Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secret Santa Soriee UPDATED Post with Pictures

 Here are the updated photos for what I sent my Secret Santa.....this time no eggnog was involved!!!! Merry Christmas Secret Santa!!!!

It is that time of year again, and time for shopping for my secret Santa. I participated again this year in this swap hosted by Decisionally Challenged Blog. It is really great fun...this year, there seemed to be a bit of a mishap, and here is the story told by Toby the Penguin. I hope my blogging friends don't think too badly of me after they read this very exaggerated story.

Hi, I'm Toby, and I am the first gift Coloradolady purchased for her Secret Santa. So I have been around for all of the excitement. Oh, the shopping part was so much fun, we had a grand time, and I was even impressed Coloradolady took some of my advice on the gifts.

However, there was a bit of a mishap when we went to have a photo shoot of the loot. See, that was part of the rules, Coloradolady had to take photos of what she was gifting to her Secret Santa....its all about the giving after all...not the receiving, so that is the focus this year.

Anyway, it was time to take the pictures and wrap. So Coloradolady was watching White Christmas and getting all in the wrapping mood, when she remembered on a whim, she purchased some eggnog as she wanted to try it because she had never had it in her entire life. I warned her not to do it, but she waved me off and said it was the holidays....and guess what?? She liked the eggnog a little too much......spiked eggnog????? We did not break the rules, we did take the photos.....but Coloradolady also had a bit too much eggnog.......anyway, here are the gifts for Coloradolady's Secret Santa partner. And I  am not sorry to say, that at least the photos of myself were not too bad!!
Her swap partner stated she liked things with her we found something that was really cute.

 This is more like secret santa got a journal, and initial note cards. The heart necklace was wrapped as a Birthday surprise since her birthday is Sat. (I made the necklace)

Her swap partner also stated she liked girly things...well, that was not hard to find a few girly things to send.

 This photo is for the next mishap photo too, since my secret santa liked girly things, she got nail polish, emery boards, raisers and lip stick. Hope the shades were right.

Some things have a bit of pink in them....hopefully that will be OK...but they are girly.

Coloradolady's secret santa partner had lots of choices on her list.....and we found exactly some of the things she added to the list. Is that funnel not the cutest thing???

 My secret santa said she loved Kors by Michael Kors and could not find it...well, I had a heck of a time, but the internet was my friend. I found these vials of the perfume and it came with a spray bottle and little funnel. I sure hope this put a smile on her face.

Her partner also collected a few things.....we found a twist on one of the collections.

 I found these barn star ornaments and thought they were perfect for my friend.....I think they are so cute. And she did state she liked barn stars.

My idea was everyone needs a little comfort for the long cold months is perfect for that.

 And because my secret santa lives where it is cold all winter and she might need to snuggle and treat herself to a little relaxation, I made her this afghan to snuggle with on  a long winters day. The door holder is jingle bells that will let her know when and if her kids are trying to sneak out!!!

We shopped and shopped, and Colorado even made a few things for her partner.....on a girly sorta way.

(this photo is of the necklace above)

Her friend said her favorite color was I argued she did not say lime green, but Colorado again waved me off.....I promise this was all a result of too much eggnog and Christmas  cheer. I am insisting on a new photo shoot, so check back this week for a do-over!! 

 And because my partner has wiener dogs like myself....we could not forget them...Toby loved snoopy right away, so we sent this toy!! Merry Christmas secret friend!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to my swap partner, don't pay too much attention to what Toby had to say, I think this penguin is exaggerating what really happened.....but I will attempt a do-over and rectify this little mishap on my post today later this week.


  1. Very cute post, Suzanne. I can hardly wait til you can focus that camera with a steady hand and we can all see what your SS partner got!! lol-Pat

  2. I am laughing so hard.....I can say one thing, you and the Penguin must have had a grand time. Can not wait to see the re-do!!

  3. lolololol!!!! I happen to know for fact your SSS partner will love whatever she gets=)

  4. When I am done crying I will be back with a PROPER Thank You!!!! You were sooooo very generous OMGosh...THANK YOU THANK YOU....tears....

  5. Love how you used the penguin to tell your story. What lovely gifts you sent! Blessings

  6. again Thank YOU Suzanne...I have officially passed the torch on to you on my blog post today....♥you

  7. Hi Suzanne,

    I'm just popping in to wish you a Blessed Christmas, my good blogging friend!


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