Monday, November 4, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree - Update

Good news! I have everyone swapped and I am in the process now, of drafting up all the emails to send out. I was lucky enough to get this all done this weekend while on an airplane. So when I say.....everyone was assigned randomly, that is truly what I mean. I had everyone written on a sheet of paper, and swapped by luck of the draw. I did manage to check my past list to make sure you all would not have the same swap partner twice. That was more of a daunting task than I could have imagined, but alas, it is done.

Please READ the email in its entirety when you get it. You will need to hit REPLY to that email and send it to me. That will let me know you received your swap partner information. If I don't get that reply back from you.....I will bug you until I know you received your information!

If you have a partner that is not in the same country as you, please, PLEASE try and send your package off as soon as you possibly can. Many countries mail flow backs up tremendously during the holidays and can take up to six weeks or longer to get a package to someone. I know this because the first year, one swapper did not get their gifts until Valentines day.....and the package was mailed at the deadline, not earlier. International mailings need more time, that is just the way it is.

You will need to spend at least $20.00 but you can spend more on your swap person, not including shipping. Shop with much thought and kindness. With a little creativity, you'd be amazed at the wonderful packages that are sent each year by our swappers. It is a wonderful feeling to bring a little joy to someone you may otherwise never have met.

***If after reading your email and you still have some questions about your swap partner, please email me your questions, and I will do the investigating for you so your partner does not know who you are...remember this is a surprise!! Don't tell your partner who you are. They will find out in December when I post the list of who had who. Likewise, when you mail your package, you do not have to include your real name in the return address label. You can use initials, but do include your real address. I usually do something like this....

From: Santa's Elf
**9 Winnie St
Ft. Worth, Tx *****

I am still waiting on a couple of questionnaires to be forwarded to me, once I get those and I finish up the email bundle, I will email all the swappers their should be within a couple of days!

I hope you are getting excited!! I is a lot of fun for me to watch how this unfolds each year!!


  1. EXCITED .. waiting for the e-mail xx

  2. So glad I saw your post and joined in this year. Eager to get shopping!
    Thanks again Suzanne!

  3. excited cant wait Suzanne.xx

  4. You have put in a lot of time on this, thank you! Anxious to get my partner!

  5. Thanks for all your hard work. Can't wait to get started shopping!


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