Monday, December 3, 2012

Secret Santa Soiree.........This is the week!

This is the week to mail out your gifts to your secret Santa!! did this get here so quick. I don't know about you, but I have got lots to do to make this deadline of December 5th!!

Don't forget to email me the delivery confirmation number once you have shipped your package! And PLEASE don't forget to send me an email once your gifts arrive and you have your post up on your blog.

 I plan to do the same as I did last year, which was highlighting the blogs as they post about their gifts from the original linky list. That way everyone can go look at all the goodies that everyone has received and it will all be in one centralized place. That seemed to work well last year.

I hope you have had a good time shopping for your Secret Santa. I know I have, in fact, it really is the highlight of my shopping during the holiday season. I have received so many emails telling me how this is an event most looked forward to. That due to various reasons, this really is the Christmas gift exchange for many. It is and has become an important part of the holiday season to a lot of bloggers, don't think for one minute it is not taken to heart.

Thanks to all, as this year has been rather easy to host so far! I am confident that I won't even need any elves this year, and that is a good thing. :-)

Like always, I will post updates here until all gifts have made it to their destination!! If you are shipping international....don't forget to let me know you have shipped!! is a little note to my Secret Santa......just could be you!!!!

Now...time to start wrapping.....and boxing.....and shipping!!


  1. I just posted about getting my box ready to send. The elves are busy all around!! I've skipped the SS at work as this is more fun to do! Thanks for taking care of all the details! Have a great week.♥♫

  2. I still feel bad about not getting the confirmation number. When are we supposed to find out who our secret sister are?

  3. How fun. Now I wish that I'd have joined in. Perhaps next year.

    Good idea, Suzanne.

  4. My SSS parcel is in the post to my secret swap partner!! Sounds like everyone is going to have a great time!! I'll email you details of the postal delivery :)

  5. I had fun. I made a lot of my gifts. Hope my SSS lady likes them!

  6. Looked my gifts, just wish I could figure out who my secret santa was..have to do some exploring. Just posted about it a few minutes ago!

  7. I sent my package off! Hope it is well loved! Thanks Suzanne you are a doll!


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