Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Dress And A Memory

This time of year holds lots of memories from when my kids were young. The planning of Halloween costumes was always a highlight to the fall season. I usually made their costumes. During the years of trick or treating I made a wide variety of costumes, from Barbie, scarecrow, Dracula, witch and an Indian costume that was hand beaded. I really enjoyed making their costumes when they were little.

My children went to Catholic school, and there was always a need for a costume during those years too. Whether it be a saints costume or a ethnic project costume, even a history project costume, we always had fun designing what they were going to wear and making it come to life. My son one year was a army general for a history project and needed a costume. That one was the most challenging. But with several trips to a Army Navy store, for patches, and a shirt from GW, I was able to send him off to school looking pretty much like a the general he was supposed to be.

In high school, my daughter always needed costumes for homecoming week. If it was for spirit dress or twin day, it was always fun to try and come up with an original outfit for her during these school days. Every day was a themed day, and well, that usually meant coming up with something special to wear. It was the one week that no uniforms were worn to school, so you can imagine how important it was to come up with the perfect outfit....good times for sure.

This past weekend, my daughter was home and going to the Texas/OU and the State Fair. She was ever so subtle at dropping hints that she wanted a dress to wear to the festivities. She described how the dress was made and felt sure I could make it. Sight unseen, no idea what she was talking about we bought the stuff and headed home for mom to make it happen.

Luckily, she had a picture of what she wanted, and being out of practice on constructing a outfit without a pattern, I dug my heals in and went to work. It was simple enough once I figured out how to construct the dress. She liked the finished product....thank goodness.

But sewing late into the night, sure brought back lots of memories of staying up late to finish costumes for my kids when they were small. I had forgotten how that was until this past weekend when I felt it important to get it right and not disappoint my daughter, I mean it had been years since she had asked me to make her anything at all, so it had to be right. I put a lot of pressure on myself....silly I know because Alisha did not doubt me one bit.....talk about taking me back several years.

I guess by now you recognize this post at Take Me Back Tuesday, which is exactly what happened this past weekend, My daughters request, sure took me back to the days when they were small and was able to enjoy sewing outfits for them for special occasions. This was a fun reminder of those days, and most important the fact my daughter knew without a doubt I'd be able to pull it off...even after all the years that had past since I had last done it..good stuff!


  1. I'm impressed! What a cute dress for a little Miss Texas to wear! Hey - - - I think I saw her on TV, right in the stands!

    No, I did not - - - but it was a fun thought anyway.

    Sure wish the cute dress could have helped her Longhorns to a win over those pesky Sooners - - -

  2. I have been summoned to make one of these and can not figure out how to do it. I was wondering if you have a pattern or tutorial? She is adorable in that dress.

  3. Very nice! Reminds me of all the costumes I sewed for my kids over the years.

  4. the dress is awesome, but I'm guessing just about anything would look great on that cute girl!

  5. I so enjoyed those days when I made costume after costume. Once I made a Yoda costume for my son. It ended up doubling for a shepherd's costume in the Christmas program at church. Like you I made Indian costumes but instead of beading I used sequins. I thought I'd never get those finished. Later when my daughter had her 2 boys I was right back at it. They even managed to win a few costume contests. You did a wonderful job on your daughter's dress and it is definitely cute but in our house it would have been cuter still if it had been crimson and cream with a schooner on it. LOL!

  6. I so wish I could sew. I would make a dress very much like that one only it would be crimson and creme with OU atitched on the front.

  7. I like take me back Tuesday! Wow made me think of the costumes I made for my kids. Such Fun! I love this dress you made for your daughter and the fact that she 'knew' you could. Awesome!

  8. That definitely brought back memories. When my girls were little I made their costumes every year. The discussions would start when we took our summer vacation at the beach and when we got home the work would begin. The only other thing that I made was their party dresses.

    You did great job. Once a mom, always a mom!

  9. Oh what a sweet post! I can so relate to everything you said. I can't sew worth a lick, but Halloween costumes were always big in our house. I always "made" them for my 3 girls. It was so exciting to figure out what they were going to be, and then how I was going to pull it off without sewing. Somehow I always did, and I so miss those days. My oldest daughter is carrying on the tradition now with her two little boys....no store bought for her and she pulls it off magically, too with sewing a stitch!
    Your daughter is a beauty, by the way, so even a paper bag would have worked!

  10. This is such a sweet post and what a pretty girl! I agree, a tutorial would be great, I can so see this with boots, is that what she wore?

  11. Cute dress. I also made costumes for other people's kids and now that I have my own, she outgrew costumes too quick. But, I could make anything from a picture. Not too good with a pattern, but a picture I can reproduce. lane

  12. Hi Suzanne, I can so relate to your many sewing projects when your children were young. I sewed everything I wore and my daughters too. Costumes and you name it. Late night sewing was my life for many years. The outfit looks awesome. What a beautiful daughter you have. She looks so cute wearing it. Good job. My mother taught me to sew and I have been ever grateful.

    Thank you for your comment about Ashley's birthday. I was very late with that post and I was worried about her having comments. Right now she is out to dinner with her folks. If we lived in Fl. we would be with them. sigh.

    Have a wonderful evening 'not sewing.' HA!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Cute! Cute! Cute! Great job, Suzanne!

  14. Cute dress! And sweet memory!

  15. I use to sew a long time ago. I even made some evening gowns for friends. That was a LONG time ago. Kathy

  16. What a cute dress for the occasion! I used make (mosty no-sew) costumes for my boys when they were little. Amazing what you can find around the house to use.

  17. I believe the word for that is "Unconditional Love".


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