Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter White Friendship Block Exchange - A Peek At My Blocks..... Sorta!

 I decided to sign up for The Winter White Friendship Block Exchange hosted by Lala at Lalas Lovelys. I never have participated in a block exchange before. The main reason has always been the fact that I never really felt I was a skilled enough quilter to make some blocks and send them off to others.

After trying to find a block that would work, and shopping for the fabrics and worrying over what I had pictured in my mind might not turn out the way I wanted, I have seriously been second guessing myself.

I found this photo on etsy, and it was so pretty, the colors and the photo obviously speaks winter and I loved the look. I thought I'd try and find something that would be along with these color schemes while trying to avoid "Christmas fabrics"

My daughter went with me to shop for fabrics. She was not too impressed to say the least, but I found this tone on tone white fabric on sale and I really liked the look. Then I spotted the gray and decided that it might work. I know some of the colors in the swap are icy blue, and I have already seen some beautiful blocks others are making, so I was totally second guessing myself. But, I have cut the fabric and hope it works well with what others will be making in their blocks. I am sure mine will be totally different.

So if you are participating in this swap, here is a hint of what I am making...color wise only.You can see the designs better by clicking the photo to make it larger.

I hope these turn out pretty once they are sewn up.....please remember I barely had the courage to sign up as a participant at all!!

I have decided to NOT start anything new for 2013. I have lots started and nothing finished. I am going to list on my side bar all I want to get done as far as quilting this next year.....without starting a new project until I have whittled away that list.  Guess it is a good thing I cut these blocks before the first....they count as something started in 2012 and will be completed before the January 20th due date!! Happy 2013 to you and yours!!


  1. Pretty choices. I am doing this exchange as well. I have one fabric on hand I want to use, but need to get the others. The block design I want to use shows it as an 8" square finished block. I have to figure out how to enlarge it to make it a 9.5" square block.


  2. We have many grey days here in the winter so that fabric is very fitting. Your blocks will be just fine and I am so glad you signed up. Hint about mine: they will be scrappy!

  3. I like your colors! I wanted to participate but did not think I could get them finished in time. I can't wait to see everyone's finished quilts!

  4. Wow, Suzanne....I love the fabrics you selected...especially the grey. I can hardly wait to see how you put it together. I can't believe you even gave a second thought to signing up...I've seen your piecing, and it is excellent. I'm so glad you signed up and posted about this exchange...otherwise I would not have known about it. I've participated in lots of swaps, but none with a winter theme. I'm loving making these blocks.

    Such a great way to start off a New Year, and I'm having fun posting about this exchange and the blocks I'm making. It's been fun meeting the other participants, too. Looks like you and I are the Texas Connection! See ya again soon.

  5. Suzanne I love your fabrics! they are perfect depiction of winter! I can`t wait till one of your blocks is in my quilt. I have followed you for a very long time and so honoured to have one of your blocks. Enjoy your swap they are mega fun. I have been in many and still remember my anxiety over my first one so do understand you are better than you think girl!!
    Happy New Year to you and the dashies.

  6. Suzanne, seriously? Second-guessing yourself? You are one of the most quilty-inspiring women (we) Bonnie-addicts follow! Your work is incredible! I can't believe you even thought twice about joining this swap. The colours you've chosen and the block you make are going to be beautiful... I have absolutely no doubt. I can't wait to receive one and add it to my eventual quilt. *hugs* and Happy New Year!!

  7. The colors are beautiful. I plan on getting started this weekend. I have had a terrible cold for the first time in years. I am one that never gets sick. I have a beautiful piece of navy blue and silver fabric that I am using for this swap. I bought it years ago to use as a liner for a vest but used something else instead. This is my first ever block swap too.


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