Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter White Friendship Block Exchange - A Peek At My Blocks..... Sorta!

 I decided to sign up for The Winter White Friendship Block Exchange hosted by Lala at Lalas Lovelys. I never have participated in a block exchange before. The main reason has always been the fact that I never really felt I was a skilled enough quilter to make some blocks and send them off to others.

After trying to find a block that would work, and shopping for the fabrics and worrying over what I had pictured in my mind might not turn out the way I wanted, I have seriously been second guessing myself.

I found this photo on etsy, and it was so pretty, the colors and the photo obviously speaks winter and I loved the look. I thought I'd try and find something that would be along with these color schemes while trying to avoid "Christmas fabrics"

My daughter went with me to shop for fabrics. She was not too impressed to say the least, but I found this tone on tone white fabric on sale and I really liked the look. Then I spotted the gray and decided that it might work. I know some of the colors in the swap are icy blue, and I have already seen some beautiful blocks others are making, so I was totally second guessing myself. But, I have cut the fabric and hope it works well with what others will be making in their blocks. I am sure mine will be totally different.

So if you are participating in this swap, here is a hint of what I am making...color wise only.You can see the designs better by clicking the photo to make it larger.

I hope these turn out pretty once they are sewn up.....please remember I barely had the courage to sign up as a participant at all!!

I have decided to NOT start anything new for 2013. I have lots started and nothing finished. I am going to list on my side bar all I want to get done as far as quilting this next year.....without starting a new project until I have whittled away that list.  Guess it is a good thing I cut these blocks before the first....they count as something started in 2012 and will be completed before the January 20th due date!! Happy 2013 to you and yours!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Secret Santa Soiree - THE REVEAL!!

It is time to wrap up the Secret Santa Soiree for 2012. I hope you had a great time shopping for someone who may or may not have the same interest or style that you yourself have. For the most part, it went pretty smoothly this year.

Special thank you to a couple of Elves who stepped in to help with a couple of issues that came up. I know who you are and won't forget your kindness.

Almost all of the participants have posted about their gifts. I have emailed several times to the ones who have not posted. I have tried my best to get those who needed to post to do so before I revealed who had who....and I have to say....I can only do so much! I do however take rather accurate notes...and I keep my notes so that next year, I can refresh my mind when I start the signups. Ahem....that is all on that.

I had one snafu this year in the assignments. I tell everyone that the person's name they have is not the person who has their name. I have never made that mistake...until this year. Two people had each other, and I am not sure if the both realized that. I must make sure to not repeat that next year.

I always say, it is not in what I receive but the fun I have in shopping for my Secret Santa person. I really enjoyed it this year and was very thankful for my gifts as well!!I hope everyone else felt the same way.

Now, without further ado......the REVEAL!!! Refer back to the original link HERE to see what number YOUR link was and then what blog matches the number beside your link number. That will reveal who your secret Santa was this year.

1 - 19
2 - 28
3 - 30
4 - 31
5 - 3
6 - 22
7 - 18
8 - 26
9 - 25
10 - 23
11 - 12
12 - 32
13 - 16
14 - 4
15 - 20
16 - 27
17 - 6
18 - 5
19 - 1
20 - 17
21 - 24
22 - 13
23 - 9
24 - 8
25 - 10
26 - 34
27 - 33
28 - 7
29 - 14
30 - 21
31 - 29
32 - 11
33 - 15
34 - 2

Thank you all who participated this year. I hope you had a wonderful time. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas on making this run smoothly or more efficiently, please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts. They are always welcome!! Wishing all of you a very blessed 2013.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Toddler and Tiara Moments

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a really good time each and every week!!!
If you are new to this party, please take the time to
read and follow the instructions for participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday, click HERE. I try and keep things fairly simple, so please make sure you follow the instructions. Please only ONE link per week. Lastly, if you link in, LINK back to my blog, so everyone can see all of the vintage goodies on display that day. If you don't link back here, they won't know who to visit......thanks so much.

With this week being Christmas, and my daughter home for the holidays, we were watching a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras. We love that show....the momma drama....the beauty queen drama, the whole disgusting drama, we love it!

