Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Walk In The Park.....With a Mission :UPDATE

Update: On Saturday, we drove back to the park to check and see if Ol' Blue Eyes had found a new home. I am happy to report, he was not on the stair rail, so we can only assume he has found a home!

Earlier this week, I talked about The Toy Society and Ol' Blue Eyes, my first handmade toy. Today, my daughter was home from college for part of spring break....we had a mission....

This is part of a large public park called Trinity Park in Ft. Worth. We drove through the park looking for the perfect spot for leaving a toy. The park was full of people believe it or not, lots of kids and families enjoying the nice weather. It was not an easy task to find a spot that was not full of onlookers!

At last, we found a spot located on a stairway that lead to the street that ran above the park. Safe, shielded from the rain, should it decide to rain before someone took him home. A nice spot to just hang out, if you know what I mean.

Alisha helped me with this task. She gave me the thumbs up! This little guy was placed on the railing of the staircase in the park about 4:00pm on March 19, 2009 in the heart of Ft. Worth, Texas.

All went well, and I don't think we drew too much attention. I felt pretty good until Alisha decided to tell me how sad it was to leave him behind...and ask what if someone did not find him? What if it rained? Too many "what if questions" and I was not prepared for that type of reaction. It was beginning to be hard thinking about driving off and leaving him behind. If I thought about it too much, I might have choked up a bit....

...But I had to remember that this was not something for me to change my mind about. I made the decision to leave him, and the right person was going to find him and give him a good home......and we walked away with a bit of a heavy heart. And as I write out this post....I really hope he is snug in a warm bed with a new friend....the right friend.


  1. What a great post! You are such a sweetheart! I'm sure someone found it and took it home and will love it forever. I remember as a child I had to go to the hospital and some local women's club and brought me in a stuff handmade kitty cat. I think I still have it some 30 + or - years.
    May God Bless You!

  2. I am so curious as to who got ol' Blue eyes. Did you go back to peek if he was still there? What an intriguing idea - Jacob and I may have to try this....Robyn

  3. I bet some sweet little child is all snuggled up with him right now. What a fun thing to do.

  4. What a GREAT idea!!! How much fun was that - I wonder where he went!

  5. That was a sweet idea..hope he has a loving new home!!

  6. I have made 2 little Scottie dog toys now, thanks to you and the toy society. I have to make 'the drop' soon, and am trying to decide where they should be placed! It is exciting, and would be neat if the finder sends info to the toy drop organizer - I'd love to hear who found them! I hope you let us know if you hear anything back on the results!!!

  7. I hope you left your URL (bloggy address) so that the finder can let us know where Blue Eyes is living.

  8. How exciting! I do hope you hear from Ol' Blue Eyes new home. I've got some doll patterns I'm looking at so I can join the fun. Where did you get the pattern for Blue?

  9. I think I would have sat around until someone took him!

  10. so sweet, Im sure some little child is very happy right now! Will you go back to check if someone took him?

  11. I hope some deserving child found Blue Eyes and that you made their day a little happier.
    If you live in the FW area, you live near me! Small world.

  12. What a sweet post. My Mom was sick in the hospital once and a lady named Nancy brought her a big squishy bear. My Mom is gone now but when there are tearful missing her times i go give that bear a big hug.

    Have A Fantastic Friday
    from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

  13. Suzanne~
    I just love that you've done this...I may have to do it, too! What this world needs more of is a little kindness! Thank you for the inspiration to make a difference! What a great post!

  14. What a wonderful post! I hope someone has found it. I hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Happy Birthday Suzanne! What a generous & loving lady you are...
    you are going to have the biggest pair of wings in Heaven someday...
    BTW, your daughter is gorgeous!
    ;-) Bo

  16. Good morning! Just checking in and getting caught up on my blog reading! Happy Saturday!


  18. Suzanne, Happy Belated Birthday.
    What an act of kindness...just wish we could have followed ol' Blue Eyes. I am sure some child was thrilled to find it and is loving it right now.

    I am always in awe of the kindness and giving of all the bloggers I come across. What a blessing.

  19. What a wonderful idea this is. I think I might just do this at our church park and pavillion. All of the town children go there to play.


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