Friday, December 28, 2012

Secret Santa Soiree - THE REVEAL!!

It is time to wrap up the Secret Santa Soiree for 2012. I hope you had a great time shopping for someone who may or may not have the same interest or style that you yourself have. For the most part, it went pretty smoothly this year.

Special thank you to a couple of Elves who stepped in to help with a couple of issues that came up. I know who you are and won't forget your kindness.

Almost all of the participants have posted about their gifts. I have emailed several times to the ones who have not posted. I have tried my best to get those who needed to post to do so before I revealed who had who....and I have to say....I can only do so much! I do however take rather accurate notes...and I keep my notes so that next year, I can refresh my mind when I start the signups. Ahem....that is all on that.

I had one snafu this year in the assignments. I tell everyone that the person's name they have is not the person who has their name. I have never made that mistake...until this year. Two people had each other, and I am not sure if the both realized that. I must make sure to not repeat that next year.

I always say, it is not in what I receive but the fun I have in shopping for my Secret Santa person. I really enjoyed it this year and was very thankful for my gifts as well!!I hope everyone else felt the same way.

Now, without further ado......the REVEAL!!! Refer back to the original link HERE to see what number YOUR link was and then what blog matches the number beside your link number. That will reveal who your secret Santa was this year.

1 - 19
2 - 28
3 - 30
4 - 31
5 - 3
6 - 22
7 - 18
8 - 26
9 - 25
10 - 23
11 - 12
12 - 32
13 - 16
14 - 4
15 - 20
16 - 27
17 - 6
18 - 5
19 - 1
20 - 17
21 - 24
22 - 13
23 - 9
24 - 8
25 - 10
26 - 34
27 - 33
28 - 7
29 - 14
30 - 21
31 - 29
32 - 11
33 - 15
34 - 2

Thank you all who participated this year. I hope you had a wonderful time. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas on making this run smoothly or more efficiently, please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts. They are always welcome!! Wishing all of you a very blessed 2013.


  1. Thanks for posting the list - I was finally able to thank my secret santa since she forgot to sign her name to my package. It was a great package.

  2. Hi Suzanne, thanks for organising the swap!! Have finally blogged about it now I know my partner has opened all her goodies!!


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