While we were in the middle of watching a particular episode, where the moms are pushing the kids to practice for the pageant and rather unsuccessfully I might add, I had a memory.

I looked at my daughter and said, " I was in a pageant once."

daughter: as her mouth gaped open...."What?.....When?.......WHAT?????"

me: "Its true.....nanaw put me in a pageant....Little Miss Waco."

daughter: mouth still gaping open...."WHAT???? Did you win?"

me: "No, I am pretty sure I did not win....I hated it."

daughter: "What???"

So of course, I had to prove that this impossible bit of information had a shred of truth to it. I found a couple of pictures that I am assuming the pageant took of the contestants. The back of the photo said, "4 years old, 1966, First Beauty Contest"

My poor mother,  I can only imagine she just knew I was the future Miss America and this was going to be my start to fame. Yes, it was my first beauty contest and  I assure you my last. It was not for me. I was a tomboy and wanted no part of this beauty pageant thing.

This is the Beauty photo. And exactly like the television show, my mom made me practice in our living room. She tried and tried to teach  me how to curtsey. Even at four years old and still today, I remember I thought that was the silliest thing ever. I could not figure out how to do it correctly, and finally my mom gave up and told me just to bow at the end of the runway. Like I said, I did not win and was sure it was all my fault because I did not curtsey. I can still remember thinking that was the reason I lost, all because I did not practice that curtsey.

I have no idea what this was...maybe sportswear. Looks like a play romper and a sand pail. I do wish I still had that pail, but I don't think I liked the shoes. This is a far cry from what you see from a kids pageant today. I remember my mom telling me to stay in the middle of the stage and not close to the edge of the runway, as I could fall what do you think I thought about the whole time? I was sure I was going to fall off....and embarrass myself....or worse, my mom.....or worse....hurt myself.

My poor mom was probably disappointed that I was not a pageant queen. Luckily, she did not push the issue and this was the end of my claim to fame. Maybe she figured out I was not good at it, or maybe she just decided to let me choose. Mom's today however, don't give their daughters the same options.....pageants today are so over the top I swear it is the mom's who wish to be on the stage other than the daughters.

When my daughter asked why I never put her in pageants.....I just smiled and told her I did not put her in pageants because she would have cried.....alot!!!

Hope you enjoyed the vintage "Toddler and Tiara" photos of me as a four year old....but no trophies or crowns were ended really before that career ever began!!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Christmas

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a really good time each and every week!!!
If you are new to this party, please take the time to
read and follow the instructions for participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday, click HERE. I try and keep things fairly simple, so please make sure you follow the instructions. Please only ONE link per week. Lastly, if you link in, LINK back to my blog, so everyone can see all of the vintage goodies on display that day. If you don't link back here, they won't know who to visit......thanks so much.

This year, I found a few more Christmas mugs that are similar in style and from the same time period as the ones I found last year.

 I have them on a mug tree in my kitchen. I love all the Santa graphics.

Here is another close up of the bells on this cup.

I love these Santa Boots. The red one is rather large, and the smaller one goes well with it! Both were added this year to the holiday decor.

This Church is a candle holder. When the candle is lit, the  light shines through the windows and tree. This belonged to my mother in law, and I decided to put it out this year to enjoy.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the new year! Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

How about a Winter White Block Swap

Does that title get your attention?? Lee from over at Lala's Lovelys Quilting blog is hosting a Winter White block swap for January.

The details are as follows:


Who: anyone residing in North America (sorry International friends, postage just gets too high)
Fabric requirements: white, white on white, winter white and one other colour of your choice (keeping in mind the winter, snow theme, think icey blue)
Blocks: make 12 identical blocks 9.5" (finished size would be 9")
Exchanging: send them to me by January 20th. I will then redistribute them to all the participants. My address to be emailed individually later.
Finishing: How you use your blocks is up to you. I.e. Quilt, table runners, wall hanging. When you put it all together is also up to you.

Go HERE to sign up and get further details. 

