Friday, November 1, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree - Huge Thank You!!

The swap will close this evening.....I left it up just one more day.....just in case someone missed it.....I know I said I would not do that, but......I am.........someone ALWAYS emails me after it is closed and wants to join.......and that makes me feel bad to turn them away.  Go HERE to sign up if you have not done so.

I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who signed guys really did a fantastic job getting me all the returned emails with your questionnaires filled out and right on time. I think some of the errors were not on you guys part at all, but for some reason some of your emails went into my old email address and I found them last night. :-)

Everyone who has signed up has everything back to me I need!! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.....makes it so much easier for me!

I know you are wondering....when will I know who my swap person is????

I will work on swapping everyone this weekend. I have the records from the previous two years still, and I want to make sure everyone is swapped with someone different than the past. That is a huge part of what this swap is about, meeting someone new and someone you may not know. I don't know exactly how much more work that will be....but I will have everyone swapped by the 7th of November. My goal is BEFORE that....possibly in a couple of days.

Watch here and I will have a post up when I have emailed everyone's information about their person!!

Have a great weekend......and thanks again for keeping this so easy for me this year!


  1. I entered on your linky for the SS Santa but I can't find your email. Sorry must be too late at night. I would prefer to have someone in the US this first time maybe could try international next time.

  2. Did I miss the deadline? LOL! My friend told me about this one.


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