Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Pioneer Woman came to Dallas.....and I missed it........

I know there is no need to explain who The Pioneer Women is.....I mean, by now everyone knows her and her wonderful family.....Last night, she was in Dallas for her cookbook signing....and guess what??? I had to work.....I could not make it.....and I have only been talking about this for weeks....WEEKS....did you hear me?....Weeks!

Here is the review of the book singing by the one person who loves me beyond compare, who did not want me to drive to Austin on my day off, who was certain this was going to be a simple book signing.....that person is none other than my 26 year old son....

The day started out with him driving to Dallas to the Borders Bookstore to buy the cookbook and get a wrist band for the night event....He got a red band, which meant he was in the second group. I tried to warn him about the crowds, but guess what....he did not believe me....after all, according to him...who really goes to a book signing?.....are you laughing yet?

The crowds were just as I said.....huge....this poor man looks to be a little lost...just the way I pictured my son.....lost in a sea of women.....he did meet some nice ladies in line who kept him entertained while he waited. One lovely lady owns a quilt shop in McKinney, Texas and he has assured me he got all the details on that.....thank goodness I learned to quilt this past least it gave him something to talk about.

Now....when he agreed to go to see Ree.....I gave him strict instructions....take lots of pictures.....don't be shy.......oh....and be sure to take a picture and get Marlboro Man to sign the cook book if he is son asked, "What is a Marlboro Man?" I kid you not....Jeff has NEVER been on The Pioneer Woman's Blog in his life.....EVER.....I am willing to bet he was the only one in the place who could say that. On the other hand, I could tell him anything he would want to know.....he thinks I am crazy......anyway...

And just like the good son I know him to be ....he kept me updated via text messaging while I was at work.....

The first update I got read..."I am here in line, no Marlboro Man, think I heard the girls here, surrounded by women..... your age......." much for the notion of possibly meeting a young single girl in line.....I was certain with a sea of women, there would be some young single girls wanting to talk to a cute cowboy waiting in line.....the stars just did not align.....

After being in line close to 2 and a half hours.....he sent another text..."I am five feet away" and after about 5 minutes.....another text..."done and long" I am assuming he was talking about the line and wait, not Ree's beautiful long hair.....

I believe these are The Pioneer Woman's daughters in the background of this picture.....I was so sorry I missed seeing them, they are beautiful girls, so full of fun.

Another shot of the crowds in the way, the red wrist band was the second group to line up to get a book signed.....I am sure Jeff was thanking his lucky stars he went in the morning to get a band.....or he might still be there in line......I understand from what I read online, the line lasted six hours....I know Jeff loves his mama, but I'm not going to ask if he loves her six hours worth of standing in line to see someone he does not even know......

I think this is when his text message said five feet away.....after a long wait....almost there.....

And here is my book......Seriously, Ree.....if you could only know how THRILLED I was to see I was missed....I mean, honestly, how could you even know who I am....but I can pretend you know me......and this signature....the next best thing to being there!! I asked Jeff what he said when he got to the table....because he had all kinds of things he was going to say....but he tends to get nervous around pretty women, and I am sure he forgot any conversation he might have wanted to have...but he did tell her how upset I was to miss the event, and that I had to work so he came instead.....He told me Ree replied,"How Sweet".....I wish I could have seen him blush.......

I am here to tell you, if Jeff had any notion of what to expect, it was certainly not what he experienced. He could not believe the crowds and the willingness of everyone to wait hours to see one person.....He was surprised at how gracious, patient, and sweet The Pioneer Woman is....I don't think he really expected that one.......but all in all, if he would have just paid closer attention to his mom talking about this for weeks....he would have known exactly what to expect.....

