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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Kitchen Favorites

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This is my third week at showing some creamers and favorite kitchen pieces that I have collected over the years. I hope you have not been too bored with my post. I will move on to some newer and different things next week. This is my third post that has been similar in nature and I am afraid if I don't mix it up a bit, you might not visit next Thursday!

I am sure by now, you have figured out I collect a variety of things, love a variety of vintage things and am really not afraid to start with something new....that being said, let me ask you a question. Do you think I have a problem? Is it a sickness? Is there a cure?

This is a really cute restaurant vintage syrup or creamer dispenser. The glass is very heavy on this little jewel and is loaded with bubbles throughout the glass. Now, granted I usually am attracted to things with a little more coloring in them, but the glass is very nice and I really thought it was cute. Estate sale find...$2.00.

This little creamer is one of my most PRIZED possessions. And seriously, if there was a disaster and I had to escape my home, this would be grabbed up on the way out the door. This little creamer holds so many memories for me growing up as a child and of the special person it belonged to. This was in my beloved grandmothers cabinet on the right side of her stove for as long as I remember. It sat on the first shelf on the left had side of the cabinet...she stored her toothpicks in this. Oh, the memories associated in this one little creamer.

My grandmother was a wonderful cook and cooked homemade authentic Mexican food from recipes passed down from my grandpa's family. We always had soft tacos, and they were held together by toothpicks...toothpicks that came from this little creamer.

I don't know where my grandma got this, I seem to recall asking her about it once and I seem to want to think she told me it was my grandpas. I can not be sure however. Man, I wish I had asked more questions when I had these special people still in my life. I miss my grandmother so much some days the pain is so fresh it was like I lost her yesterday and not half my lifetime ago. She was special and anything I have that belonged to her is of the utmost importance in my life.

This is another creamer I found at a thrift store for 50 cents. It is solid white with a silver rim, no markings. I just liked the simplicity of it. The bowl is a really favorite of mine. It is a restaurant ware piece by Homer Laughlin. I love the colors and the weight to this bowl.

Here is a little closeup of the detail on the bowl and the creamer.

Here is another creamer I recently purchased at an estate sale. Notice the red and white! I had a bowl which looked similar already at home and when I saw this creamer, it sorta found its way into my basket. The bowl is marked with just a BAKE OVEN mark on the bottom. The creamer is of a different marking.

And would you look at the inside of this little creamer! I thought this was so cute. Oh, and should I mention the fact that I really do not collect creamers....I really don't. I just have found a few that called my name and they now live happily at my house. It really is not a collection....per say.

Here is the marking on the bottom of the creamer. I tried to search for the mark and try to find something with the same marking, but I did not have much luck. Does this mark look familiar to anyone?

I did come across a site with lots of vintage restaurant ware, and oh, my...I think I am in serious trouble.....that search has spawned a new serious liking for restaurant ware, and I am seriously considering trading out my dinnerware I have now for some vintage restaurant ware.....Help me! Did you say it was a sickness....or no?

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  1. Why, no you don't have a sickness...Bwahahaha, if you do then I'd have to admit that I do, so nope no problem, I just love your Granma's toothpickholder and the red and white dinner wear.

  2. I can't post anything this week, :( my computer is in the shop and I don't know how to do pics on DD's computer. I am still going to check everyone else's cool stuff out tho. :) Hopefully I will have my computer back next week.

  3. Sickness or problem?....absolutely are simply helping to preserve the past. I just read somewhere today that if you have more than one of an item, you have a collection! I'm doomed!!!

  4. If you have a sickness then it's highly contagious and I have it too. I don't have any one particular thing that I collect, but I do like certain things and those I usually go for first. But if I like it I go for it and that red creamer I would go for.

  5. I don't see a problem....nope not you!

  6. I love the little toothpick holder of your grandmothers! What sweet memories you have of it. Did she happen to pass those Mexican recipes on to you??? I sure hope so! I wish my German ancestors had passed something down but gee they didn't. My grandmothers father's mother was 100% German and he could speak German but he didn't pass it down to my grandmother. Which after hearing my husband's employer when we lived in Maryland speak the language I'm not sure about it. It sounds like they are cussing each other out sometimes. Perhaps they were??? lol

  7. Dishes are truly my weakness- I need a storage room just to store cool vintage dishes! Thanks for sharing! Paula

  8. OOOOHHH i love that sweet little red's adorable :)

  9. I love the shape of that white creamer!

  10. If you enjoy your hobby of collecting
    it is worth every minute you spend.
    Sick never, but it is easy to run
    out of space to display or store the
    beloved items! Enjoy... no guilt!

