Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Cowboy

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Here is a couple of cute photos for this weeks Vintage Thingie Thursday!! 

Friday, will be the last post for In The Bag Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge. I will announce the winners of the people's choice and the other prizes that were random draw! That was a fun challenge this summer and so glad so many decided to participate!!

Sometimes, I come across things and don't know a thing about them but somehow decide to purchase them anyway. 

I found this little cowboy a few months back while out on one of my thrifting trips. I don't remember what I paid for him, but it was not much.

He looks a little worse for wear, but maybe because he has been roaming the range fighting off bad g guys for a while.

Here is the back. The back of the shirt says, Made in Japan #4333 ( I believe) It is solid chalk ware or similar material and only stand 2 1/4 inches tall. Shortly after bringing this little guy home, I came across another one very similar. I'll show ya that one next week. I am quiet confident they are very old.

The value? I have no idea...and can not find much about what it could be or if it went with a set or if you happen to recognize this little cow-poke....let me know what ya think!!

Also, the post went up this week about The Secret Santa Swap. The swap closes this week so if you'd like to play along this year, stop by this POST to sign up!

Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. I am always amazed that those tiny chalkware (let alone the larger pieces) have remained whole. I always think of fairings when I think of chalkware. Thanks for hosting.

  2. The little cowboy is so sweet and such adorable collection thingie. Thank you for hosting and having me. Big hugs,

  3. Hello ! I found your blog through Doni at Faith, Grace , Crafts. So happy that I did too, it is lovely. I have just joined in your linky party but had troubles with the pic due to my silly keyboard. The link is still there though.
    Your little chalkware cowboy I do believe could be a cake topper. I have one very similar but it is 'Little Jack Horner' and I bought it years ago on Ebay. I've often wondered the age of mine too. I feel like they are from the 1930's but I am only speculating. Lots of chalkware was produced around this time. I paid only a few dollars for mine and it is in much the same condition as yours.
    Thanks for hosting your party !
    Now I am off to explore your blog !
    Melanie x

    1. Thanks Melanie!! I will have to see what I can find on cake toppers. I fixed the link! Have a great day!!

  4. Your little cowboy is simply adorable. I have a little harmonica I posted this week that goes perfectly with him. :-) I am all linked up. Thanks for hosting my dear!


  5. The little cowboy is better for wear! He is the cutest! I found a couple of old cowboy books awhile back and I was so would think I had a valuable treasure when I walked out with them. Well, they were precious to ME!

  6. Hi Suzanne....Of course you have a 'Cowboy' cake topper (?)...all Texas Gals should have one...about that size anyway! He's really cute and if I'd have seen him for a few bucks I'd have grabbed him, too. Actually I have seen a Cowboy and Cowgirl Cake Topper about that size in an antique shop. Anyway, it's a keeper! Thanks for hosting another VTT. I'm off to visit...stop by CITexas Gal...I posted about aprons with a Link to "Tie One On"'ll want to participate!!!!

  7. Occasionally I find vintage cowboy items and I just have to get them....So cute!!! Thanks for sharing and for hosting the party!!!

  8. I don't know much about that little cowboy except for the fact that he is pretty dang cute!


  9. Hi Suzanne! I am so happy to come visit. I am going to link up with your party, because I found some fun vintage thingies! I am really loving your little cowboy! He is so cute, I think he is really old, too. it reminds me of a little figurine that My husband has, that his dad gave to him when he was a boy. It was old then, too! But his is a black man in overalls eating watermelon. The way they are designed and the stature is very similar! I know nothing about his, but should post and see if anyone does. Anyways, thanks for a fun party. Stop by and see that I got a new puppy I think you will love. His name is Hunter.

  10. Adorable little cowboy! Thanks for hosting Suzanne.

    Susan and Bentley

  11. I've never seen him before, but he sure is cute. Sometimes I think I overlook the cute cowboy stuff because we see so much of it living in Colorado. I hope your Secret Santa goes well! Maybe I can join next year.

  12. I think the lil cowboy is sweet! I am always hoping to find somethign sweet when I go thrifting! Fun !


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