Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday: Week Two

Welcome to Tell Me Tuesday.....First off the title is a bit deceiving.....it really is not about you telling me anything.... but answering a question truthfully and maybe telling yourself a little something you had not thought about.

I'd love for you to join me each week, and copy the question onto your blog and answer the question....and link back here. I am sure it will be interesting how there will be many different answers to the same question.....and hopefully give each of us something to think about as this new year progresses. My thought is so many people (including myself) are looking for some answers to various things. I have a feeling that the answers are inside needing to be jiggled loose and maybe a question posed a certain way will have a cause and effect in a good way. We will see how it goes! I have committed to this once a week for the whole year of 2012. I'd love for you to take the challenge with me!

I am keeping the rules simple...I'd love to watch this grow as the year goes on.

1. Grab the button on the sidebar if you like so others can find this new writing experience each week.

2. Once you link in, visit the person who linked in before you and leave them a comment. It would be great to visit and leave comments for as many as you can. But at least try and leave the person ahead of you in the link a comment of support.

3. Please link back to my blog and mention Tell Me Tuesday somewhere in your POST. That is it....easy.

Most of all, look at this writing experience with an open mind. Sometimes the questions will be hard...and require some thought. That is a good thing. Other times it will be easy. ( This week...I think is easy....but I can not promise that each week ) You can add photos, or whatever you like to your post. It is about you after all. ~ Thanks for joining me.....I hope you enjoy this each week.

Week Two Question:

What is one thing you remember saying when you were young that as an adult you would do no matter what? Did you do it or is it still a dream?

The one thing I remember always saying I'd do when I got older was to go New York for New Year's Eve and ring in the new year in style in Times Square. I remember always watching the ball drop on television and secretly wishing I'd be there one day to experience all the magic that seemed to be electrifying in those moments.

Funny, I had not thought about that until I read this weeks question and had to think on it a minute to answer truthfully. That one thing always held such a fascination for me at a young age. For many years, at least for one night each year I was obsessed with having that experience and looked forward to doing so.

In all of my nearly 50 years, I have never once had the opportunity to experience new years eve in the streets of New York. The magic in the hustle and bustle and celebrating in Times Square has somehow lost all the shine and fascination it once held for me. I really don't think if the opportunity presented itself today, I'd be jumping at the chance to go and experience that. 

It's not that we ever do anything monumental on New Years eve, because most times than not we are asleep long before the new year shows itself at midnight. I guess somewhere along the way the peace and quiet of the predictable has allowed me to settle into the  acceptance that change along with age has diffused a lot of "Must-do's" of long ago.

I wonder about the loss of appeal that things like this once held. I wonder if it is actually the fact that my desires and dreams changed or that fact that somewhere along the way, I settled for not quiet following my dreams?


  1. Interesting question...well, I remember saying when I grew up I would eat ALL the freshly cut tomatoes I wanted ( they were scarce and expensive for us and the whole family shared 1 tomato for dinner salad) and I would also make a whole batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and eat it raw, by myself.I have eaten all the tomatoes I wanted, we grew them, so delicious! I have no desire to eat as much cookie dough as I thought I would when I grew up, so have not, will not.

    I also used to desire a trip to Africa, but that dream holds no appeal for me now. Some things we just outgrow, or get sense enough to see them for what they were, child-hood desires, appealing only to children. The one dream I had and have realized is becoming a wife, mother , and grandmother. Happy, happy, happy dream realized!

  2. I think Times Square has lost a lot of its charm because Pop Culture has taken over it. Much like the Macy's thanksgiving day parade. It is now full of corporate plugs and advertising. Also has some very questionable performers.

  3. I'm on a different wave length this week - maybe next week I'll join the party. There's still a lot of things I've yet to accomplish - but today I'm reading and cleaning house.

  4. Suzanne I linked up my dream that hasn't been fulfilled yet and might never be but it's fun to still have a dream. I think NY at New Years Eve use to look romantic to me also, now at 61 the crowds make me think staying home in my warm jammies is just perfect. Hugs, Linda

  5. Sweetie, this was a wonderful read. What a grand idea!!!

    God bless ya and have a stupendous day!!!

  6. That little picture you have of the two kids on the Tell It Tuesday , well I have that old picture my Grandmother had it , it's German and say somrthing like
    der is no kris kringle all in German
    It is an advertising picture for some insurance company


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