Sunday, December 6, 2015

In Four Days.......

It is often the little things that seem to have a lasting impression at times. Sunday is today and in the midst of packing, my mind wondered back through the years of the things that made this little house a special home in a special place.

In doing that, I remembered one of the most special things that makes living here so amazing. My thoughts went to the St. Rita Catholic Church and its bell tower. For years, every single Sunday the bells would chime at the start of Sunday mass. It was a constant for so long, you just never assumed you would not hear them.

When my mother in law was in her final days with us, and she was living in Garland, she talked about the bells at St. Rita. She lived next door to us for years and she said she had missed the bells on Sunday mornings after she has moved. I don't know when the church stopped playing the bells every Sunday, but for some reason, they stopped doing that years ago, but still the memory is a good one. When my mother in law came to stay with us in her final days, for some reason the bells that Sunday morning of her last week here with us chimed. We opened the windows of the bedroom and she sat back on the bed and she was so happy to hear them once again.

Now, the bells chime on Christmas and special Sundays. They are a delightful addition to whatever is happening when I hear those bells chime from the bell tower. When you get used to something, you don't realize how special they are until you know you might not hear them again. We are moving to the country from the inner city for peace and quiet, but honestly, on this Sunday, I know I will miss some of the city noise a lot.

In four days....I don't think the bells will chime....but my heart wishes that they would.


  1. They do still ring every day at noon to remind us to say a special prayer called the Angelus. (You are just not normally home at noon.) Although you will not be there to hear them, whenever I am hear them, it will remind me to say a special prayer for you, my friend. I know that it is hard for you to leave, but your new home will be wonderful.

  2. You are making me cry! I am looking ahead to see what makes the new house special.


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