Thanks Ree for taking the time out of your busy life to meet and greet your fans....and thanks wonderful son....who spent his free time waiting in a long line of excited fans just to get my book signed.....I will make you another one of Ree's Chocolate pies that you love so much........~Good Stuff


  1. A hottie like your son was NOT approached by any young ladies!?!?!?!?! I am shocked!
    Signed a PW fan who lives to far away to attend any signing :-(
    I have a lovely daughter I would have loved to introduce to him.
    Theresa in ALberta

  2. Seriously, I cannot the ladies are not lining up for this young man! He must be a super guy to do this for you, plus he is great-looking. I am guessing you are very proud of him My son is 40 years old, and as much as I know he loves me he wouldn't stand in line that long to get a book signed for me(or for any other reason).

  3. Glad you got what you wanted. It is hard to imagine Jeff doing this, especially in the weather we were having last night. It is not his true character for sure. No doubt, he made his mom proud.

  4. Glad you get the signing eventually! I do agree that your son is cute one.

    You Got A Posty
    All Little Thing I Like
    My 2nd Hand Book Shop

  5. Your son must really, really, really love you! How awesome!

  6. There were TONS of younger women there last night!! I met one that was a single elementary teacher. Perhaps he was just in the wrong group? I remember she had a yellow band and was with a bunch of her friends! Good luck and enjoy your book!!!


  7. Suzanne, If I was 10-15 years younger I'd be really upset I missed meeting your Son! He is a hunka! And good to his momma?!!! What girl could want more? Seriously, how sweet that he did that for you!

  8. What a super son you have and so charming!! Enjoy your new book. If the pie is great - how about sharing that recipe.



  9. I actually noticed your son in line (behind me, hahahahhaa) ... mostly because there were so few men there. I guess he just got caught in the wrong part of the line - there were several young, pretty single girls up in my part of the line ...

  10. That IS SO SWEET!! I don't think either of my big kids would do that and wish one would have to be my son, too as I will have to miss her date here in Atlanta because I have to go to my daughter's college vball banquet! Maybe I will work that son going angle and throw in how it would be a GREAT Christmas present for his mommy :)

  11. Erin Sullivan ( 2, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    Hello Suzanne!

    I am a young, single Dallas-ite, who was also at the signing last night! How did I not see your son? We did not get to meet Ree, we ended up petering out with our purple wrist-bands after 2 hours of waiting :( Maybe I could meet your son at the next PW event!

  12. I must confess that I did not know who the pioneer woman was. I looked at the web site that you linked and I now know that she cooks. I don't cook, so that is probably why I didn't know her.

    I think your son is darling, and I think that many of the ladies would have been happy to wait in line to meet him!

    That boy must love his mama to do that for you! I'd say he's a treasure.

  13. Honestly.....your son should have had a table to sit at and the ladies would have been in line to see him.....too bad he was in an early group.....all the single gals who never meet a nice guy were in the long line after him...I know, I was one of them....Sigh.

  14. That has seriously got to be the sweetest thing I've ever read! You definitely raised that boy right!!! [cowboy hat and all... Ree must have felt nostalgic for the ranch just looking at him :)]

  15. Suzanne -

    Found your recap from PW's facebook page. I enjoy reading all of the recaps from the different events. I am from MN, but missed the signing at the Mall of America, so I try to live vicariously through all of those who have pictures and stories from the event. I wish I lived in Texas and was in the red wrist band group! I am single and young, and your son is extremely handsome! Unfortunately there aren't too many cowboys up here in MN.

  16. Hey Suzanne!

    It must be because I'm from West Virginia but I don't know anything about the Pioneer Woman either! hehehe I agree with the other ladies. Your son is a hottie, great looking, hunk, cute, cowboy that loves, loves, loves, loves his mother! Too bad I'm married, have two kids, too old to be his mother but not young enough to be his gal! lol

  17. That is a cowboy to only dream about...boy I'd love to write my own Black Heels story with someone like!

  18. Boy, I would think the girls from Texas would have a bit more in the world is this one still single??? I am from up north, and well...let me tell you, the guys are nothing like this one!! Wish I was in a southern state, I might meet a hunk like your son. Enjoyed this post, very touching to know there are great guys still in the world. Have a great day, enjoy your cookbook, I love mine.

