Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Pot Holders - A Shopping Frenzie!!

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I'm LATE.....I know.....please forgive me!! I have a very good reason for being late however! One of my friends called last night and asked if I wanted to go to an estate sale BEFORE the estate sale. SQUEEE.......are you kidding!! So....I am late getting home this evening. The sale is not until Friday, and I seriously think I may have to run back over there tomorrow evening. 

Have you seen the after Christmas commercials for the after Christmas sales?......the frantic ladies.....running from one direction to another.....brain on overload at all the great stuff......piles in your hands and arms, then those turn into piles on the floor.......trying not to miss a thing......well, that was me!! I had a car load when I left....and the worst part of this story was my husband was home when I pulled up. ahem.......well.....we will just stop that fun story right there and not talk about when I got home!

I took a quick snap of these cute vintage pot holders, they have not been soaked or cleaned up, but they will be good as new when I am done with them. The lady was a quilter, embroiderer, and her house was full...WAS is the key word here, I brought much of what they had home with me. I left the quilts, but I don't think I can get one of them out of my mind. ALL HAND DONE...and NEVER used....and only $60.00. A Steal....I think I am going back for one of them tomorrow.

Don't you think these are the cutest things? Can't wait to go through all my boxes, some of it will be listed in my etsy shop, but lots of it will be for me. Oh...and did I mention I bought a sewing machine??? Yea....that one was a little hard to explain....poor Steve just went to bed.......I'm not so sure he was happy.

I have always wondered why when I stand in line for over an hour to be the first inside an estate sale, I never find the things I found tonight....I think I have my answer. Friends of friends get to have first shopping rights and get all the good stuff. I hate to think what was already sold today before I got there as I heard the guy talking about a truck load that left early afternoon. Nonetheless, I can not be too greedy.....I hit the mother load and I am super happy about that!! The lady had two sons, and the daughter in laws did not want a thing. I'd love to send them a thank you card! 

Special thanks to my friend Joy, for calling was the most fun in a short hour I have had in weeks!

 Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday.


  1. Lucky you! I am sure you got some awesome stuff!


  2. I am glad you had a friend that made this possible. I have never had that privilege. I can image what Steve's reaction was. He will be okay when you start turning your goodies into cash.

  3. You have such a good eye. I needed you to go with me to help me 'see' what was there. I love the quilt I bought (I have visions of picnics and reading stories to grandbabies), enjoy your haul.

  4. That was a dream of an estate sale - getting to shop before the public. Thanks for hosting.

  5. Thanks for hosting Suzanne. I loved hearing about your chance to shop before the sale started. A dream. Love the pot holders.

  6. Just loving your story...I got excited just reading about it! :)

    Such cute potholders, can't wait to see your other goodies. Yes, go back for that quilt!

    Thanks for hosting Suzanne.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful place! Bet you had a ball! Love the potholders. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Lucky you glad you had such a good time.
    Thanks for the party.

  9. Those pot holders are too cute, I just love things like that!

  10. Adorable pot holders! I have a love for them, I don't know why, but I find myself always buying them! Thank you so much for the party this week sweet lady.

  11. Your auction experience sounds exhilarating - hope you got the quilt you were thinking about! Thank you as always for hosting such a wonderful link-up!

  12. Beautiful potholders! I keep forgetting that I can join you! Have a great week!

  13. Beautiful potholders! I keep forgetting I can join you! Have a great week...Blessings My Friend,


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