Sunday, June 13, 2010

Evolution of a Cabin Kitchen

We purchased our cabin in the mountains in the fall of 1998. It belonged to a dear friend of ours and we closed on the sale in the fall that year.

Below, are the pictures (and only pictures) I have of the cabin kitchen at the time we purchased it. I had almost forgotten how it originally looked until I found a few snapshots that were in my mother in law's photographs. What memories for me!!

I had forgotten about the red carpet.......I thought about that carpet all winter long....

and knew I'd have to address that in the spring......look at the classic 1950's dinette, I have to say, it was in immaculate shape.

In the spring of 1999, we changed things around a little bit...but not too much. I had a custom dining room table and chairs made from reclaimed fence panels, it fit in the corner perfectly for wonderful morning views from the windows. The carpet was changed, curtains added.....

and at the time, this was the best fix I came up with for hiding the window that was in the wall.....(see first picture again) We did not do too much fancy things, just a little updating!

It worked well......but now, over 10 years later, I was so ready for a change.....say goodbye to the over head cabinets.....the original owners were cabinet crazy....they were in practically every room.

This year, we updated and got rid of the 1970's paneling.....Formica on the walls.....and (almost) all of the brown old appliances.....(you can click photos to make them bigger)

I am loving this new tin back splash.....and can not get over the difference it makes.

The little alcove is sheet rocked with a custom built cabinet and counter by our wonderful handyman....Matt.

And the outdoor window is now a thing of the past....just a Sheetrock wall one would ever know there was a window there at one time.

Next year, I'll replace the sink.....there was just not enough time in this trip this spring to finish all the details.

Here is the cabinet I mentioned above. I'll have a post on this later was really a great addition to the kitchen.

The blue stained pine really lightens up the whole room, gives a rustic warm feel and I am really loving it......later this week, I'll show you how the master bedroom turned day soon, we will go visit our place in the mountains and hopefully get to enjoy the fruits of our labor....hopefully!

I am glad I found these few snapshots from the way it originally looked, it is fun to look back and see the changes as they take place.....if you forget to take pictures before you start a remodel or changes in a room, that needs to change. Take a minute, grab your camera and start snapping a few will be glad you did. Because if your like for me, you will enjoy seeing the evolution of change right before you eyes....even if it took several years to be finished.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! What a transformation. I love the tin also.

  2. Wow. How fun! Looks amazing. Love the red cabinet.

  3. If any one would like work done or custom rustic or antique style furniture let me know, contact Colorado Lady for my contact info
    -Matt M

  4. I love the new look. I am always amazed at the difference removing that 70's paneling makes in a room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I loved seeing your remodel, Suzanne! What a fun place! You really did change the whole feel of it, and I know you must really be enjoying the fruits of your labor! :-) Neat!

    I never take pictures of our remodels because I always think I don't want to remember how bad things were before we started. Years ago, we redid one house that was about to be hit with a wrecking ball (we saved it because it had some historic significance, and then we sold it), and a newspaper chronicled the story. But I do think that's the only time I've done that. And I do regret it because it's nice to see how far you've come with a place. Glad you shared yours with us! Thanks...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Wow what a difference. I love your new look!


  7. looking good. hope you can spend many enjoyable days at the cabin this summer

  8. Hi Suzanne!

    Wow! You can tell you guys put some work into the cabin! It looks great!

  9. I have seen the before, and I am really impressed with your ideas and the job you did on the after. I love it and hope someday to see it. One thing for sure your repeat customers will get a nice surprise upon arrival.

  10. Suzanne..what a WONDERFUL transformation! Your pictures are a great testiment to the work involved!

    Enjoy your cabin kitchen :)


  11. I enjoyed your make-over pictures, Suzanne. This could sure qualify for a Blue Monday post!

  12. Well done on the makeover! Happy Blue Monday <3

  13. How fun this must be to take a cabin that had such good memories for you and slowly make it your own.
    Very nice job...

  14. Hi Suzanne! Oh, I love the makeover of the kitchen! The pine boards on the wall looks so nice!
    Thank you for your sweet visit!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Suzanne it's so much fun to see this makeover. I'm glad you found the old pictures. I love the tin too, and the pine looks just lovely. What a great mountain retreat you have!

  16. What an awesome make over! I love how all your changes really lightened up the kitchen. :)

  17. Love your Log cabin. My husbands Grandparents had one, and I adore that rustic warm feeling. Great transformation.

  18. Hi Suzanne,
    thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love your doxie doggies - what darlings they are. How neat to have a cabin! I'm drooling over it. Hope you're having a great Blue Monday.

  19. It is much brighter after the renovation, and beautiful too.

  20. Wonderful, you've really lightened the whole place up...
    That is one of the things about holiday cabins....sometimes you spend so much of your time there remodelling and maintaining.
    Hope you enjoy your times there.
    Hugs and Blessings, Jan

  21. It's absolutely beautiful. Lots of hard work and I love it!

  22. That looks REALLY nice! Hope you had a great Blue Monday :)

  23. Howdy! Thanks for stopping by my post earlier today. The bluebonnets just sprung up. I have harvested the seeds. We'll see how well I do at growing them next year! :) Aren't you glad you have those before photos?! I had to go back to the first photo 2 times b/c I missed the window you were speaking of ... I kept thinking, no, it's still there (the one behind the fridge). Got it. (I'm tired and kind of punchy I guess). Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Thanks, Jenn

  24. Wow what an awesome post Sweetie.. I do believe I am lovin this newest version of the Kitchen myself...I also love that you took a few moments to leave me a note this morning..THANKS OOOOOodles and give Bailey Sophie and Dora the pups a HUG from me too won't you...
    Blessings and Hugs from Dena in Iowa

  25. I am loving the new look. It looks much brighter and happier..Christine

  26. How simply fabulous! I love it all! How lucky you are to have a vacation home! :) Thanks for coming and visiting me today with my preemies! (They are now 9 yr old)
    Beth Ann

  27. Suzanne, thanks for sharing this interesting post. It's all fabulous. How wonderful to have this cabin!


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