Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday. Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone. If you are visiting and would like to join us, please do. It is very easy!
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Well....this is the last post for the year.....and I had lots of wonderful treasures to show you.....I took lots of pretty pictures.......and was ready to put my photos into my computer to do my post.....guess what???? No camera cord in sight.....seems the cord got packed in my daughters bag somehow and it is not guess I'll cancel the VTT post this week.......Not Really......but this is going to be short and sweet......and not even my photo, had to swipe one of the internet ......sorry......New Year.....must do better....I did not even get around to visiting everyone last week, I am so sorry for that, time got away from me, and I am today late getting this new post done......will do better........!

My mom gave me a wonderful gift for Christmas this year. I had asked for a glass tea pitcher like the one my grandma grandma actually had two, one Amber glass and one Aquamarine in mom could not find the Aquamarine one, but she did find the Amber glass one....

This is a ANCHOR HOCKING LIDO BALL PITCHER, with a ice lip (to catch the ice cubes). Just looking at this brings back wonderful memories of Sunday afternoon dinners at my grandma's house...and wonderful sweet tea served in old jelly jar glasses. I just love it.....

I'll be back next week and will start the New Year off right...Have a safe and wonderful New Year everyone....don't forget to eat your black eyed peas for good luck....and cabbage for money to come your way in the New Year...... Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday everyone!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking back on 2009 and Looking ahead for 2010

I know everyone experiences this particular feeling once in a know the one... the one where you know someone does not like you? And you have to act all cool like you don't care at all that they don't like you... even though you really do? And you act all tough pretending it doesn't matter to you one way or the other because you can totally take them or leave them?

Seriously, how do you learn that? Because I am need of that particular knowledge at this moment. 2009 was full of tough experiences and truths. Am I looking forward for 2010?...absolutely, I mean seriously....surely it will hold wonderful moments and experiences from the knowledge learned from 2009.....let's hope.

This past year has been a struggle....for myself personally, I faced my weight issues, and started to do something about it....I know what you are thinking.....Where are the updates? I am going to follow up on this and start the New Year trying to offer suggestions to others in the same situation....Life has just been in the way as of late....sorry.

Along with facing weight issues and the causes, I was forced to face some of the reasons this is a problem in the first place....that has not been easy....I thought I had made real lasting progress....but I quickly found out during the holidays that it still is on the surface....just rear it's ugly head..... *sigh*

My family is very rooted in tradition.....and this year our traditions and celebrations were forced to change....we learned that our little family means virtually nothing to some members of our "family" thus the change in the way we have always done new traditions were formed....strange feelings in that...but we survived. I also learned while some "family" members are less than loving....I also know we mean everything to other "family" members.....I am thankful beyond words for these the holidays were extremely hard on me this year.....I tried to make peace, offer a open heart and home...overlook was not received at I put on a happy face, and no one really knew how sad my heart was over the live and learn.....and in the midst of the stress, I have to say, I did not do too well on following my daily diet routine, and feel bad to post about how to keep on track, when I can seem to stay on track myself.....I am a work in progress so bear with me....

While 2009 was tough on me in so many ways, on the other hand, I have to say it did bring about lots of wonderful changes for me. Changes I could have never imagined happening at the beginning of the year. Said changes required me to take a leap of faith, step out of my comfort zone, and extend love and friendship to others when I thought they really did not need it....what a lesson this has been. And I have been so blessed, beyond measure.

This year I reconnected with old friends from my past...friends who once again mean the world to me. Friends whom I had not seen or talked to in twenty something years...and now....I can not go a couple of days and if I don't hear from them, and I feel like I am missing a piece of myself....friends who mean so much and add so much to my life....I can not imagine how I got along all this time without them....for this I am so was a hard process for me, as I had to lay aside any negative thoughts I have had about myself all of these years, and in doing so, I discovered these Ideals I had were really not true, they were something I felt was true, but in all actuality it was not....what an experience to grow from...

