Saturday, December 1, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday!!! Sorry for the DELAY!!!!

*** So, so sorry that this post did not publish this morning!!!! I had it all set to go and did not do its thing!! Here is the post for Garage Sale Saturday and hopefully, some will link in below!!!

Welcome to Garage Sale Saturday! I am stepping in and hosting a couple of Months for Bonnie Hunter. She has her plate full and is unable to host this as she has done in the past. This is temporary!! I will host in her place for a bit!

Her rules she has in place apply here. Link in with your unwanted quilting items and remember, to price garage sale prices. Most of all my listings (even the new) are below retail. I just need to get rid of some of the stash that is hanging around and not getting used.

I link all my listings to my Etsy account, as I work on Saturdays and can not answer emails. For my listings, click on the link under the photo to take you to the page where you can purchase and see more information about the listing.

Be sure to read each sellers descriptions and how they are running their garage sale on their blog.

Good luck and happy shopping!!

Men's recycled shirt bundles: 

50 backs CLICK HERE to purchase   $40.00

30 Fronts & Yokes:  click HERE to purchase $22.00

70 sleeves and parts:   Click HERE to purchase $ 28.50

Lucy's Crab Shack Fat Quarter Bundle - click HERE to see - $75.00

Christmas Spirit 2 yards 6 inches. Click HERE to see - $ 5.00

Tis the Season - one yard 32 inches. Click HERE to see - $4.25

Alexander Henry - Land of Autumn. 3 yards. Click HERE to see  $ 14.50

Snowman Apron Panel - Click HERE to see  $ 5.00

Snowman Wall Hanging - Click HERE to see - $ 4.50

Yuletide Ornaments: Click HERE  $ 5.00

Georgetown Flag Fabric by Moda  Click HERE  $ price per yard

Bali Pops Parfait  Click HERE  $ 29.50

Free Spirit Cocoon Jelly Roll -  Click HERE  $ 27.00

Welcome to Bear Country Jelly Roll  Click HERE  $ 25.00

Free spirit Freshcut Jelly Roll  Click HERE   $ 27.00

Hello Luscious Jelly Roll    Click HERE   $ 28.00

I also have lots of fabrics and vintage sheets in my shop, happy to combine shipping on any or all you might like!

Have fun shopping and if you in and sell some of that stash laying around!!

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