because I can find you, but not her, with google, that's your claim to the name. It's not a matter of who's first, it's a matter of having done something with it - since I can't find her, she clearly hasn't.

    I share a real name (first and last) with someone else out there on the internet; what I consider due courtesy is that if her friends email me by mistake, I reply and tell them nicely how to find her.

  26. While we're on the topic of computer issues, though, your site looks rather wonky using Chrome (but fine with Firefox). Basically, viewed with Chrome, all the content looks like it's been jammed into the left side bar.

  27. I'm so sorry you received such a nasty email. Some people are so mean! Try not to let it bother you, you know who you are!

  28. I'm so sorry this has happened to you! I'm with you, nope, no way would I change the name of my blog. You've worked hard to create a fun "peaceful" place and if this other CL doesn't like your blog, well then, don't read it! Have a great weekend, Nan

  29. You are greatly appreciated, too bad for the unkind words, Suzanne. I am sorry for your hurt, do not let this one person keep you from the joy you give, and hopefully receive back!
    I'm praying for your heart to be blessed today!

  30. I love this Coloradolady and do not know the other. I choose to read your posts and no matter what the name I would still come but keep the name. You are our Coloradolady!

  31. Suzanne, how upsetting for you, i'm so sorry to hear about this! why do people have to be so nasty?? so you share the same name so what, i just don't get what the fuss is about!! you know who you are and we all love you for who you are..remain true to yourself and don't change for anyone!! hugz, Marian xx

  32. I've always enjoyed reading your blogs. It is terible when someone has to say mean words. Keep on blogging the way you have been. REading others comments show we enjoy what you write. If someone doesn't like it, they just don't have to read it. Looking forward to reading your other posts.

  33. Suzanne,

    You should never allow one wack-0 to intimidate you! And that's what this person is... a WACK-O.

    Continue doing what you've been doing--being you, being real!


  34. Oh good grief! What a shallow individual! I wouldn't change a thing if this happened to me. Seriously, the original? If anything, she's proven she's no lady, so perhaps she should change her handle to ColoradoGrouch instead.

  35. Suzanne...What happened to you is frightening and SO mean. You stand up for yourself as you have done. I am so proud you. Your commentary is wonderful. As my mom and the nuns would have said....that woman is rude, crude, and uncouth. I am so glad I know the real Colorado Lady. Hold your ground and remain true to yourself and your beliefs. You are our friend and that is what counts. Hugs....G.

  36. Oh my, I can tell any reasonable person would be upset by this, having said that, I am certain you should not change your blog name unless it suits you, or perhaps if she is that forceful she may not be someone you would want be confused with and so if it suits you by all means change it, if not leave it as is, its only blogging after all not the end of the world:)

  37. Oh I forgot to tell you I am your newest follower!

  38. oh my gosh! well, let me put this kindly... i'm guessing anyone who loves you and hangs around here is not also hanging out on the sites the OCL [other colorado lady] frequents.

    it would be so weird to see another gitzen girl out there, but i suppose if there is someone with that as a last name or something it could happen. but it sure wouldn't change who i already am :)

  39. Oh my heck. I have a website called Pollyanna Graphics and I had a woman read me the riot act one time over the name Pollyanna. She said I had no right to use that name after I'd been using it for years. She used it for an interior design business which is totally unrelated to mine, so i nicely told her to take a flying leap at the moon and I went on about my business. I don't like the creepy way this woman approached you. You just keep your name and keep doing what you're doing.

  40. STUPID PEOPLE, don't let one crazy person ruin your blog or your day!

  41. WEll, I see I'm late to the party. I'll add my 2 cents, anyway.

    Do NOT change anything about your blog. The "original" Coloradolady? REALLY? Was she the first "lady" born in Colorado? Then that title is not hers.

    I go by MJ. I read another blog by someone named MJ. I have saved her to my Reader as "the other MJ", but that's for me. She's the original MJ of her world, I'm the original MJ of mine. No need for either of us to change our names. Or blogs. Or anything about ourselves.

    Don't cave to this chic. She doesn't own the rights to Coloradolady, she's just ticked she didn't get the blogger rights first.

  42. Oh Puleeze!! I can not believe someone would ever do this...what a waste of energy. I certainly would not change any names or anything you are doing. You're the only "Coloradolady" I know....and I live in Colorado and I'm a Lady, so does that mean I should be offended as well, OF COURSE NOT! You just keep doing what you're doing and we'll keep followin' ya, deal?!! Ü


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