Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yard Sale Saturday: Bonnie Hunter Yard Sale

It is the first Saturday of the month and you know what that means...Yard Sale Saturday!!!
 I am hosting Yard Sale Saturday again this month. Bonnie Started this last year and I am still filling in for a little while. The rules are easy, if you have anything quilting related, it may be fabric, scraps, tools, books and patterns or machines, feel free to link up here and display your goodies and maybe sell a few things. Do you have any unwanted quilt blocks, or vintage quilts just sitting around, how about listing them here and making a little cash?? Just remember these prices need to not be retail...yard sale prices!

Remember, each seller sets their own requirements, some use etsy, some use email contacts and paypal. Be sure to read each one in the links below, each one will or may be different.

I myself am working on Saturdays for a while, so I list all of my stuff in my etsy shop.

*** By clicking on the price under the pictures, it will take you to my etsy listing for that item. More descriptions of the fabrics are on that specific listing, sorry more information is not in this post, but I was running short on time and had to get to I could go to work... :-(   

 All my items will ship once paid on Monday.

Clovers - $3.00     Birds - $10.00     Asian fabric  $ 4.00    Hexagon  $ 4.00 

Green  $ 16.00      Zinnia fabric   $3.00      Sunflower  $ 2.50        Brown/Orange  6.50

Dog print  $ 3.00   Brown stripe  $ 7.00      Castle Peeps  $4.50       Purple Floral   $4.00

Stars - $ 4.50        Vintage Blue    $9.50        Floral   $ 8.00       Green  $ 4.75

Vintage stripe  $ 8.00            Fabric Bundles $ 10.00 & $10.00       Men shirt bundles $ 42.00

Bali Pops  $ 23.50

cream  $ 4.00                Tea $ 7.50            Pink Floral $ 3.00

Have fun shopping, and looking around. Please link in below with the link to your post, not your whole blog, that way others can shop at their leisure and the link will take them to your post with your items for sale!! Happy Yard Sale Day!!

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