Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Will I Fill That Extra Hour????

Dachshunds....they serve as alarm clocks without ever having to actually set a clock. With the time change...I had an extra hour to sleep and get some rest before I started my day.....

My two dachshunds, Bailey and Sammie however did not see it that way and promptly woke me up at 4:15am. Nice.....Thanks so much! Once I am awake, I might as well just get up!!

So.....I had decided to fill that extra hour with a worthy effort I had committed to earlier in the week.

I read about a take action project to help with some comfort for Hurricane Sandy victims via Lane's Blog. Seems Erin from My Patchwork Life has decided to TAKE ACTION and make some quilts to send to the devastated East Coast. This is fantastic, and knowing I'd love to do something, but with time always a factor and sewing these days, I thought making a few blocks was doable.

She is asking for SIMPLE disappearing 4 patch blocks, they are a large block version and quick and easy to make! Erin requested florals and a solid or a fabric that reads a solid. Click HERE to see her post about the blocks.

So at 4:30am I decided to cut the blocks and will get them sewn together and off to Erin early this week. One extra hour at that, and what a difference I can make with a few simple blocks. What better way to spend that extra 60 minutes? I certainly feel better about this project than I would cleaning bathrooms during that hour!

Oh...and incase you are wondering what else was going on while I was cutting fabric at the wee early morning hours.....maybe you thought there were games of tag, or fetch with dog toys, or exploring what could be lurking in the back yard by two little dogs....

Not a was RATHER QUIET as these two early risers must have gotten the message that the time had they went back to bed...and decided to get some more shut eye!  Imagine that!!!

If you'd like to help in a small way...stop off and visit Erin and sew a couple of blocks today with that extra hour!!! Big impact....small effort......always heart warming!


  1. Last night, I prayed that my cats would not wake us up too early, and it was 7:30 before they woke us up! PTL! they wake us up between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning wanting to be fed.

  2. Why yes, Greta got us up at 5:30 and she is laying asleep on the floor by my chair...oh wait she just let out a big moan!

  3. That is too funny that the dogs lay over one another! Lula likes to step on whichever of the other two is in her way and I always tell her to watch where she goes. She doesn't get it. lol

  4. Thanks for contributing and for sharing the link. I'm headed down to sew some more blocks myself!

  5. lol-so cute :)
    mine wakes me up too!

  6. LOL you can always count on wienie dogs for kicks and giggles :D. Love your blocks---and those adorable furbabies snoozing. :)

  7. Suzanne you are always the best at helping others with your quilting talents. Thank You! hugs, Linda


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