If there are people in your life, or who once were in your life and are not there now....take a step and reconnect or at least try just may find that the piece of yourself that has been missing all of these years is the one person who will welcome you back with open arms....for me, this has been the highlight of my year....I learned to not be so hung up on the fact I am not like I once was at 20 something....and that it is OK and really does not matter to anyone other than myself....Lessons learned for sure, attitudes adjusted,and most of all, started to take time for myself and focus on myself and things that matter to me ...

I learned to savor the moments that means so my baby daughter graduating from heart was filled with pride and admiration for the fact that she was able to do something I never did or finished...and have always regretted. Words can not explain how proud she has made me......these are the times that make life so sweet.

And moments like these...just take my breath away....I am so thankful for the son God gave me, the son who loves me beyond compare and will go to great lengths for his mom and sister.....they just don't make em any better than this, and I am so thankful and blessed..... watch out 2010.....I am ready for you.....I've made a plan, I have set some goals, and plan on seeing them all through. And at the end of 2010....I want to look over my list and know I did everything I set out to finish. I will see a list with all things checked off.....and I will know, I did my all to see it through......what a great feeling this will about you? Have you made your list for the New Year....not a resolution list...but a actual list that will fit into your life and make your life better?
Think about it, we can do it together......encourage one another in 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday and Merry Christmas everyone! This is a busy day, a day filled with family and fun, but I decided to have a post ready in case you need to sneak off to your computer for your fix of vintage! If you care to join us here today, post something vintage, leave a comment and visit all the participants, link in at the bottom of the post so we can see your vintage treasures.

This is a re-run post from last year.....I did not have a cleaning crew show up this morning to clean my house, do laundry, make a couple of trips back to the grocery I had to take care of all of these tasks myself.....thus.....ran out of time......I am sure you will, back to the old post I repost a Christmas wish.....

Today, I want to show you some pages from a vintage little book I showed you last week. They are perfect for wishing Christmas Cheer.

C hildren's delight on this wonderful day
H elps give it meaning in a bright friendly way.
R apturous hearts with joy overflowing
I mpart to each person warm inner glowing.
S eason of love is this time to remember
T hat night long ago of dazzling splendor.
M emories bright as the evergreen tree
A ll come alive for you and for me.
S uch is the essence of Christmas.
~Gail O Clark

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas. If you want to link in, the link is at the bottom of the post. Once again, Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true. Next week will be the beginning of a new year....and hopefully that means lots of new vintage goodies to share.....see you guys next week.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa paid me a visit....I mean My Secret Santa

For the second year in a row...I joined the Secret Santa Soiree hosted by Georgie and Amy....I mailed my package out to my secret swap partner....she received her package and liked everything.....I am so glad......

.......but Saturday, I got home to discover the mailman had delivered my box from my Secret Santa.....and just like a kid...I could not wait to rip the box open....almost forgot my camera, I was so excited.....

Everything was wrapped, and packaged with this first picture and I got into the box...all was lost......I did not even remember my camera....I was beside myself...with glee......

Just look at this treasure trove of wonderful goodies from my secret friend......

1. Adorable vintage bumble bee figures.....precious.....
2. Adorable pom-pom forest animal cute is this?
3. Initial keepsake box and note pad
4. Amazing vintage Christmas box...I'll talk about this below.....don't miss it.....
5. Adorable holiday stamps...just look at these
6. Pampered Toes - Spa therapy for toes - I work on my feet all day...this is just what I
7. Body Benefits gel eye mask.....I can not wait to try can be used warm or cold to soothe tired senses.....Most needed, I assure you!!
8. Initial pearl ornament
9. Two large Butterfingers favorite candy!!

