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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Inspired Toys ~ Christmas Gifts From Marshall's

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Okay, folks, I know I have just skipped all the way over Thanksgiving and went straight to Christmas this year. Guess I have joined the retail world in that regards. I will tell you however, on facebook, I am doing the 30 day challenge of posting once a day something I am thankful for, so I really did not skip Thanksgiving all together, just here on the blog!

Anyway, I wanted to share these great vintage inspired toys that are at our local Marshall's. I love that store. Marshall's always has cute and unique things for any gift giving occasion. Along with some awesome vintage inspired Christmas decor this year, they also have some neat toys this year.

Look at this cute Balloon the packaging! As a kid, I know I would have been intrigued by this toy, but I have always been a little scared of balloons popping. But I know as a kid, I would have wanted to learn to make these figures....heck, I wish I knew how today at my age!

All of these toys are from Lucky Lad, and this magic trick would totally been right up my alley. I always loved magic tricks. I asked for a magic trick set one  year for Christmas, and I know I got one and wonder if it was something like this one. You know why I was so interested in a magic trick set??

Okay, I will tell family was invited to dinner once to my dad's bosses house. Of course we were lectured on how to act, mind your manners and all that spill we  remember well our parents saying from our childhoods. My dad's philosophy was "Children are meant to be seen and not heard"  Seriously, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that. 

Anyway.....after dinner and before we were to leave, the boss's daughter, who was maybe my age had a table set up and she put on a magic show. The thing that stuck with me the most was my dad sat there even after he announced we were leaving, he laughed, he acted engaged and he acted like he really enjoyed that magic show. I took note of that because if it had been myself wanting to put on a magic show, it would have never happened. I was too young to realize at the time he did not really care about seeing that magic show at all. Instead, he was putting on a show for his boss, forty five years later it makes sense.

Likewise, I did get a magic set that year for Christmas, but the only ones who enjoyed the  magic show I desperately wanted to preform, were my stuffed animals. Dad never had the time to see that magic show I wanted to give. Mainly, because there were no bosses to impress at our house....he was the boss. It's sorta strange what triggers memories....this silly magic trick toy brought that to the front of my mind today as I touched the box sitting on the shelf. It was strange that after all this time, the memory still brought a sting of disappointment.

Anyway, moving right along, I also had Jacks....but the jacks I had came in little packages that were displayed on spinning display racks at the corner grocery store. I know that because my memaw bought many a Jacks set for me from the corner store. I love the box these came in.

Look at the adorable box these magic rings come in! I am thinking these would be so cute underneath a little tree. I have decided I won't buy them for myself, but I have been tempted as I thought about these today after seeing them.

Joke books were also something I enjoyed as a young kid. These practical joke gadgets are things I know I had at one time in my childhood. I remember the nail in the finger most of all!

If there is someone on your Christmas list who enjoys these types of toys, these really bring back a lot of memories...some good, some not so good, but memories of long ago just the same! I think they would make great stocking stuffers!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday......and in case you are wondering....Marshall's only knows me for handing over wads of cash...nothing more! I just wanted to share these today, I thought they were really a blast from the past.


  1. Some things from the past are much better than today's. I remember seeing these goodies,especially the jacks.

  2. Love the graphics on those boxes. They don't make them lime they used to. We don't have a Marshalls. :(

  3. Haven't played jacks for a very long time. It was an important game back in grade 3 (way back). Thanks for hosting.

  4. I remember some, like the Jacks, plus the graphics were so beautifutiful than! Wow, and Marshall's! Great trip through memory lane. Thanks for hosting sweet lady.

  5. That's sad about your magic tricks when you were little, reminds me to take time out for my kids, and my daughter's into magic tricks, too. Have a great day. Dawn @ We Call It

  6. Our holidays this year encompass Thanksgiving and Christmas since they are closed together this year. We are traveling on Thanksgiving to Colo and then back here for Christmas. Love the vintage looks.

  7. I love going to Marshalls. We don't have one in our area but whenever I head North, I always try and stop at the one that is right off of the interstate. We just so happen to by going that way today so I will definitely be stopping. I love how companies are making retro toys. The packaging is great!



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