This post was scheduled to post in advance, my computer seems to be acting up, maybe it is the server...I am not sure.

If you are a SSS participant and you don't have your package, I need to know that ASAP. Also, if you have received your package and have not blogged about it, please do so ASAP.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Secret Santa Soiree Update

I am still missing a couple of folks delivery confirmation numbers. By now ALL packages SHOULD have been sent. I will be sending out emails on Sunday, so please just send me the information I need and you won't get flooded with emails from me!

Many have posted about receiving their gifts. Check the original link HERE to just look at all the goodies! Remember that I have marked the links that have posted about their SSS gifts.

If you have not done your post and have received your gifts, PLEASE get your post up ASAP. Your Secret Santa person is concerned that their packages arrived to you.

An example of why the delivery confirmation number is important is this week, I was checking the delivery confirmation numbers of those who's packages have not arrived. One person's package said "attempted left message" and not only that, it was getting close to the post office sending it back. The person had not received a notice at all. If I had not checked, the package might have been returned to the sender and thus prompting undue cost in the long run. There really is a reason to this madness and request.

Please let me know when your post are up, and please if you have not shipped, DO SO NOW or let me know you can't follow through and I can take care of it. I want to wrap this up before Christmas so I can reveal who each secret Santa was!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

VintageThingie Thursday: Vintage Gifts from My Secret Santa!!

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a really good time each and every week!!!
If you are new to this party, please take the time to
read and follow the instructions for participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday, click HERE. I try and keep things fairly simple, so please make sure you follow the instructions. Please only ONE link per week. Lastly, if you link in, LINK back to my blog, so everyone can see all of the vintage goodies on display that day. If you don't link back here, they won't know who to visit......thanks so much.

Today, my Secret Santa box arrived. My husband was home and wanted to open it...can you believe that? I got home and the first thing out of his mouth was "Lets do it!!"..........not exactly what you might think he meant...he could not wait for me to open the box! He exclaimed he does not do anything like this so hurry and open the box.....I told him to get a blog of his own!!!

Here is my box.....

And here is the box and the dogs sniffing for something to eat as I went to get a knife to open the box..

Just look at all these goodies.......I almost got so excited that I nearly forgot to take a picture.....note the blurry photo!!

Secret Santa, you must have remembered I collect vintage Christmas planters! This little planter and crochet doily is adorable! Look at Santa's sleigh loaded with candy canes...and look at that DOG ornament.....
It absolutely looks like Sammie!!! Even my husband said the same thing....he thought is was so cute! I was jumping up and down as I don't have anything that reminds me of my new little dachshund. And if that was not enough joy and fun to behold.......

.....take a look at this adorable vintage puppy....and yes, it looks like Bailey!! How incredible perfect are these?! I was over the moon!!!

This little cup is vintage anchor hocking, fire is adorable!! Red and cute!~

This is three fat quarters, two red and one green. I can not believe how perfect these are. I started a couple of weeks ago with Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt, Easy Street and I changed my colors from the ones she used. I chose red and green as part of the four main colors. These are just perfect and they will go into that new quilt and will always serve as a reminder of how sweet and thoughtful my Secret Santa was to me this year!!! My secret Santa included yummy chocolate, and Burt's Bees chap stick.

This adorable little ornament is a vintage salt and pepper shaker that is turned into a snow globe. That is snow, little tree and snowman with snowflakes inside. So cute! It is already on my tree!

See these two little boxes, they were filled with adorable vintage wooden ornaments!! I love them!!!

This is a red and white granite plate and it has been turned into a memo board, and  yes, those are adorable magnets that go with it!! Stunning and just so me!!

My secret Santa also included these adorable vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy ornaments. These are just too sweet and I seem to remember them from when I was growing up!! I love these so much.

My Secret Santa said she wanted to include something from Colorado, and found this cute little plate. I could not believe it as we are going to remodel the other bedroom at our cabin and I have already been gathering these souvenir plates to put in that room. The theme for that room is vintage souvenirs from Colorado, and I KNOW I have never blogged about that before now. This will be perfect and I was super excited!

And will you look at the label....North Pole, Colorado!! Just perfect!!!

