Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Vintage Red Treasures

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a "dog-gone" good time each and every week!!!
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I have a little announcement to make: I have been thinking about this link party lately, and plan to add a new little twist with this starting in March. Life takes us all different places, and I have found myself overwhelmed with so much going on. I know over the last couple of months, I have missed some of your post, missed commenting and I have really felt bad about that. I promise to do better. It is my wish to visit each of you, but I have had a real hard time doing that and really feel bad about it. 

Some of you guys are new here, others have been here from the beginning....some have dropped off and don't post any more. I miss all of you guys who where here from the beginning. We have so many new people linking in, please consider coming back and re-posting some of your great treasures. I am really looking forward to getting to know our new friends who join in here.....I hope you do too!

So.....just know, I will be doing a little something different each month with VTT! I am excited too.....I think you will all like my plan......only a couple of more weeks to wait!!!

With Valentines around the corner, I felt it fitting for showing off some Vintage things with red in them....and of course a story. It would not be the same around here if I did not have a story to tell. hahaha :)
I told you a few weeks ago about shopping for mens shirts and disassembling them for the fabrics to work into some scrappy quilts I have planned for this year. This past week, I found some really great shirts and they were only $1.00. As I browsed the racks, I saw this one, stopped, looked it over and kept making my way down the isle looking for something a little more desirable.

I knew the shirt was vintage and I liked the fabric, it was really nice. But it took me several passes to finally toss it into my cart to purchase.

Here is the label inside the shirt. Great vintage label. I sorta half way wondered about the label, but I really just liked the shirt for what it reminded me I don't know about you, but when I first saw this shirt....

......the first thing I thought of was the little elephant from the Island of Misfit Toys. Don't you agree??? I really hate to admit this, but that is part of the reason I decided to get the really had a happy look to it for me.

Now we all know Google is our friend, and I started googling the label and the names to see what I could come up with. I even emailed a clothing designer in New York, but I did not find much. I did find a article that was published on October 2, 1989 in the New York Times. It was a wedding announcement and confirmed that Linda Bach was president of  Linda Bach Enterprises, a garment design company in New York in 1989. So I don't really know if this shirt was sold in New York, or how it ended up here, but I do like the fabric and I think it will be so cute in a quilt.

I also want to show you my sweet little vintage goodies that Marian sent me for my begging quilt project. She had this package wrapped so sweetly, and it included this adorable red gingham apron. Don't you just love the little Sunbonnet Sue's?? I just love this.

This is a really unusual apron, and I will treasure it, and no, this fabric in this apron will not end up in a quilt top!!

Marian also included these great quilt blocks from the 1970's.......they are really retro and cute!

And lastly, was this fat quarter bundle of vintage sheets to use in my quilt. Oh, these are such right up my alley! Special thanks to Marian for sending these all the way from Australia, they were such a sweet surprise!!

In case you missed the update on my Begging Quilt be sure to check earlier this week, it is making some progress.....just slow!

Have a great week everyone! Happy Valentines day to each and everyone of my vintage friends!! See ya next week.


  1. Nice vintage items, Suzanne. I love the misfit toys!!!

  2. That polka dot shirt is a hoot! I love the label too. Will you cut it up? That apron is adorable too!
    Happy VTT!

  3. The vintage fabrics look so fun. I can't wait to see what you create with all of these. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Suzanne,
    Now I am worried about March. Are you going to make things a challenge, like today only red things? When I saw your title, I was worried. So much time goes into a post, and today my post is NOT red. I kind of think out posts several weeks in advance, (you know, arrangements, photos, downloading, etc.) so 'challenges' get kind of time consuming.

    You feel bad about not leaving comments. I have given thought to that topic for over a year. Bloggers post to share a visual or a story, or both. If a reader feels moved to comment, that is awesome. But with the limited time I have to be on-line, lets say 10:00PM - Midnight, I can create a post, link up my post, and view other's posts, and leave comments. For me, I would rather view 200+ entries, (which I DO..) then leave 15 comments. I love getting comments, but not everyone has that kind of time. For those who have the time, great. Someday, when my four teenagers are out of the house, perhaps I'll HAVE more time. But not now, and not yet.

