Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Have Always Loved KMart.......Check out their Christmas Ad for Joe Boxer ~ Show Your Joe

We don't have a Kmart in our area anymore.......

My husband and I always talk about the fact we hate that there is not a Kmart close to us here in Ft. Worth. We miss shopping there at times.

When we went to Colorado a couple of weekends ago, we made it a point to stop into the local Kmart in Loveland Colorado. It was just like the Kmart that used to be close to us and we had a good time going down memory lane and when the kids were small, as we walked down the isles.

This Christmas ad for Joe Boxer is just what I needed to put a smile on my face this morning! Very clever indeed Kmart......go ahead, turn your speakers up and enjoy a little Christmas music......Joe Boxer Style!!


  1. Very nice! We do not have a K-mart in our area any more either!

  2. Yes jingle balls, oops I mean bells is as good as their ship my pants commercial. I shared this one yesterday on my facebook page.
    We are lucky in Mid-Missouri we still have a Kmart!

  3. We have a K-Mart about an hour away, so at least we still get to shop there. I saw the commercial on GMA or the Today Show (not sure which) this morning. What a riot! Thanks for sharing it Suzanne, gonna let my hubby watch.


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