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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Wall Art Using Vintage Doilies and Vintage Buttons

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I have posted this week about some of the projects I have been working on for my daughter.  While putting together some wall art for her, I looked and looked for feminine things that was not too overpowering on the walls. I came across this photo on Pinterest. The original link is here.

I decided that surely, I could figure out how to do this myself. I knew I had doilies in all of my collections....the only question was, where??? I looked and looked and as luck would have it, I could not find a single one of the crochet doilies I KNOW I have. I had to visit a couple of thrift stores and a favorite antique store. I know I would be able to locate what I needed and thank goodness, I was able to find them quickly.

Here is a glimpse of my version of the original design I found on Pinterest. If I do say so myself, I simply adore this and absolutely love how it turned out. My daughter loves it too and it is perfect for her new decor in her bedroom.

So if you have a stack, drawer full, closet full of these, get them out and use them. Add them to wall art, pillows, frames, lamp shades....just get them out and use them.

Here is how I did this project.

I found a large piece of wood in our shed. I wanted this to be a large piece to fit over a king size bed. My board measured roughly 4 ft. by 3 ft. and it fits wonderfully over her king size bed.

I very lightly sanded the edges of the board. I then added a couple of coats of the same chalk paint I used when I painted the headboard. I used the darker of the gray paints to paint the board. I let it dry overnight.

I washed the doilies, and pressed the wrinkles out of them and pressed them as flat as they would go.

After laying plastic down on my work surface, the fun part began. I started by laying out the design of the doilies on the board. Once I had the design I liked, I adhered the doilies to the board. I used my Loctite Spray Adhesive for doing that.

I started at one corner, spraying the board and pressing the doilies, one by one down onto the board. This took a little bit of time, but go slow, it works very well. I ran the edges off of the board and did not put any adhesive on the edges. Once the front dried and set up after about 48 hours, I flipped the whole thing over and using a hot glue gun, glued the edges of all the doilies to the back of the board.

I am going to be honest here. I tried, and tried to make flowers like in the original photo off of Pinterest. Mine looked horrible, like big old globs of fabric. I was really frustrated with myself, but gave up after several attempts.  So I had to resort to the fabric flowers I have made before. I just made smaller ones and then used some small doilies to shape and stitch so they looked like flowers. The flowers and buttons were attached using hot glue. They stuck very well with no problems to the doilies.

I added vintage buttons for the centers of the flowers and as embellishments around the flower designs. This really turned out better than I could have hoped for. It is super feminine and looks amazing.

I think this is a super way to get what you love out of storage and use them in everyday things where you can enjoy them.

Here is one last look, in this picture, it gives you a better idea on the scale of this wall art. It is big, but that is what makes a statement when you walk into the room. (you can click any of the photos for a more close up look at this project)

I hope you have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday!! I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on how I made this for my daughter. It was easy, and fun and the final product is just fantastic!! What do you think? Do you love doilies as much as I do?? Don't be afraid to use them, just enjoy them!


  1. You know what? I think I like yours the best! Thanks for hosting!


  2. I think it looks beautiful. Your daughter is a lucky girl. I was just thinking what a great idea for those doilies that might have a hole or other damage. You could easily cover up the damaged parts. I won't pass up damaged ones any more if they are cheap. Thanks for hosting and congrats on a great project!

    1. yes, this is perfect for fact there are some in this that had imperfections, but you would never know it!

  3. how lovely,it turned out so nice. Pinterest is such a terrific source of inspiration

  4. This is a fabulous idea and your own creation is just stunning!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. oh gosh I really like your wall art you did a good job by adding the buttons it looks wonderful

  6. Awesome job!! What a great project!
    The black and white goes with the room, adds a feminine touch but yet to a man, these doilies could actually looks like medallions or spirograph type designs. Of course we women know better. ;)

  7. Have no idea where you got all your talent, creative mind, as I am not familiar with anyone(in the family). You were born with a God given talent. The best at these sort of things. I have LOTS of vintage linens, but I do use them throughout the house. You are spoiling Alisha. Job well done.

  8. Your doily wallhanging is sooooo pretty! Love the addition of the buttons.

  9. I like yours better! What a great idea...I know I have doilies in my house, too. So now I have to find them as I have put myself on restrictions about bringing anything IN the house!♥♫

  10. Oh, Suzanne! This is just gorgeous! I've never seen anything like this before and it is a great way to preserve doilies too. Personally, I like your piece better than your inspiration. Your flowers are much prettier too. You're something else! Thanks for popping in to see my little cow creamers and yes, just hop in your car and go get you some!;)
    Be a sweetie,

  11. And this is one of the beautiful arts I have ever seen! My aunt loves vintage buttons and she’s collecting it for years. The room is quite cozy most specially the bed. Brilliant!

    Sebastian of
    Factory Direct Gazebo

  12. Holy cow! That's beautiful! I'm totally pinning this and making one! Just gorgeous.

  13. Sweet vintage wall art:)))Kiss from Serbia,

  14. Stunning! What a brilliant idea. I have seen the Pinterest one but I like yours better!

  15. Thank you for posting this. My daughter asked me to make this for her as a wedding gift, thankfully I have 18 months to create it!! I make doilies so I will use ones that I have made over the years and also make new ones. Also, I may add in some old vintage jewelry that was my grandmothers and great grandmothers, they are just sitting in the jewelry box. :))) Thank you and wish me luck!!

  16. Thank you for posting. My daughter saw this and requested that I make this for her as my wedding gift to her. I have 18 months in which to get this finished and will incorporate my old doilies that I have made and new ones. Plus, instead of all buttons I am going to use some vintage jewelry from my grandmother and great grandmother.

  17. Wow! I have a bag a my mother-in-law's doilies that she was throwing out. This is beautiful!

  18. Found you via a link on Facebook. We crazy quilters have tons of doilies like this and you have given me a great inspiration...thanks!

  19. Thank you for this posting. I now know what to do with all of my beautiful handmade grandma's dollies I inherited!!

  20. When I saw your post, I thought wow I want to do something like this. What a great idea.

  21. It is absolutely beautiful. How do you manage to keep it clean and dust free though?

  22. My Mom passed away 8 months ago. She loved making doilies. I received many of her beautiful creations. I also received a few old doilies that my Grandmother from Germany made when my Mom was a child. I'm so excited to start this project. I'm planning to buy the stuff this weekend. Thanks so much for posting this project.

  23. It's beautiful!I am going to try it for my daughter's room as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Thanks for sharing tutorial as well. I am also searching for some wall arts to placing in my daughters room. I think it's simple and easy idea. Nice sharing!!!

  25. Hi just discovered your blog through Pinterest. Beautiful project idea. Love those fabric flowers. Very shabby chic. I also noticed your birthdate. I was born on 21st March too except I was born in 1983!

  26. I was looking for inspiration and how to attach the doilies, and got that from you. Thank you💓

  27. I love it, but how do u keep it dust free?

  28. My mother passed a couple years ago and I inherited everything from my great grandmother's doilies to medical equipment. I donated most, but there was something about the doilies. Now I can make ALL family members a keepsake from the past generations to the future. Thank you so much.


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