Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: A Wienerful Gift!

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About a week or so ago, my very sweet friend Patti left a package for me on my front porch. I was not home at the time she stopped by, but I certainly had a sweet find when I returned home.

My friend had gone to an estate sale and found this adorable vintage dachshund salt and pepper set. Is this not the sweetest?? It really brought a smile to my heart!

I love how this looks like my Sophie.....I have seen these before online and they are always going for more than what I want to pay with shipping.....these will have a very good home.

One of the neat things is these still had the original cork stoppers. I so often find cute salt and pepper shakers but the stoppers are missing.

Here is the mark on the bottom...made in Japan, I don't recall the symbol above the letters, maybe someone out there is familiar with that.

And....if you are a doxie fanatic like myself, you might enjoy this video of this couple's dachshund item(s) collection. there are many vintage pieces there, and things from all over the world that I may never find was informative and very neat to see.

I did manage to spot a couple of things that I do have in my own collection....made me feel a bit better!!! If you want to view it, just click the video!!

Thanks for all the emails about my Tuesday post and your concern for me....I really am fine.....just adjusting to many changes that I really did not care to make or really do not want to adjust to or with.....guess you could say it is a good dose of reality and life......this too shall just will take a bit of time.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. What a very sweet friend to think of you and what you love. How great they have stoppers so you can actually use them. First time I've ever been first I think.Hope your back in the groove soon.

  2. HVTT!! Thanks for hosting again :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  3. I have doxies and I love collecting doxie stuff too! :)

  4. I'm joining your party for the first time. I'm sure it won't be the last. I look forward to checking out the other links. Thanks for hosting.

  5. That is the cutest S&P! I love that they still have their original cork! Glad you are doing OK! Hugs, Linda

  6. How adorable is that! Perfect salt and pepper shakers for you...what a nice thing to find on your front porch!

  7. This what I tell my Dad and what I tell myself when things change.. This my new reality. I don't have to like it but I have to learn how to live with it.

    Thanks for hosting. I am always glad when I have something to share.

  8. Thanks for hosting Suzanne! Love your sweet doggies S & P's! Will come back tomorrow and visit the links, got some computer issues right now. Thanks, Pam

  9. Love your new little daxi s/p. Thanks for hosting. I was glad I could join in this week.

  10. Thanks for hosting. We've got a small dog we call 'Buddy' and a great little friend he is too. Thanks for hosting.

  11. Happy to see you here and "That is the CUTEST SALT&PEPPER EVER"!!!
    Have a FUN WEEK and relax...
    Big Hugs to you,

  12. Such a clever idea! That doggie is double cute!

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful link party!

  13. Happy VTT Suzanne! I adore those sweet salt & pepper shakers, what a sweet thing for your friend to do! I'm sorry you are going through some tough times right now and pray things will get better soon. I'm going to be going through some changes here shortly myself, we just got word they are sending hubby to the opposite coast for 2 months! Have a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day, xoxo NAN

  14. So cute! That is indeed a wienerful gift, what a sweet gift and friend!

    Happy VTT!

  15. Love all those dashchund itens, Suzanne. Soooo cute!...Christine

  16. That's so cool. What a great find =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  17. Hey glad things are better and VTT is here today. What a special gift of the S&P Wieners. Those of us who are DoxieGals have a special place in our hearts and collections for all things dashchunds. My Chi-wienner's name is Dolly, and she is a doll. How's your quilt project going? I still want to quilt it for you! I received a lovely letter from Shannon's family, and the Quilts are still up on my Blog for anyone wanting to see them. Link on the Sidebar. Take care and thanks for hosting VTT.

  18. How cute, and what a thoughtful friend! Thanks for hosting

    The French Hutch

  19. Hi lovely lady.
    How sweet and adorable is that! Your salt and pepper shakers are Perfect. Thanks so much for hosting your linky party to night. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
    XXOO Diane

  20. What an adorable Salt and Pepper set. I've never seen one like that before. A great contribution to your collection :-)

    Jocelyn @

  21. Hi Suzanne! I saw some rescue doxies on the news and thought of you! They were cute. Until my knee started giving me a fit I would walk at the middle school track and listen to a little long hair fellow chase me by his fence! I always think of you! :)
    These treasures are so cute and your friend was so sweet to give you that s/p set! I just love it! Take care and hope your weekend is wonderful. I am trying to catch p with everyone! :)

  22. FYI - hard to tell from the picture, but I am 90% sure that is the mark for UCAGCO.


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