Friday, November 16, 2012

Secret Santa Swap Partners Complete....Check Your Email!!!

I know you are all excited to find out who you will be buying gifts for! As soon as I post this, I am sending all the emails out. Swap assignments have been made.....very high tech I might add....drawn from a Pyrex bowl! I will not change swap partners. Please enjoy getting to know someone who may be totally different from yourself. As I tried very hard to not make a mistake, there is that possibility one could be made, if you find anything not matching, as in the name of your partner verses the name on their blog...let me know at once. Like I said, I checked and double I think I have it right!

** Please be sure to respond to the email with your partners info in it, I need to know for sure you got your email. If you don't see your email in your inbox...check your spam folder. If you don't have it, email me at once!!

***If you have any questions about your swap partners likes, email ME, not your partner...remember they want to be surprised!! I will contact them and ask your questions and let you know, give me a day or two, but I will respond as quick as I can.

**** watch shipping deadline, it will be here quick, be sure to send with delivery confirmation and email me the number once you ship.

Above all....have a good time!!!! I know you will!!


  1. Good morning Suzanne, I am trying to catch up with my blogging friends that I have not been in touch with. This year has been way too busy and blog visits have been a challenge.

    Your swap party will be fun. I know the bloggers who participate will enjoy the gift surprises.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Time for the fun to begin. This is so much fun and I'm glad to be back for the second time this year! Thanks so much!♥♫

  3. I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting the SSS, Suzanne! It's a lot of work and you are so wonderful in hosting and facilitating the gift of each other to all of us!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne. I hope that you and your family enjoy the day x


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