    I am grateful you host the party. I read your story. But rarely do I leave comments, and I don't think you should feel obligated to leave comments. I post here because I like the vintage 'collection' created each week. Your meme is one of my favorite. You have a VERY NICE blog. :)

  5. cute reds! love the apron and I am sucker for anything to do with Rudolph!

  6. Susanne, the red dots are precious. Such beautiful fabrics. I cannot get enough. I love them. I am looking forward to your new plan. I know it must be hard to get around to all. Thanks for doing this.

  7. *** there will be no changes in any way you do your is a fun me! The actual posting will be no different, no themes, nothing like that.....surprises can be fun!

  8. Polka dots always make me smile and the red and white is so cheerful. The apron is so precious.
    Thanks for hosting and I'm looking forward to your March surprise.

  9. I love your reds. Marian sent you one great package! That apron is awesome!

  10. Thank You for hosting this evening Suzanne. Have a great day...........Julian

  11. Sometimes it is very nice to get a surprise. Knowing kinda how you think, I am not sure about this one. I like all your things today, but the apron is my favorite.

  12. Some great vintage items this that shirt fabric! Looking forward to your surprises. I have been trying to get back to joining this party as it is one of my favorites! hugs, Linda

  13. Hi Suzanne,

    First, thanks so much for working so hard on your linky party. I am rather new, and I love it. Turns out, I have a lot of vintage thingies, and your party fills an important niche.

    Second, I don't have a linky party, but I can imagine how overwhelming it could be. Myself, I have gotten lost this week with a bunch of new followers. I suspended my follower widget until I could go through and sort out who was who. In addition, I follow many more folks than those who follow me, and I put some of them on my sidebar so that I can read their blogs. I was so mixed up about who was who, especially when they don't have their name on their blog for confidentiality reasons. Then, about 5 followers dropped me this week, so that made it even MORE confusing.

    I can only imagine how you feel when you had your group of friends, and then so many more came all at once due to the linky party.

    I am looking forward to see what you have in mind for next month!

    Take care, and God bless!


  14. oops, came by to link Mr. Linky.:(
    See ya later, tho.
    xoxo bj

  15. What a funky shirt! I love repurposing things especially fabrics.

  16. I looove RED! Thanks so much for hosting such a cool party!

    :) Michelle

  17. I hope you wear that adorable apron when making your Valentine's dinner! I am looking forward to your March postings.. :)

  18. Can't wait to see what you do with the polka dot shirt. I'ts so cute......what a darling elephant.

  19. Nothing to share this week, sorry, but I do like your collection. That red shirt would be super fab to make an elephant from if you decided against the quilt!!

  20. Thanks for hosting! I think that it's just too hard for you to comment on all the blogs that link up. It's nice that you try, but it's too overwhelming! I keep thinking about starting a blog party, but I have to decide how I'm going to approach it first. Maybe you could just visit (for example); 10 blogs and comment on those? There's just not enough time in the day! ;-)

  21. I can see that sweet little elephant coming to mind when you saw that dotted fabric, Suzanne. And boy did you ever hit the jackpot with all those quilt squares. Now you're going to be even busier! lol

    Thanks for hosting the party. Be sure to come by and enter my giveaway.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  22. I adore that little blouse. Perfect and vintage.
    thanks for sharing. grace

  23. Hi Suzanne! Love your polka dot shirt! The apron is so lovely! Are those little bonnet ladies on the hem? Loverly!
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Pretty polka dot shirt! I love the apron .

  25. Hi Suzanne, what an unexpected surprise!! i never imagined that you would blog about my little surprise package to you :)i'm so glad you like what i sent you, it was a lot of fun putting the goodies together for you..and i know how much you LOVE red LOL!!
    Btw i just want to say a BIG 'thank-you' for being the wonderful host of VTT that you are and you shouldn't feel obliged to visit everyone's blogs..i always enjoy it when you do but i certainly don't expect it!!
    getting VTT up and running each week is a huge commitment and that's more than enough when you've got family and work to deal with as well!!
    I'm sorry i couldn't join in this week..i was asked to work at the last minute :(( but i'll be back next week :))
    i LOVE surprises and i can't wait to see what you've got in store for us next month!!
    have a WONDERFUL valentine's day..hope you get chokkies!! cheers, Marian xx

  26. Love the shirt. And, the apron. You find the coolest stuff. Enjoy it and happy Valentine's. Lane


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