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VintageThingie Thursday: Vintage Gifts from My Secret Santa!!

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Today, my Secret Santa box arrived. My husband was home and wanted to open it...can you believe that? I got home and the first thing out of his mouth was "Lets do it!!"..........not exactly what you might think he meant...he could not wait for me to open the box! He exclaimed he does not do anything like this so hurry and open the box.....I told him to get a blog of his own!!!

Here is my box.....

And here is the box and the dogs sniffing for something to eat as I went to get a knife to open the box..

Just look at all these goodies.......I almost got so excited that I nearly forgot to take a picture.....note the blurry photo!!

Secret Santa, you must have remembered I collect vintage Christmas planters! This little planter and crochet doily is adorable! Look at Santa's sleigh loaded with candy canes...and look at that DOG ornament.....
It absolutely looks like Sammie!!! Even my husband said the same thing....he thought is was so cute! I was jumping up and down as I don't have anything that reminds me of my new little dachshund. And if that was not enough joy and fun to behold.......

.....take a look at this adorable vintage puppy....and yes, it looks like Bailey!! How incredible perfect are these?! I was over the moon!!!

This little cup is vintage anchor hocking, fire is adorable!! Red and cute!~

This is three fat quarters, two red and one green. I can not believe how perfect these are. I started a couple of weeks ago with Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt, Easy Street and I changed my colors from the ones she used. I chose red and green as part of the four main colors. These are just perfect and they will go into that new quilt and will always serve as a reminder of how sweet and thoughtful my Secret Santa was to me this year!!! My secret Santa included yummy chocolate, and Burt's Bees chap stick.

This adorable little ornament is a vintage salt and pepper shaker that is turned into a snow globe. That is snow, little tree and snowman with snowflakes inside. So cute! It is already on my tree!

See these two little boxes, they were filled with adorable vintage wooden ornaments!! I love them!!!

This is a red and white granite plate and it has been turned into a memo board, and  yes, those are adorable magnets that go with it!! Stunning and just so me!!

My secret Santa also included these adorable vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy ornaments. These are just too sweet and I seem to remember them from when I was growing up!! I love these so much.

My Secret Santa said she wanted to include something from Colorado, and found this cute little plate. I could not believe it as we are going to remodel the other bedroom at our cabin and I have already been gathering these souvenir plates to put in that room. The theme for that room is vintage souvenirs from Colorado, and I KNOW I have never blogged about that before now. This will be perfect and I was super excited!

And will you look at the label....North Pole, Colorado!! Just perfect!!!

My secret Santa also included some wonderful smelling body wash, and I truly am thankful and love each and every gift she chose for me!! They are all perfect and filled my heart with joy!! A special thank you to my Secret Santa and all her thoughtful gifts. I love them and am so proud of each and every one!! You were so thoughtful in your selections and really went over the top!! Thank you just does not seem like enough,  I really had a good time opening everything and my husband had a good time watching!!

I hope you enjoyed all my new vintage treasures...because they are just that....treasures!! Totally made my week!! Totally.  Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. What wonderful gifts from your secret santa. They are all so carefully chosen to be perfect for you. I especially love that vintage salt shaker snow globe. Just adorable! Thanks for hosting Suzanne!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Suzanne,
    What great goodies you received!! Thanks so much for hosting!!


  3. Wow, looks like you gt gifts early..and such nice things too! Thank you for hosting yet, another great party! Happy holiday season to you and yours.

  4. Wow, that was some Secret Santa exchange! Your SS was so generous and spot-on with your great gifts! Looks like so much fun, hope I can particiapte if you do it again next year. Love the photo of the doggies sniffing the box, so cute!

  5. Lovely Christmas decor you have shared in here. Like that fourth photo, it's so cute! :)

    Makati condominium for rent

  6. What a lovely package. I love the pups checking it out. Great goodies! Ruth

  7. What a lovely secret Santa. Your dogs loved joining in. Thanks for hosting.

  8. The dogs all excited just made me laugh. Who would have thought the little puppy figures would resemble your fur babies?
    Too cute!
    Happy VTT, Suzanne! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  9. What fun with your secret Santa package. The dogs sure loved it. Thank you for hosting.

  10. Wow, those little ornaments look so much like your sweet pups! Your secret Santa sure is observant and knows how to make our host very happy. You deserve it! Blessings to you and your secret Santa for making you so happy......

    The French Hutch

  11. It was exciting just watching you reveal all those goodies! I hope her SS was as generous as she was!

  12. That was so much fun to see! She is really really good at this Secret Santa stuff. Love the Colorado plate!

  13. What a wonderful box of treasures! I love the little ornament made out of the salt shaker.

  14. Your secret Santa was very generous! I love the personable gifts! So sweet! I love all everything! :)

  15. You got some great gifts in your secret Santa exchange! I
    enjoy seeing your dasho dogs too. They remind me of my dachshund mostly the red/brown short haired one. I have a male named Dasho II. He is like an old man always noseying in things. I remember getting a package from my sister and when we opened it he got on his hind legs to see what was in the box too. take care, Darlene

  16. That was fun! Thanks for letting us "open" the box with you. Your Secret Santa has been paying lots of attention to your blog!!! Thanks for the party today!!!

  17. Love your post Suzanne, so cute that your husband was as excited as you were about the arrival of your Secret Santa box - just like Christmas morning, wondering what's inside. :) My gosh what a lot of stuff you received, I kept thinking, "oh, this has got to be the end" and you kept going and going. Adore the doggie stuff, so much fun.

    Happy early Christmas!

  18. I don't know who was more excited, your husband or the puppies. :) Such a neat collection of vintage gifts! I love the planter on top of the doiley it looks like something from a vintage holiday magazine. Thanks for everything that you do! Happy Holidays.

  19. What fun items you got from your Secret Santa! Such adorable ornaments and Christmas things for you to enjoy!

    Merry Christmas-Linnea


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