Wednesday, January 19, 2022

PINK SATIURDAY: Good Morning....I have a request and need your help

Just popping in to ask a favor of the blogging world. Many of you know my sweet 94 year old Aunt, LaVoice from Thoughts from Meme's corner. She has been a big part of PINK SATURDAY for years. She has been under the weather and trying to recover from Covid. 

 I'd love to flood her with cards and well wishes. She loves cards, and all her blogging friends. If you would like to send a card and encourage her to keep fighting and gain her strength back and get over this, I have posted me address below and will get the cards to her. Thank you in advance!

 Lavoice Morgan c/o Suzanne Melkoski
 6922 Sheila Lane
 Burleson, TX 76028 

Thank you all for helping me spread a little cheer! If you would add this information to your blog post...I'd love it and reach more of her friends from the blog world!

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