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First off, I want to apologize for the mishap with the link last week. I was not home to try and get it fixed and up sooner. I don't know if it was my error or not, but I hope to get this corrected this week. If I don't do better...I may be fired and replaced as the hostess....sorry again guys.....hope this week it starts on time.

I have lots of vintage ornaments, and wanted to show you a few that are on my tree(s) this year. I have picked these up at garage sales, estate sales and antique stores. Hope you enjoy a peek......

I have several hand made items I picked up from antique stores, I love the stockings, it was a pin originally, but I decided to hang it on my tree.

I have several of these types of ornaments, plastic with a picture inside, I just love these ornaments, they are very charming.

These little mice I picked up at a estate sale, they were so cute, I had to have them.....dreaming of sugar plums.......

Some of them have a little glitter on them to add to the pazzaz.....

I think they have happy faces, I would date these to the 1970's. Seems I remember my Auntie having some of these or some like them on her tree...maybe that was what nudged me to purchase these.

Another antique store find..handmade ornament Santa, I think he has a sweet little face.

vintage quilts make great ornaments.....

vintage quilt ornament made by a special lady...I have a whole set of these, but the angel is one of my favorites.

........and of course, I have tons of vintage glass ornaments, but none like this one...this one is special. This past week, I received a box in the fun is that?!?!?

This is what was inside, and a lovely card. A couple that rents our cabin in the mountains each year also reads my blog, and has discovered we have lots of things in common besides our love for the mountains.She loves antiques, photography and has some of the same shots I like to take of surrounding areas in Colorado...she even has a Wiener dog....just like me! She had two of these little ornaments and thought I'd like to have the other......LOVE is more like it.....I was so surprised and thrilled by this small gesture of really is the little things that mean the most!

I love the scene on this ornament....a stagecoach pulled by horses, you can see the Christmas trees in the background and all the presents on top of the stagecoach....I love this my friend...thank you for remembering me!!!

I know next Thursday is Christmas eve...I will have a post up.....I have something special to share......if you will be busy...I if you can not join us....I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...I hope you holidays are as special as they can be.


  1. You would love my tree, Suzanne; it's full of similar ornaments. I love yours. I wish for you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  2. They are all sweet but I really like the globe with the reindeer. So cute.

    P.S. Last week's 'glitch' must have made you feel very loved the way everyone was looking for you!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    I also really like the ornament with the reindeer! So, so cute..and the skates...adorable.

    Happy VTT!


  4. Such cute ornaments. I love the ones made from the old quilts. And the glass ornament with the stagecoach is wonderful. What a fabulous gift.

  5. Suzanne, I love all of your ornaments! You have such a great collection. I love the ones made from quilts, and the sweet little mice, but especially the one with the deer inside!
    I'll be busy with family next Thursday, so I'd like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Such wonderful ornaments..I love,love the mouses. Specially the one in his tiny mouse should see the smiles you brought me. For some reason, I also have mouses on my I made after having cancer almost 17 years ago. He's sitting in a Santa's hat and is my favorite I have to try and make one in a bed. He's just the cutest. I have a quilt that just can't be used for anything very big..and when I saw your angels made of quilts..well, I know what I'm going to make. I love all your ornaments..and wasn't that so sweet of the lady to send you the ornament? Bloggers are the coolest people out there.

  7. Your handmade ornaments are cute. Back in the 1980s I used to like to make ornaments from patterns in Christmas craft magazines. I haven't done that since 1988, so my "new" ornaments are now almost vintage!

  8. love it! reminds me of home.. oh wait bc it is home!! :)

  9. Those are some sweet old ornaments! I haven't ever seen ones like your quilt ones. Those are really cute!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. I decided to go 40s and 50s vintage look this year with my small tree.
    I love the little stockings in particular. I've never seen that scene on the glass orns either. What a sweet gift!

