Monday, July 12, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday: Lead The Way And I Will Follow~Maybe!

Some people are just born leaders. It is in their genes, their makeup, their personality. These types of people seem to be one step ahead of the game all the time and never look over their shoulders for approval by anyone. I wish I could say I fall into that category, but I indeed do not. Frankly, I don't seem to ever remember a time that I might have even tried to take on that role for myself.

I remember as a kid in grade school, I always copied what my good friends did, wore and liked. Made no difference whether I really liked it or not, if they did it, I wanted to too. I can remember one friend in particular, she had a lavender room with a canopy bed and Holly Hobbies decoupaged onto little plaques in her room. I wanted the same thing. Did I like Lavender? No, I can guarantee you I did not. And was I a fan of Holly Hobby? Absolutely not. But for some reason, I wanted to be just like her, have the same things even if I would have never picked them for myself. I sometimes wonder if it was the well put together room, where everything matched that I was drawn too, not the actual decor. Even as a kid, I guess my taste has always been eclectic, whether by choice or the fact that it was just the way it was.

Middle school years were no different. And I am guessing out of all my school years, those were the hardest. The hardest to fit in and be like everyone else. Fashions were such that it was a constant argument with my mom over what I was and was not going to wear. I remember when hiphuggers and bell bottoms made by Red Snap were all the rage. They sold them at Army Navy stores and Mitchell's and Meyers department stores in our town. I never had a pair.....Oh, I did have a pair of hiphuggers, but my grandma bought them for me one summer when I broke my leg and stayed at her house, but they were not Red Snaps. However, I wore those darn pants a solid week and don't think I ever washed them during that time. But I am sure, I never was allowed to wear them to school. If I remember correctly, my mom used to tell me I did not have to be like everyone else, I could start a new fad.....little did she know, I just did not have it in me!

High School, was much the same.....never the leader. My best friends always were the ones who I modeled myself after. Whether it was from fashion, hair styles, or beauty products to use, or entertainment, I always followed their lead. I never branched out on my own. I never even considered to take the lead. I was content to follow behind their ideas. I think now it was a lack of courage on my part. Afraid of not fitting in, or afraid of making a fool out of myself. Either one at that age would have been disastrous.

Funny, I have not thought about that much until today when I hung up the phone from talking to my dear friend from high school. Lots of memories came flooding back along with thoughts of how very much things are still the same after all of this time. No matter if such things are directly or indirectly related....I still seem to be the one who lacks courage to take the bull by the horns and do something first. I wonder if that is why I have considered myself lacking in fashion and style during my adult life, as these said friends were not in my life for me to model myself after?? Interesting....when I stop and think about it!

This season in our lives are much the same for my friend and myself. We suffer from the same type of health issues. The only difference is, she is proactive with hers, and well, I struggle with mine and do nothing. Lack of courage is a sad thing.

Tuesday morning, my friend is scheduled for surgery and that surgery will enhance the quality of life greatly for my sweet friend. Please keep her in your thought and prayers this morning as she marches into that operating room looking at better days to come and not looking back. What an admirable trait she has, still a leader after all these years. And then here I sit, waiting to survey the fallout to see if the fields are safe to travel down the same road for myself.

When I hung up the phone today, that is what echoed in my mind...."after all these years, I still don't have it in me to lead the way"... but.....I told myself...."maybe not, but I am the best darn follower you will ever see!"

Thanks for joining me for this Take Me Back Tuesday, and I'm wishing my sweet friend to have a speedy recover in the weeks to come! I may not be on the cutting edge of starting a new trend, or even doing the simplest things as schedule a needed surgery first.....but I wait patiently really well and hold hands even better! And if I think about it, I have had this same personality trait that surfaced and stayed with me, way back when......


  1. I do not agree. You may not be a leader of fashion and fad but, you are a leader by your actions and words! You inspire me to do better. I love reading your posts every week. To do this and work a "real" job and to sew and to cook and nurture your much more leadership do you need? Love you!

  2. I am posting your Thursday button and hoping I can join the fun! You are a leader in my book! Prayers coming your friends way! Hugs Anne

  3. Praying for your sweet friend to have a successful surgery and a speedy recover. If you are a good hand holder, I am sure that will help. Hang in there. Your friend must be amazing!

  4. Here are two things I always say: You can't have a mountain without a valley and.... you can't have a leader without followers.
    We all have a perfect purpose in the great scheme of things---you're doing just fine.
    Your friend is in my prayers.

  5. Coloradolady - did you not know that the follower is always there to pick the leader up if they should stumble?? I'd say your friend is in mighty good hands with you around. Praying for a great day tomorrow and a speedy recovery! P.S. I am a follower too, always have been.

  6. IF you had been a leader who would your friends have been? If your friends hadn't had you to follow them...where would they have led? Maybe knowing you were right behind them gave them the strength to were and sounds like you still are the wind beneath their wings...sending prayers to your friend and I am glad she has you!!!! hugs

  7. I'll certainly keep her in my prayers.
    I have always been a leader... and my friends have always been more followers. Friendships just work that way. However, I do think you lead in some ways. I can see that through your blog. I don't lead in all ways in my life either. For example, I can lead a classroom no problem... but my husband leads my household. I am very much a leader with one of my friends, but with many of my friends I am also a follower. I don't know. I guess I just switch roles depending on the place/time/other people.

  8. Praying for your friend now. Your gifts are yours, so they are different. I tell my daughter all the time the world needs more people who care about others and who will actually take care of them. Hugs♥olive

  9. It is interesting to see you writing of all people. I see you as so much of a leader. A take charge person who jumps in where she is needed and gets things done. Sometimes I think we don't see the good in ourselves as others see us. My dear sister-in-law says that in life there are directors and back-stage people and we should work where we are most comfortable. I have known "directors" who come up with ideas and then wait for others to implement them. Then there are the "back-stage" people who just jump in and do. You are so creative and so talented in so many areas....who cares where the ideas come the end, it is YOU who creates the finished product. I would much rather be the one who creates than the one who has the oritinal idea. I will be praying for your friend.

  10. To me the most important characteristic is a loving heart. You my friend have a kind heart and that makes you a leader in my book!!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Oh, Suzanne, I know exactly what you mean. I have found myself in (most~uncomfortable for me)leadership roles so many times that I have given myself the title of "The Reluctant Leader." I, too, am a born follower, but that sometimes leads me to very sweet rewards, just like today. I followed you from the sweet comment you left on my blog back to your home here. And, as you can see, I have become your newest blog "follower". You were the leader today! It's so nice to meet you.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  12. Suzanne, I certainly hope your friend does fine with her surgery and that is 100% successful!

    Now, as to your post, you do realize that some leaders will lead a people right off a cliff, don't you? There is no great magic in being a leader if they are lacking in vision and goodness. Truth is most people are followers, and they have the hardest job of all--picking the right leader to follow.

  13. You are more of a leader than you know.

  14. One thing I do know, you are a doer. Sometimes, you try doing too much.

  15. I was not a leader in high school, but I managed to put my own spin on things. When you stop being an exact copy, you learn who your true friends are.
    In the blogging world I am learning by following and that is not a bad thing. So much I would miss if I did not follow.
    Wishing your friend the best with surgery and as little pain as possible with recovery. There must always be some discomfort with change.
    Somewhere down the road, when you have done your research and answered your questions, you will make the decision that is proper for you.

    (I am struggling with a decision on my own right now.)


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