Just look at this adorable box....when I saw this in the large box...well, I just lost it.....for real....I started jumping up and down screaming....NO three dogs thought someone was trying to hurt me, my son was looking at me like I had lost my mind, and my husband, who was in the shower and heard me screaming, ran out of the bathroom with only a towel on...he thought someone was trying to break in.....I on the other hand.....could not contain my excitement..... I can not describe my excitement...there are no words.....I have seen these on a blog....and she may be my secret Santa....and I can not tell you how much I wanted one of these little vintage Christmas boxes....This one item....has CERTAINLY made my Christmas......THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!! It was after I settled down a bit that I discovered that this adorable box was full of Christmas stamps that are in the below was a double surprise.....

She is sitting in my sewing room, by my computer.....under my pink tree with vintage ornaments....I just adore this.......and I just can not imagine myself packing this away after the holidays.....I love it that much...and most likely will keep it out all year to enjoy....

Now take a look at adorable little vintage sweeties.....I just love them......

And they have found a home in my laundry room on the I can look at them each and every day and smile....remembering my Secret Santa pal each time I do.

Here are the stamps that was in the vintage pink box....and the eye mask......

I wanted you to see how cute these woodland animals are...I can not wait to make these after the this initial pad and cute.....and woodsy looking.....

and finally, a closeup of my ornament...hanging on my pink tree....

I have a feeling my Secret Santa has a keen appreciation for vintage items too, as she certainly picked things that I absolutely love.....It is a warm and fuzzy feeling to know someone whom I have never met in real life, took the time to really chose things that they thought I would love.....and I totally do......this has totally made my Christmas ever so special. Thank you Secret Santa...I can hardly wait to find out who you are... I have an idea.....but want to see if I guessed correctly!!

Yummy Spicy Crackers....Super Easy to Make!!!

I know lots of us are planning big get-to-gathers this next week, with family and friends. And I am sure lots of party, snack type foods are being planned.....I recently got a wonderful and surprisingly easy recipe from a good friend of mine for wonderful, spicy snack crackers....and when I say is EASY!!!

These are perfect with cheese balls, dips or just right out of container by themselves.....and did I say EASY to me.

You will need: Box unsalted crackers and or Ritz low salt crackers, package of Zesty Italian dressing mix, package of Garlic & Herb dressing mix, crushed red pepper and canola oil.

First: pour whole box of crackers into a large bowl. I made two batches, one with saltines and one with Ritz....(used two different bowls, doubled the recipe)

in a bowl, pour a scant less than 1 1/2 cup of canola oil. (I used a little less per batch than the 1 1/2 cups...just eyeballed it) Mix both Italian and garlic and herb dressing packets to oil, add 2 Tablespoons. spoons red pepper flakes, mix well.

Pour over crackers.....

mix well.....making sure to coat all the crackers well.


once all are mixed well and coated, spoon into a large air tight container.

I let these sit over lets the crackers soak up all the goodness and lets the flavors mix well.....these will store in a air tight container for several you can make them ahead of time and they will be ready to go for your party......

Yummy- goodness!!! I took this picture right after I mixed up a batch of these, the shiny look goes away after they sit over night.....all I need now is to make a cheese ball and I am set!!!

Hope you enjoy this easy snack treat...I could not believe how wonderful these tasted and how easy they were to make!!

Party Spicy Crackers

1 1/2 cups of canola oil ( I use a scant less)
1 pkg Italian dressing mix
1 pkg Garlic & Herb dressing mix
2 tablespoons red pepper flakes
crackers (either 1 box saltines or 1 box Ritz)

pour crackers from box into a large mixing bowl, in separate bowl, add canola oil and dressing mixes, add pepper flakes and stir well. Pour over crackers and mix very well, be sure to coat all crackers with mixture. Pour crackers into a air tight container. Let sit over night preferably before serving. These store well for several weeks. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday. Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone. If you are visiting and would like to join us, please do. It is very easy!
To participate, all you have to do is:

* * * * * * * Please everyone, follow these guidelines!
(1) do a post about something vintage.
(2) Visit all the participates and leave a comment.
(3) Link in with the link at the bottom of this post, please use a perma-link to link in with, that way, anyone can refer back to your post if they can not get to it on Thursday.
(4) Be sure to refer back to my blog so everyone can see who is participating today, and if you like include the VTT button in your post. Please be sure to have your post up before linking in.

