Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree - I need your help.....

Please check your emails this morning, I am TRYING to finish up all my emails about the swap and your partner information.

For some reason, I am missing address for some of you. Some of you, your links are not working to your blogs on the main link. I have emailed the ones this morning that I am missing address, or need the correct link to your blog.

I know this may sound redundant, but it is so confusing trying to match up names, blog names and addresses when all three don't always match.....

Hang in there a bit longer....I am almost ready to TRIPLE check everything before sending....I try so HARD not to make any mistakes, but it always seems like there is a snafu each year.....

Thanks guys!!


  1. I have not seen anything in my mail, yet. Please remember to use this email clowninabug@gmail.com . If you reply to my grammy one it might be returned. Thanks for doing this.

  2. hi Suzanne i look forward to your email.xx


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