  11. Love those stockings and the felt Santa! I got 2 of those diorama-type as a gift last year and love them! I can't imagine being the person who made them.
    So glad the glitch is gone this week and we can see everyone on the list. Hope you're having a great countdown to Christmas!

  12. aren't vintage Chrissy decorations just the BEST..i love yours especially the quilty ones :))

  13. How charming they all are, and how much they must mean---you must know the history and memories of each one.

    I especially love the little quilted angel, with the pastel wings. Just precious.

  14. Ornaments evoke special memories. Yours are so beautiful. Thanks for showing them. I love to see what others put on their trees.

  15. Your handmade ornaments are delightful. Each one is a special design.
    I have been collecting more and more vintage ornaments for a silver tree I got in 2007. Each one is a special design.

  16. Suzanne,

    I love that little deer in the glass ornament.

    Thanks for hosting


    barbara jean

  17. I love the quilted angel ornament.

    We had a vintage star that was falling apart. It was my husband's grandma's star. Between moving and storage we can't find it. Ever since he has been very mopey about decorating a tree.

    "Vintage Thingies" mean alot!s

  18. I love your ornaments, my favorite is the Santa, so cute! :-)

  19. AAAAWWW those really make me want to unpack ALL my vintage ornaments-but not this year!
    The red ball is lovely what a nice friend.

  20. As a quilter I love the quilt angels most!

  21. Such sweet little ornaments. Nice collection. Happy Holidays!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  22. I love the little one with the deer and I love the post before this one with your doggies! lol so sweet!

  23. I get so excited when I find cute vintage ornaments, these are so lovely! Sweet details! Happy VTT

  24. I'm like Maureen...I love the little deer ornament, how cute!
    What a sweet gesture from your new friend, she knew exactly what you would like!'s the little things.

  25. I love your collection! The mice are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I have two favorites. The little dear one and the lovely red stagecoach your friend sent. I have not seen one like it.

  27. Hi!
    Your Christmas ornaments are beautiful! Have a safe and happy holiday season. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  28. These are beautiful! I wasn't able to get my post up this morning, but maybe after work I will try! I have a good one, but I need to take the photos for it!

  29. I love the fact you have so many estate sale finds on your tree. You are keeping many memories alive by having these treasurers in your collection.

    Happy holidays to you,


  30. What great ornaments I have had so many vintage ornaments over the yrs sometimes wish I had't sold them!

  31. LOVE all the ornaments...especially those quilt ones!

  32. Wow, wow, wow! I love them all Suzanne! What a sweet friend to share like that.

    I'll be posting next Thursday too. Gotta show off my trees!

  33. Such sweet ornaments. I really love them. Sorry I couldn't get it together this week to post for VTT. Hope you will be up for next week :-)


  34. Oh, I love all of them! Vintage ornaments are always so special - I love knowing that someone has enjoyed them before me. And, of course, it's good to recycle, right?

  35. I love all vintage things and I feel Christmas time brings a special light to it all. Thanks for your site and the dedication it takes to keep it up. The ornaments are so great. I see a little Santa I had at one time but have since passed it on to my kids. I'm new to all this so if I do something a little out of step I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll learn as I go.

  36. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I have some old decorations that were my mother's.

  37. Suzanne, your post is so much fun and I too love these vintage and handmade ornaments. I love the pin that you hung as an ornament.

    I will try and come to see your post on Thursday. We will be in Florida.

    Right now we are so snowed in. We were supposed to be gone this weekend to visit our son and daughter and families, but that is not going to happen. We have over a foot of snow and more tonight. Sigh. Our mountains have an 8% grade and that is dangerous in good weather. Our net is on and off and so is the electric. Sigh!!
    IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL THOUGH. Lacy trees and white everywhere. It is cold too.

    Christmas love, Jeanne

  38. I love that little mouse!

  39. Oh jolly Xmas baubles! so vintagey and lovely!.. the reindeers are really pretty..

    Suzanne, I really miss your VTT, I do hope I could join you again after Christmas.. Hope you have a good weekend!


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