First off, I want to apologize for the mishap with the link last week. I was not home to try and get it fixed and up sooner. I don't know if it was my error or not, but I hope to get this corrected this week. If I don't do better...I may be fired and replaced as the hostess....sorry again guys.....hope this week it starts on time.

I have lots of vintage ornaments, and wanted to show you a few that are on my tree(s) this year. I have picked these up at garage sales, estate sales and antique stores. Hope you enjoy a peek......

I have several hand made items I picked up from antique stores, I love the stockings, it was a pin originally, but I decided to hang it on my tree.

I have several of these types of ornaments, plastic with a picture inside, I just love these ornaments, they are very charming.

These little mice I picked up at a estate sale, they were so cute, I had to have them.....dreaming of sugar plums.......

Some of them have a little glitter on them to add to the pazzaz.....

I think they have happy faces, I would date these to the 1970's. Seems I remember my Auntie having some of these or some like them on her tree...maybe that was what nudged me to purchase these.

Another antique store find..handmade ornament Santa, I think he has a sweet little face.

vintage quilts make great ornaments.....

vintage quilt ornament made by a special lady...I have a whole set of these, but the angel is one of my favorites.

........and of course, I have tons of vintage glass ornaments, but none like this one...this one is special. This past week, I received a box in the fun is that?!?!?

This is what was inside, and a lovely card. A couple that rents our cabin in the mountains each year also reads my blog, and has discovered we have lots of things in common besides our love for the mountains.She loves antiques, photography and has some of the same shots I like to take of surrounding areas in Colorado...she even has a Wiener dog....just like me! She had two of these little ornaments and thought I'd like to have the other......LOVE is more like it.....I was so surprised and thrilled by this small gesture of really is the little things that mean the most!

I love the scene on this ornament....a stagecoach pulled by horses, you can see the Christmas trees in the background and all the presents on top of the stagecoach....I love this my friend...thank you for remembering me!!!

I know next Thursday is Christmas eve...I will have a post up.....I have something special to share......if you will be busy...I if you can not join us....I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...I hope you holidays are as special as they can be.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Dora, Elf Sophie And The Naughty List

Every one big and small is getting ready for Santa to come for a visit very shortly. Most everyone around here is on their best behavior.....

Santa dog Dora is most see....she has declared herself the official Santa Helper....she has claimed the Santa hat as her own....I am not kidding....and is making a list of all wrong behaviors going on around here.

I began to wonder what was up when Elf Sophie got in on the act....She tried to convince me she had nothing to do with any shenanigans going on around here. Now you tell me....look at that could any wrong doings come from a pup with a face like that?

Then...there is Bailey....trying her best to keep Dora quiet....promising to be good....begging for a second chance....hummm......something did not seem quiet right around here the other afternoon.......Dora told her, "she was not buying any empty promises"...she is one tough cookie, that Dora.

Believe me....this type of activity soared to the head of the naughty list, and quick.....

So much for my clean, freshly vacuumed floors....and if you look closely, the post of the bed must have tasted pretty tasty too.......

Just look at what happens when I leave for a few hours...sticks made their way in through the dogie door.....misplaced toys, and what a mess I found. Bailey is trying to remind me that it is very cold outside and this could very well be snow....Really??? Snow?????......well, sorry Bailey, that is a stretch at best!

Bailey tried to tell me she had a little help in the mess....and it was all in good fun....she begged Dora to tell me how much fun it was....however......

Dora is sticking with her story...and waiting to tell Santa exactly what has been going on around here. Only good pups get treats and toys in their stocking....and she is not going to miss out on any treats and new way......

Bailey on the other hand....has a few things to tell Santa herself...she is most convinced Santa does not care for tattletales.....and she has a little something she wants to share with Jolly Ole' St. Nick. At this rate....Santa may not stop here at all this year......
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