My secret Santa also included some wonderful smelling body wash, and I truly am thankful and love each and every gift she chose for me!! They are all perfect and filled my heart with joy!! A special thank you to my Secret Santa and all her thoughtful gifts. I love them and am so proud of each and every one!! You were so thoughtful in your selections and really went over the top!! Thank you just does not seem like enough,  I really had a good time opening everything and my husband had a good time watching!!

I hope you enjoyed all my new vintage treasures...because they are just that....treasures!! Totally made my week!! Totally.  Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Secret Santa Gifts Shipped Near and Far

Secret Santa gifts are traveling near and far!! And...if I may say, some of these Santas were rather creative with their sending their gifts. Some traveled to ANOTHER STATE to send theirs. Some sent their gifts with relatives traveling away on business to send theirs. So.....that being said, you really won't know by the markings from the shipper if your Santa actual resides close to where the package shows it was sent from....Clever....clever indeed....and lots of fun!!

I still need to hear from a couple of you with your delivery confirmation number or an email about your expect me to HOUND you until I hear from you. That is how I roll......blogger be warned!

I have updated the original link to indicate who has blogged about receiving their gifts. If you are new to the swap, this is how it works.....

You will need to go back to the original link where you signed up originally. The I'm a Secret Santa button on the right sidebar of my blog will take you to that original link. Scroll down to the names in the list.
When a link has been updated you will see ( *** ) in front of the name that has been updated. for example:

*** The Coloradolady

I will try and stay on top of this to keep the link current and accurate. There are a couple of blogs that have already received their goodies and blogged about it, so you can take a peek and look at all the goodies!! 

Don't forget to do your post and notify me your blog post is live!! And PLEASE, PLEASE if your gifts have arrived, just get your blog post done and posted live. It serves two purposes really, the first and foremost it removes any worry from your secret Santa that your package did indeed arrive to you without a hitch. Secondly, it shows your appreciation at the thought and effort put into your gift. It is the right thing to do.

If you have received AND blogged about your gifts, email me and let me know your link is live so I can adjust the original link to reflect that. Some have emailed me that they received their gifts, but have not done a post yet. It is a lot for me to try and keep everything straight, (as a couple of you already know) so just let me know when your post is up.!!

I hope you are enjoying this swap!! It is always so much fun and I really enjoy it!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sometimes You Don't Need The Story - The Word Dachshund Catches Your Heart

The other night, I was on facebook reading post from a fairly new merchant site I had "liked." This particular merchant makes clay dachshund dogs in memory of her beloved pet she lost a few years back. Her pieces are numbered and signed.
she posted a link for some of her early pieces that a lady was selling so that she might be able to buy presents for her children for Christmas.

My heart skipped a beat.  Those who know me know my heart is so soft and the very thought of someone selling their "TREASURES" in order to ease the stress of the holiday season and be able to hopefully provide something for their children for Christmas was just more than this ole heart could take.

I messaged the merchant and asked if there was some way to help. I told her I really wanted to do something......then a couple of others joined in and agreed they also would like to help.

I don't know any more of this story other than this family has had a very hard time. I don't need any other particulars as it was enough for me to know how desperate the situation might be if she is selling her beloved dachshund treasures.

There was a "chip-in" set up for this family. You can donate any amount via paypal or any other method, I believe. It can be anonymous, or you can use your name. I am not asking for you to donate, that is something you have to search your heart to do and follow your heart in a situation like this. I do however know that many want to help others but seem to not find the right avenues to do so.

This is easy....peasy.....a dollar or a few more to help a fellow dachshund lover and her family ease the stress of hard times during the holiday season. Below is the link for the chip-in.

Sadly, I know that so many are in the same situation. This particular person, even though I may never know who they are just spoke to me...and when that happens.....I am compelled to listen and do what I can.  After all, it is the season of giving, if you are able....and that is all the story you really need.

*** UPDATE: I just read on the site that she listed her treasures on that her husband who was 38 years old developed a brain tumor and passed away. It is just her and her still my heart. Like I said, sometimes you just don't need the story...please pray for this family.

