Friday, April 10, 2009

Join Me for the Easter Parade...and a Pup or Two

I decided to participate in a really cute Easter Parade Meme this week, really on a whim. I remember reading about this on Eileen's blog and did not think I was going to find a picture. But alas I did find one and it fits so I thought I'd show off my Easter fair from days gone by.

Well, here I am in all my Easter duds. This is dated on the back of the photo "Easter Dress, Age 3"

So, that would be about 1965 when I am sure all of these things I have on were the latest rage in the fashion world. See that purse? I so remember that purse and I had that for years. The closure was elastic and it fastened over a little button. I know over the years the flowers and lace were lost, but I had that purse for many years. I wish I knew what happened to that purse...most likely tossed. I really wish I had this little treasure.

My mom really had me dressed up all girly with the purse, Bobbie socks, white shoes, white gloves, and most likely a white dress....but don't let the photo fool you. I was a tomboy at heart underneath those nice clothes! And did you notice the curls...well, I have naturally straight hair, and I can just imagine my mom's favorite way to curl my hair....and not to mention the fact I had to sleep in about 100 pin case you don't know what that is it was.....little pieces of hair, wrapped in Kleenex or toilet tissue, curled to my head with Bobbie pins.....Yep....I don't miss those days one bit!

Thanks Eileen for hosting such a cute meme. Hop on by her blog and check out the Easter Parade going on over there, it is really great fun! I enjoyed digging for a photo to, I just want the darn purse back!

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Are you ready for a Basket full of Pups??

I want to share with you a surprise I received last week. Usually, I am so eager to decorate for the holidays, but I have been so busy, that I really decided to just skip the Easter decorations. I did not feel like looking for the box, and really thought I did not have the time for such things this year. Well, my special friends, Bo from Winks N Blinks from Brown Eyes and her sweet husband Sonny had other plans too, and their plans quickly had me wanting to decorate a bit for Easter. And what a sweet surprise it was when I had this basket of pups greet me at the door.

Yes, Bo decided these three little pups needed to be adopted to a good home and she was certain they would find a great home with me......Are you kidding?? I was so super excited. How cute is this!?!

Well, my little wagon of pups needed some company, so I added a few of my vintage bunnies to the table and a pair of vintage salt and pepper shakers to give the pups something to look at and it was instantly Easter Festive.

The only problem is the pups want out of the wagon....and guess what?

Sophie and Dora want in the wagon with the pups....or at the very least....

......... they want the pups out of the wagon! Dora's jealous little tail wanted to take a nip at one of the little puppies to show them who runs this household.

Houston....we may have a problem!

They make a cute centerpiece and will have a very loving home after serving as my centerpiece for Sunday. I will have these cuties sitting on my sofa table....high out of reach of small wiener dogs who think they are boss.

If you read my post yesterday, you know how special all my gifts were this past week and how such surprises quickly got me in the Easter spirit and added a little festive touch around the house. Thanks so much Bo and were the sunshine to my day!


  1. Love your Easter centerpiece - and I can see why your doggies were attracted to it! Happy Easter to you ALL!

  2. Oh my goodness! I was just going to say how awfully cute you were in your Easter finery and then there was that basket of puppies!! TOO much! They don't even seem that tiny til their parents hover over them. OH what fun you have!!

  3. Oh Suazanne...You are so adorable in your Easter dress...the beautiful curls, the little gloves & that purse...just a living doll!
    Well, I think the weenie-triplets are the luckiest pups to have found a new home...LOL...
    You have added sunshine to many people's lives everyday & Sonny & I are 2 of those people!
    Big hugs & smiles, ;-) Bo

  4. I so know what you mean about the purse! I did the same thing when I was looking at my photos.. wished I had those back! And I'll bet you carried a little pretty handkerchief in there too. Thanks so much for sharing your memories and photo with us. I remember those pin curls too!

  5. Seeing all these pretty Easter dresses brought back memories: I have had white lacy gloves too! Easter is too cold for such things here, but they were my summer finery when I was about 7 or 8.
    The puppie pictures are adorable too.

  6. Bo is so good and generous to give you a basket of dachshunds. What better gift than a gift of love?

    Your little girl Easter picture is precious.

  7. What a cutie! And the pups are sweet too.

  8. so cute with the gloves and the purse and the curly collar. fantastic smile. have a Happy Easter.

  9. I love your Easter picture and I had a little wicker purse almost identical to yours...complete with the elastic and button.
    This was so much fun, thanks for sharing.
    Your little doggies are a fit!!!

  10. You were adorable in your Easter the gloves!

  11. Pups are so cute!

    Happy EAster!

  12. Very, very cute. Love the little dachshund decorations.

  13. Don't we all have a picture like that?! :) The gloves were a must and I usually had a "spring coat"! Thanks for sharing (the basket of pups too) and have a joyous Easter!

  14. That picture of you in your Easter dress is absolutely adorable! The wagon of puppies from Bo is so cute too! Have a wonderful Easter weekend. laurie

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoyed reading yours. I had forgotten about wearing those curlers at night, ouch!
    A blessed Easter to you, too!

  16. Such a cute picture of you as a little girl. Love the gloves. Thanks for sharing.


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