  11. I love your dishes. I love anything Homer Laughlin makes. If you have a sickness, it's spread all the way to WV, because I've got it too. Happy Collecting.

  12. OMG - I'm in love with the red creamer with the darling flowers in it (and the red striped bowl also!)!!! Great finds!

  13. I'm not sure if it's a sickness but I know there's no cure! I just need more storage/display space!
    Funny, you shared memories of your Grandma, I show them of my Mum this week. We must have been on a similar wave length.

  14. The creamer with the red stripe is my favourite. The flowers inside are pretty.

  15. Sick? big NO NO.. hehehe.. Addictive yes!.. hehehehehe I love what you shared here.. I love to collect creamer too.. and yours are just lovely.. thanks for hosting this fun vintagey event.. Happy VTT..

  16. That last creamer is a dream! It would call out to me if I saw it anywhere! The mark on the bottom is really unique - wonder what inspired it and what it means....Lovely items today.

  17. I so agree with you on the restaurant ware. Frequently when we go out, I say I'd much rather have the serving set than the meal.

    That's a might purdy red striped bowl!

  18. I like that creamer with the flowers inside.

  19. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Suzanne, if it is a sickness, there are lots of people afflicted. Me included! I love creamers and have many. Maybe that should be next weeks post?

    I am familiar with your feelings about the loss of your grandma. I didn't have nearly enough time with mine. She is in my thoughts every time I sit down at my sewing machine which is almost daily. Maybe that should be my post for next week...

  21. If your sick then we're all sick. Your dishes are wonderful

  22. Wonderful dishes! My favorite is the US Army creamer, with the restaurant creamer coming in a cloes second.

    As for the "sickness", sane people are boring!

  23. I love that Fox ware mark! I hope you can track it down somewhere.

    I love creamers too. I think the reason we still find them in thrift stores is because they have been so lovingly preserved by previous owners.

  24. Suzanne,
    thanks for coming by.
    Consider your self entered in the drawing.

    Barbara Jean

  25. I love your VTT! You never cease to amaze me with your collections and neat VTingies

  26. Should I call "Intervention"? I think you might need help, but in a good way, of course! LOL! All of it is beautiful, as always!

  27. Hello!
    This is my first Vintage Thingie Thursday! Im very excited you all have so much fun stuff to share! Love all the creamers...especially the syrup dispenser! Always wanted one of those :)


  28. I love to see what you share as it helps me to think of things I can share next week. I love the little toothpick holder but the story makes it so special. Like the cups of flowers too.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  29. Restaurant wares have a solid beauty which make them appealing. Plus they hold up very well to use.

  30. Those are very pretty! I especially like the tea cup with the flowers painted on the inside. :)

  31. no you are not sick!!! I love seeing your treasures. I love that vintage glass sugar thing that you use to see in restaurants.

  32. If this is a sickness then I guess I have it too. If I had the room I would have every pitcher and glass syrup jar ever made. I just love them.
    I never get tired of your posts.

  33. Hi Suzanne...I love seeing the things you collect & bring happy thoughts to you! I would love to see your Grandmother's soft tacos recipe posted sometime too...if it isn't a treasured family secret...
    Special hugs, ;-) Bo

  34. Love these pieces you've shared. This ware always has such a great feel in your hands, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing!

  35. YAY...I get to participate again!!! Thanks for doing VTT's.
    I have several of my memough's stuff that I hold very dear....I even find myself gravitating toward stuff like it in thriftstores, etc.....ahhhhh memories!!!

  36. What fun pieces! Please don't tell me it's a sickness. If it is, I'm afraid I've already caught it. Is there a cure?

  37. Yes, it is a sickness, and I have the same sickness, and no, there is no cure that I have found! Tried going cold turkey one time. It lasted almost 2 weeks! Then, I got the shakes and HAD to go to a flea market! I love that little creamer with the red band and flowers on the inside. How cute! Yep, I would have snatched that up too (whether I collect creamers or not). And how wonderful to have those treasures from your grandmother's home. I have several restaurant dishes, and I love them. I think a collection of them to use on a regular basis would be wonderful. Did I tell you I'm also an enabler? laurie


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