  19. How sweet of your son to do that for you...he obviously LOVES his Mom. Now I must admit that I don't know who the Pioneer Woman is. Apparently I'm in the minority. I don't cook so if she has anything to do with cooking than I am clueless!!
    I'm glad you got your book and autograph. You know you are going to owe your son big time now!!

  20. Oh my what a very sweet son you have! And I am sooooo sorry that you missed seeing Ree! I keep asking her to come further south, you know like Florida :-) Sigh....... The lady that started me on the road to blog land!


  21. Boy Jeff is a brave soul!!! but a sweet one----So glad he did that for you---He is one special young man !!!!

  22. Hi! I just googled "pioneer woman dallas" to see if anything was written about how long she signed books (I heard it was til 2 am!!) and your blog came up.

    Sorry you missed it--it was fun, but complete mania! Borders handed out over 800 wristbands!

  23. How sweet that your son did this for you!! And that he didn't realize what he was getting himself into!! lol

  24. Suzanne,
    Your boy is just the best! He really loves his mum!
    A couple of months ago I read an article in Southern Living, I think it was, about Ree and saved the recipes to try. I'll have to visit her blog and find out more.
    BTW A young man as handsome as he surely won't be single for long.

  25. I wish I could have gotten my son to do that for me! But he is only 13 and I did want to meet PW. So he hung out in the science fiction area and waited for his father to come and "rescue" him from all of the craziness. I did have my daughter with me. She is 20, single, and loves cowboys! And I did see your son in line! I had an orange wristband :( and got home at 1:30. It was worth it!!

  26. I have a hard time believing your son didnt get approached by ANY single women his age. He's a handsome fella, and sweet is he to do this?! Had I been there (and single) I would have had an instant crush. Im trying to think how I could arrange a meeting between him and a friend of mine...but PA to TX is a bit of a distance you know?

  27. I was one of the quilt ladies your son met in line....and he is absolutely precious! And believe it or not, there weren't any young women in line around us. He not only loves you bunches, but also his sister....We quizzed him in great depth (well at least I did) as to why he is girlfriendless, where he meets girls, and his lifestyle (pickup truck with dog in front and starched jeans and shirt-that speaks very well of him) the perfect girl in mind for'll have to go to Quilt Asylum on a Saturday and meet Sarah....her daughter, Emily, would be perfect! Pretty, a school teacher, loves her family and new puppy! Great blog, BTW!

  28. Oh Suzanne, I so wanted to go!! I just couldn't drive with this vertigo and could just kick myself.
    I'm thrilled that your son was so wonderful to do this for you ~ by all means you need to keep those chocolate pies coming! :-) Great that you got the book...super, in fact!

  29. Well, he may not have met someone, but he did NOT go unnoticed. My friend & I were sitting at the front people watching, & I very much remember when he walked up & leaned on the table to talk with her. We commented..."Finally! A Good-Looking guy! And a COWBOY to boot!!! He did his wranglers proud!

  30. Oh....CL...I saw him too, I am a sucker for cowboys and thought P-Dub had brought one from the ranch, but then I thought, "Why would he be in line from the ranch..." I would never had the nerve to speak....he was too cute....and very manly....he looked SO out of place....but was eye-candy for sure!

  31. My grandmother used to always say..."A man will only be as good to you, as he is to his mother"

    I have never forgot that and that is the type of person I am looking for, but find it very hard to find....your son will no doubt make someone very happy one day...when the right one comes along...Lucky for her!!

  32. Oh that is so darn cute....what a wonderful son you have (how old is he and is he taking emails, LOL!! ;)
    I wish Ree was coming my way, but I don't think she is. I don't have the book and might get it for someone as a Christmas gift first, then get my own afterward! Although I'm afraid if I get my hands on it, I won't want to give it away, hee!


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