Friday, December 7, 2012

Sometimes You Don't Need The Story - The Word Dachshund Catches Your Heart

The other night, I was on facebook reading post from a fairly new merchant site I had "liked." This particular merchant makes clay dachshund dogs in memory of her beloved pet she lost a few years back. Her pieces are numbered and signed.
she posted a link for some of her early pieces that a lady was selling so that she might be able to buy presents for her children for Christmas.

My heart skipped a beat.  Those who know me know my heart is so soft and the very thought of someone selling their "TREASURES" in order to ease the stress of the holiday season and be able to hopefully provide something for their children for Christmas was just more than this ole heart could take.

I messaged the merchant and asked if there was some way to help. I told her I really wanted to do something......then a couple of others joined in and agreed they also would like to help.

I don't know any more of this story other than this family has had a very hard time. I don't need any other particulars as it was enough for me to know how desperate the situation might be if she is selling her beloved dachshund treasures.

There was a "chip-in" set up for this family. You can donate any amount via paypal or any other method, I believe. It can be anonymous, or you can use your name. I am not asking for you to donate, that is something you have to search your heart to do and follow your heart in a situation like this. I do however know that many want to help others but seem to not find the right avenues to do so.

This is easy....peasy.....a dollar or a few more to help a fellow dachshund lover and her family ease the stress of hard times during the holiday season. Below is the link for the chip-in.

Sadly, I know that so many are in the same situation. This particular person, even though I may never know who they are just spoke to me...and when that happens.....I am compelled to listen and do what I can.  After all, it is the season of giving, if you are able....and that is all the story you really need.

*** UPDATE: I just read on the site that she listed her treasures on that her husband who was 38 years old developed a brain tumor and passed away. It is just her and her still my heart. Like I said, sometimes you just don't need the story...please pray for this family.

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