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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Ford Dealership Recipe Book & Line Dried Laundry

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This week, I want to show you a really unusual cookbook I found at a local estate sale. This little book set me back a whole fifty cents. I have never seen one like this and it is dated 1950 inside the cover.

This inscription inside the cover says: "This combined restaurant guide and recipe book comes to you with the best wishes of your local Ford dealer with the hope that it will serve you well both in the family car and in the kitchen."

The book is broken down into different regions of the United States and features restaurants in each region and recipes of wonderful dishes. It is hard to believe that this was originally printed as a travel guide to great restaurants.

The graphics inside the cover are really nice, and the colors are very vibrant. The person who owned this little book, took very good care of it.

A Foreword page in the book states that the "Favorite Recipes of Famous Taverns" in the Ford Times and "Outstanding Restaurants" in the Lincoln-Mercury Times were consistently rated among the top favorite in reader surveys. Request were often for a collection of the recipes featured. This little book was the answer to a growing and insistent demand.

Here are a look at some of the pages, and the wonderful pictures of the restaurants and the recipe featured from the restaurant.

I love the look of the old cars, very classic with the older buildings serve as a wonderful nostalgic background. I can just envision this little book in the glove boxes of travelers back in the 1950's.

Here is a page from Colorado, featuring places to visit and foods to try. I sure would like to know how many of these places are still open today.

And Because...........

.......The weather here today was a mild upper 70's, a very nice spring day.....perfect for a project I have been working on lately. The pictures below are the results of not so hard work! I have found a recipe for cleaning vintage linens and the thing about it works. Fabulously. Here is a glimpse of what I was doing this afternoon.......

Freshly laundered white vintage towels, doilies, table runners and napkins blowing in the warm spring breeze.

Here is another shot, this photo gives a glimpse of the hand crocheted pot holder in the corner. All of these were purchased at an estate sale this past weekend. They were in a bag marked $5.00. I did not know how soiled and dirty these were until after I got them home. Now look......crisp, white, and clean. I have another batch soaking and hope I have another great day for line drying them tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping in for Vintage Thingie Thursday. And since I have so many vintage experts and collectors that visit today....I would like to post again about a request for your help. Click here to view the embroider pattern I am looking for. Thanks for all who have replied and willing to help re-create the original. I will most likely have to go that route, but thought I'd try again today.

Have a great week everyone...and please visit all the Vintage Thingie Thursday Participates below and look at all the vintage items today.


  1. Love the recipe book and the graphics, it is terrific. Have you tried any of the regional recipes yet? The weather is not nice enough to hang things outside here, but I am hoping it will be soon!

  2. WOW, that is quite a cook book you have there, I guess that is one thing (About the only thing) I don't really look at when I am thrift or garage sale shopping. AND I AM JEALOUS THAT YOU CAN HANG THINGS OUT, it is still way too cold to think about that here yet. I haven't quite decided what I will share today, still thinking on it, but it will be good. :) so go check out my blog (In a few minutes I am going to try to link to yours one more time but I don't seem to have much luck doing that.

  3. What a FAB book...i love those 50s graphics!!!...and WOW your linens look fantastic blowing in the spring breeze!!..i hope you share your cleaning secret with us :)

  4. That recipe book is interesting. Let us know when you try something out.

    Good ol' sunshine does the trick again!

  5. wow I'm really loving the recipe book graphics :-)

  6. Suzanne:

    This was an expensive post for me. I love this cookbook so I went out and bought a copy and for a lot more than you paid for yours. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Roberta Anne

  7. I don't think there is anything more vintage than linens drying out on the line. I am just taking in that beautiful sight and knowing spring is just around the corner.

    Too cute--my word verification is "dress up".

  8. Wow, really great items for today's post! I vaguely remember a book like that. Love those linens too!

  9. What a cool recipe book! It is a lovely day here too, and I was also tempted to wash some linens, but alas, too much normal washing to do first! LOL

  10. Susanne,
    Love the cookbook. One of my many weaknesses. Aren't the 50's graphics wonderful? Please share your linen cleaning technique with us.

  11. I love the illustrations in the cookbook!

  12. I love old cook books. Looks like you have a good one there. And I love old linens! I did a wash day post on my vintage thingie Thursday.

  13. Loved the recipe book..but that $5.00 bag of linens is to absolutely to die for. They are simply beautiful. Will you tell us to clean the old linens to get them that sparkley white?

  14. Great recipe would be fun to see if any of the restaurants are still in business and then stop by!

    Sorry, haven't seen that adorable doggy embroidery set before but I can help with tracing it if you go that route.

  15. love the ford recipe book - what a find. Can you please share your new discovery to make your linen so clean? I have some pieces from my Grandma that need freshening up.

  16. lovely vintagey items.. thanks for hosting this wonderful event.. have a great day..

  17. Now that is a sign from the past... nice white linens blowing in the breeze. I love the graphics in the cookbook...I also wonder how many of those restaurants are still around...great vintage thingys... ;-) Bo

  18. Those books are gorgeous! I love the graphics and bright colors. How absolutely charming.

    Laundry? Outside? It will break here.

  19. I love the illustrations of that cookbook! And the linens blowing in the breeze are so inviting!

  20. Oh...what a breath of fresh air! I love to hang laundry out! you going to share your recipe for soaking vintage linens? I surely hope so! I love old recipe books and have thought I might share some of those someday! many Vintage little Thursdays! Happy VTT!

  21. The pictures are great - I've been attracted to the older graphics recently - too cool for words!

  22. The recipe books is so beautiful. Love the retro pics. It looks almost brand new. No cooking stains :) Your linens are lovely too. Nothing smells more wonderful than sunshine soaked linens.

  23. Please post your recipe for cleaning linens--your photos are gorgeous, and it makes me feel brave enough to go after those baby clothes from the 40s... Also, I have looked for your embroidery pattern and learned a lot along the way. So want you to find it, and am usually really good at finding stuff... but I've come up empty handed. I was beginning to wonder whether the pattern might be an original... Hope you find it, will keep looking!

  24. That recipe book is so unique. I just love it.....I bet it is so much fun to look through. I sure hope you'll be sharing your recipe for cleaning vintage linens soon. I would love to see it!
    Elaine :)

  25. Just found your blog and decided to join you for Vintage Thingie Thursday. Thanks for such a great idea!

  26. I'm jealous of your clothing line..too cold here.
    Any chance you will share
    your recipe for cleaning those vintage lovelies?

  27. I love the graphics in old books, and yours has great graphics AND recipes. What a find! I want to know your recipe for washing vintage linens. They look so fresh and pretty hanging on the line. laurie

  28. I haven't seen clothes on a line in a long time. I bet I haven't even told my daughter that I used to hand clothes on a line when I was her age.

  29. What a neat recipe book..and those things hanging on the line take me back to the 50's when it was my job to bring the clothes in...
    thanks for the memories...

  30. I missed VTT this past week, I was in hospital, yuck!
    Your vintage linens were a steal can you share your recipe for laundering please? My local quilt historian /appraiser recommends Biz[that's what she uses]

  31. Thanks to each of the vintage bloggers for some very interesting iems. I do not have the time to comment on each one, but truly enjoy them. I hope the younger generation will appreciate what us older ones are leaving behind.


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