** Comments to this post has been turned off.......

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Perfect Christmas Card.....or NOT

I see perfect Christmas cards all over the know the ones like this one below...lots of dogs, all posing perfectly for the camera!

This is just picture perfect, not a dog hair out of place!! That is just not reality at my house....welcome to my little fiasco in trying to capture four dachshunds decked out in Holiday garb......not so great, trust me!

First, I put the reindeer horns on Sammie....You would have thought he was being tortured! He slouched down to the floor and just ducked his was a no go!

So I tried them on Bailey. She froze in the chair under the dog blankets and would. not. move. It was like if she just sat still, I might not see her and it would all go away. Forget trying to get her to sit next to another dog...nope. Not. going. to. happen.

While the first two were acting up with all their shenanigans, Dora and Sophie sat in the chair waiting for Bailey and Sammie to get with the program. Dora likes to dress up most of all out of all the dachshunds we have, so she was eager without any suggestions of treats. Sophie...just goes with the flow. All I needed to do was to get the two younger ones on board, and I was sure to be on my way to the perfect Christmas card.

So I put the bells and the antlers on Sammie....He was looking mighty spiffy and rather regal in his get up....only problem was...he wants to be the star of his own show and does not want to share the spot light with any other.

I tried to convince him he needed to sit with Sophie and Dora, and he had enough of that talk......

Next thing I know...he is trying to rip the jingle bells into shreds and toss them in the air. Just look at the determined face he knows he can kill it if he tries hard enough. Long forgotten are the reindeer antlers. And by this time, not a dog one was interested in a treat.....they wanted the Santa garb off and put away.......

So my perfect Christmas card with four perfectly dressed dogs, with not a dog hair out of place just does not seem to be happening this year. Sophie and Dora were real troopers and sat at attention, well almost attention with the mention of a cheese bite in the works. But what you don't see is Bailey hiding under the covers and Sammie trying to just get the cheese bite and run.........There goes my perfect Christmas card......or maybe it is a not so perfect kind of way....pretty much seems to be the way things go around here!

Oh, and did I mention, the whole time this was taking place, I had to listen to my husband sound off that "This is just not going to work......." 

Seriously......I really don't give up that easily.....tomorrow is another day and treats make a dog's world go around!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday - And SSS reminder!!!

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a really good time each and every week!!!
If you are new to this party, please take the time to
read and follow the instructions for participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday, click HERE. I try and keep things fairly simple, so please make sure you follow the instructions. Please only ONE link per week. Lastly, if you link in, LINK back to my blog, so everyone can see all of the vintage goodies on display that day. If you don't link back here, they won't know who to visit......thanks so much.

This week, I thought I'd show you a Vintage Treasure that belonged to my mother in law. When she passed away, my husband got these adorable Mr. and Mrs. Clause. My mother in law painted these and a few other holiday Santas that we have today.

I have not put these out in a few years, but this year decided I'd bring them out and they sit in my living room by my television....which by the way, is exactly where she always sat them when she decorated for the holidays! They are a real treasure.

If you are a Secret Santa.....don't forget to email me the delivery confirmation number from shipping your was the shipping date....and well, I may or may not have missed it myself...shhhhh, don't let St. Nick hear that!!! First thing tomorrow, I'll be standing in line at the post feel so much better confessing that to all of you....but seriously.....don't delay too long!!!

Please, please let me know when your package I can update the link like I did last year!! AFTER all the packages arrive, I will reveal who each swapper had as their secret Santa!! Hopefully, by Christmas, I will be able to reveal that information!!! Honestly, the fun part is about to begin....seeing what everyone got from their Secret Santa is so much fun!!!

I myself, really enjoyed shopping for my Secret Santa! It seems to be the highlight of the holiday season for so many. You just would not believe the emails I have received and stories some have shared. Many I can certainly relate to, and understand the joy and fun it is in shopping for someone else who may live miles and miles away. It is fun meeting a new blogger and trying to figure out what they might really is the most enjoyable part for me!! I am excited for my swap person to get their!!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!!

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