Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree ~ I've Made The List.....And Checked It Twice......No....Four Times...............

I am happy to report, everyone has been swapped. I have compiled all the emails, checked them four times for accuracy....AND......they will be in your INBOX today. The number in the subject matter of the email was for my purposes only, it kept it a bit easier when checking and triple checking!

Please remember to REPLY back to me on that email, that way I know you received your information.

** Side note, when I checked and double checked my work, I happened to notice some swappers are paired up with folks very different from themselves. It happens like that because I truly RANDOMLY assign partners. It is a wonderful way to get to know someone new, and someone different from yourselves. It really is fun to think outside the box on someone very different from yourself. I HOPE you all have a wonderful time shopping for your partner. IF you need any additional help, or questions answered from the person you are assigned, just email me and I will be happy to ask the questions for you and let you know. Do not email your partner directly. Let's keep it all a secret until the reveal in December.

*** Remember, THE PERSON who has YOUR name....IS NOT the person assigned to you. Please shop for your partner as you would want someone shopping for you.

Lastly, International swappers.....I tried to swap you within your country, if that was not possible, I tried to swap you with someone who was not on the other side of the globe as to try and keep shipping cost down for you all. I hope that works out well for all of you! I am so glad so many international swappers joined in this year. 

*****Once you ship, send me your tracking information (international will be a bit different)

*****Blog about your gifts when you receive them, and email me when your blog post is up!

Now.....go check your emails.....and have a great time!


  1. thankyou Suzanne.xx

  2. check .. got my partner ... VERY happy x

  3. Thank you Suzanne, this is something to enjoy...:)

  4. Thanks Suzanne - swap details received and now to get making and shopping!! :)


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