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Vintage Thingies Thursday: Vintage Vessels

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This week, I have some family treasures to share with you. My husband had 5 great Aunts who lived their whole lives together. They never married, lived in a big ole' Victorian house in St. Joseph, Missouri. When the last living Aunt moved to a assisted living home, they had a big auction of all their things and home before the move. My father-in-law who was the nephew to these said Aunts, was able to get a few pieces to keep in the family.

This is a beautiful vase. It reminds me of the vase Smiling Sally posted about a few months ago. Click on the link to see her beautiful vase again. This vase that I have had for well over 20 years, is delicate, and originally when I got this from my husband's Aunts estate, it really was not my taste at all. I was not too fond of the gold, but luckily, I had the good sense to keep it. Now, I really do like this little piece. I just wish I knew more about it...and of course, I wish I knew the stories behind them from the Aunts who had them.

It would be nice if I knew more about markings on things. First off, I can not even begin to make heads or tales of this marking. Does any one out there recognise this? I so wish I could date this vase to when it was made, but so far no luck, I don't even know where to start.

Here is a close up of the back side. This really has lots of details in the painting on this vase. Very pretty. Can you see the little gold specks in the overall paint of the piece?

Here is another wonderful vase. I really like the colors and flowers on this one. It is a very pretty shade of green.

Here is the marking on the bottom of this vase. After looking on the Internet, I found this information about he mark: The mark on the base shows the letters RW inside a diamond with a crown surrounded by the words Germany and Rudolstadt. This particular mark was used between 1895 and 1906. Can we say VINTAGE? This makes me all the more want to know about the first vase.....maybe I should take it to the Antique Roadshow!

This black vase is similar to the first one, but I know it is not as old as the other one. The porcelain is different, and it just does not have that fragile feel that the other one has. Still....pretty. I love the roses.

Here is the mark on the back of the black vase. My husband had one Great Aunt who did do lots of traveling. I often wonder if some of these pieces were picked up and brought home from overseas.

This is the smallest of all of these little vases. I love this one very much. I love the colors and it sorta reminds me of Art-deco style. The flowers are so pretty and sweet.

This one is stamped made in Japan. This little vase stands about 6 inches tall. I keep this one in my bedroom in a bookshelf. I like the style and colors.

And for all you vintage linens lovin' is a closeup of a vintage tablecloth I used as the backdrop for taking the photos today. What a lovely springtime bouquet of tulips. This was an estate sale find for $2.00. It was soiled really bad...but guess what...not any more! I love this one!

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  1. Those are beautiful!! I think some of them rank as antiques as opposed to just vintage. Love the family connection - can you imagine all of those 'old maids' living under one room??? Great post. Sally

  2. Meant to say one roof! Can't type tonight. Sally

  3. Your vintage pieces are just lovely. You would think with all you can find on the internet that there could be a place to enter china marks and get info. I would pay a reasonable fee for that.

    Roberta Anne--The Raggedy Girl

  4. Oh my goodness. Those are absolutely beautiful. What history too. That's a treasure.

  5. You know i never was very interested in ornaments or vases in the past either but i've gradually come around to appreciating them a lot fav is the last one and i adore your vintage linen even more :)

  6. Ooooo, these are so beautiful. I think the first one is my favorite if I were forced to choose. I'm so proud they have a home with you, and still in the family. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.

  7. Ok, I love them all but that first one is sooo fabulous...I'll take it if you decide you don't care for it

  8. These are so unique! That first one is puzzling... looks like a chinese or japanese symbol in there somewhere...maybe you can find someone to translate?

    I have a set of dishes from a great aunt whose brother gave them to her while he was stationed in Japan during the second world war. When she went to a nursing home she left all her belongings at home. The day before they were going to junk what was left I showed up and got those dishes. My mother was so happy we retrieved them she cried. Imagine if they had been thrown out! They would have been like your sad little dishes from the city dump. :)


  9. wow 5 great aunts - amazing! They had some lovely treasures, those vases look very expensive.

  10. The vases are lovely. The linen is fantastic but I love the history. So glad you are keeping their memories alive.


  11. I guess we were thinking alike this week with painted china! My favorite is the little one--very pretty.

  12. I'm so glad your FIL was able to keep these pretty things in the family.

  13. You are such a tease with the linens and the great prices you pay. Your foresight to keep the vases really paid off. You have a beautiful collection.

  14. All of your treasured vases are
    beautiful. I love all the colors
    on them. Wonderful!

  15. I have to agree the little one is my favorite...the lovely green vase is so classic Victorian- I can imagine a whole room decorated to match!

    You are making think I have to check and wash my vintage linens!

  16. These are all really beautiful but the first one knocked my socks off, can we say envy in a dozen languages?!

  17. Oh my. Those were some elegant spinster aunts, weren't they?
    What a story that must be.

    I'm like you, I'm smitten with that small vase. wouldn't it look cute with lily of the valleys?

  18. Great pieces - love the colors in them!

  19. Gorgeous vases, Suzanne! I always enjoy your Vintage Thingies Thursday!

  20. What a lovely collection and even more special knowing where they lived! Oh, the stories they could tell!!
    I am so glad I stumbled across is so much fun!! I look forward to Thursdays to see what everyone else treasures!

  21. These are quite amazing pieces! My mother in law has some of these pieces, I need to look at the bottom and check them out. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharng,
    What great heritag e pieces.
    Paula from Idaho

  22. Beautiful vases, Suzanne. Isn't it funny how we acquire things somewhat reluctantly, then the longer they are around, the more we come to treasure them.

    Loved that table linen too. How did you get it so clean? =)

  23. that's wonderful that you were able to keep those in the family, they are beautiful. I love the tablecloth, too.

  24. GM WOW!! I loved all these special to have a piece of family history with you..You have some of the best stuff you ever run out? may you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. Happy VTT Suzanne.. you are so lucky to have those vases.. I really like the last vase you shown here.. love the colour and the flower on it.. So pretty.. Thanks for hosting this wonderful event and have a great day!

  26. Thanks again for hosting VTT..I love it! And what beautiful treasures you have look like antiques to me.thanks agian
    blessings to all

  27. I think that your great aunt's vase is prettier than mine, but neither one is "my style." I see by the comments that nobody knows where in the world they came from!

  28. Such amazing vases! I am totally envious....

  29. These are gorgeous vases. My favorite is the one from the aunts, and I love the story about them (sounds like the makings of a good book!). It does look very fragile. I'm glad you have kept it in good condition and all of the others too. I also enjoyed seeing the pretty vintage tablecloth. laurie

  30. WOW awesome vases and love the needlework too. Sorry I am late, but I did make it with a treasure of my own. :) Come check it out. Jeanne

  31. You have some beautiful vases! Each one is so pretty. I like the story about the Aunt's and how they all lived together in the victorian house. The house must have been filled with all kinds of beautiful treasures. You know how all of us ladies like to collect things.

  32. Thanks for visiting me. I enjoyed your post too. I am not knowledgable about the vases so I am no help. They are sure pretty though.

  33. Oh they look so delicate and beautiful...and that tablecloth is gorgeous!!!!! Great post girl and thanks for hosting such a fun day!

  34. I ran out of time yesterday to post about my vintage cream soup bowls, but thought I'd squeeze it in today.

  35. they are beautiful and thank you for putting together this blog to show case our wonderful treasures.

  36. I'm so happy to have found your Vintage blog event! It's so up my alley!


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