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Like I said, I am buying back my piece at a time.....ever feel that way? About a month ago, Steve and I visited an antique mall in Canton, and I stumbled upon these dishes....these are exactly like the dishes my mom had when I was a kid. I had to have them because as all of you know....I don't have any dishes...poor me!!

Funny how a pattern of dishes, or a shape of a glass will spark a memory of long ago...that is what happened when I found these plates that day. Steve just walked to the truck and sat down....he said the last thing I needed was more dishes...I told him that was exactly what I needed.

Seriously, I can remember staring at this design trying to imagine I was in a field of flowers.....most of the time it was because I was forced to eat something I did not Brussels sprouts or Broccoli....I think I thought if I stared long enough the yucky stuff would go away. True.

Now, this pattern holds a lot of nostalgia for me and a few good memories. I am sure these came from either a box of laundry soap or at a gas station as a freebie...maybe they were even at the grocery store and you could purchase a piece with a book filled with stamps. I am sure back then, the price was not much if anything...I was surprised when I looked them up on eBay, they were a little pricey....guess childhood memories come with a price these days!!

Here is the label on the back of one of the dinner plates. I got 6 large dinner plates, a platter and five little plates for $10.00 that day....I was happy.....I have seen single pieces of this pattern before at estate sales, but never picked them up because they were just one piece...
I jumped for joy....well....nearly, when I found these glasses sitting on a shelf at Goodwill the week after I found the dishes. I found a set of 4 of these juice glasses for $1.50. My mom had one or two of these, and I remember drinking juice and milk out of glasses just like these. I am sure these were small jelly jars....can you not see they look like grapes in shape? At least as a kid, that is what I thought...

So, yes, I am trying to buy back my piece at a time....and of course, my mom has long ago gotten rid of the dishes and the glasses.....but....I have some just like them!! What about you??? Do you find things that remind you of your childhood and have to have them??? Or do you even need an excuse?


  1. How very special to find the same dishes you had as a child. I really don't remember the dishes we ate from, but I've made up for it whenever I find some that I really love :-) You know we really DO need another set of dishes :-)


  2. The pattern is beautifu, and yes. I do agree with the memory come with price.

    Lot of thing for the memory, even we have money we still can't afford it.

    Beautiful dish :)

  3. I mostly stick to postcards that remind me of my childhood. I don't have room for things like sets of dishes.

  4. The plates are definitely fun!!!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. i totally GET IT, Suzanne!!..i get a real BUZZ out of finding 'childhood' treasures too!! btw i had to have a little chuckle..your Steve is just like my Andy..PRICELESS & we LOVE 'em LOL!!!!

  6. Hey Suzanne!

    I'm thrilled for you! Isn't it exciting when you find a little piece of your childhood that brings back good memories! Not sure if you remember. About 2 weeks ago I found my little car from my childhood and bought it! My husband said you can't ride in it. I know but I sure love looking at it! lol Plus I get to see my little man ride it with great joy which is a bonus!

    Vintage Thingies Thursday!

  7. Yay! Someone else remembers the gas station giveaways! I loved those. And you sure don't have to justify to me why you had to have those dishes, because I understand! I've been buying back my childhood, one piece at a time, for years! I think we must have had great childhoods, don't you?!
    Happy VTT Suzanne!

  8. Those dishes are really pretty. Were they originally from the 70s? You are so lucky to find them and at a great price. You know, you can never have enough dishes.

  9. I am not a dish person - especially when compared to you but I must say, I do like these. Nice and delicate. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

  10. You said it perfectly..Yes, I also try to buy back part of my childhood.And when I find old crochet books, a piece of embroidery,a tablecloth..a hankie with tatting and just have to have it..that's what I'm doing.And I love every minute of it..but now,I'm kinda running out of room..:).
    Happy VTT..I didn't get anything posted this week..but I will be back next week.

  11. I'm back! (To participating in VTT, that is.) I was just too overwhelmed with 3 blogs going to keep up with everything. I finally decided to merge them and I think it is going to be much better.

    Love the nostalgic dishes!

  12. Suzanne,

    Thanks for hosting!!


    barbara jean

  13. Beautiful dishes. Yes, I have several dishes that I would never part with simply because I REMEMBER them.

    Today I submitted a cheap (almost free) wall decor item on which you can hang some of your small vintage treasures. If you look closely at mine, you will see a vintage Avon bottle (tiny), some vintage jewelry, and vintage buttons.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Have a wonderful party, and thanks again for hosting it!

  14. How very cool to find something from your childhood. Just today I bought, at Goodwill, a set of four small glasses for juice, very similar to yours. :-)

  15. I think our moms all bought those dishes that you got at the grocery store, one week plates, the next bowls etc.. In fact, I think my mother got my stoneware for my cedarchest that way. I can still remember that pattern. funny how these things stay with us but I can hardly remember what I had for lunch. What great finds! I love jelly jar glasses. I just found some old tom and jerry glasses that were jelly jars. I just love them. Have a great day!

  16. You are too cute, Suzanne, buying back the childhood memories your Mom has discarded! But it's nice that they bring warm & happy times to mind-where will you put them, Suzanne?

  17. Hi Suzanne!

    I think we were sort of on the same wavelink this week. My Vintage today is a "Little Golden Book".

    I think I have been doing some serious "Buying back my childhood" lately.

    My saturday post was about finding the same dishes that my grandparents used for their everyday dishware. I was so excited to get them!

    Have a wonderful day!

  18. I love those dishes...yes, I'm on a hunt for something from my childhood, too! They are wine goblets with the wheat pattern and gold rim. My grandmother had them in her china cabinet. Happy VTT!

  19. These dishes look like they are new; that's such a fashionable pattern these days. I'm glad you finally have dishes and don't have to eat off paper plates any more!

  20. I'm lucky to have many things originally from my childhood, but I feel tempted to buy something we no longer have, even when it is from someone else's childhood.

  21. oh man, I cant even tell you how much i love those. ive never seen them and they would go perfect with my kitchen. this is so dangerous. there are so many 'dishes' collectors around! my family would be nuts if the next thing i started collection was dishes...not that i havent picked up some dinerware...because i 'needed'

  22. Hello Suzanne, I love your great dishes find. I am sitting here trying to remember our dishes when I was a kid and I just can't remember. We,my sisters and I, always washed and dried the dishes. I remember dishes from later years though. Since there were eight at every meal maybe I have a mental block. That was a lot of dishes. HA!

    I love your dish pattern and the grape looking glasses too. You have a good start on those dishes. Keep your eyes open and you will find more I am sure. Our hubby's will never understand our NEED for dishes.

    Have a happy day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  23. Oh gosh just put into words exactly how I feel. "Buying back pieces of my childhood".. what a wonderful way to put it.

    I'm so happy for you that you found a little piece. You certainly could use a few more dishes :).

  24. What gorgeous dishes, I can see why you wanted them! I love stories like that, when people find things that hold such sentimental value! You've inspired me to hunt for things all over again!
    (shame on you, you know I have a problem) ;)
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  25. I have seen those in the past. These really look in great condition. We have had glasses like that too. I will rent my little storage shed out cheap for dishes.

  26. LV...what a great idea, I can totally transform that shed into a little tea cottage....I can just see it now...with dishes on the shelves...when can we start???

  27. love your dishes, men just don't have a clue as to what we need, just that one little item, that one little matter how many we already have, it is different and has a different memory.
    Love your pattern.

  28. I do the same thing! I'm always drawn to things from my chilhood and I very often end up buying them!

  29. So true, Suzanne. We get that feeling of nostaglia and we want back what we had in our youth. Yesterday I was in an antique store and that feeling was with me with all while I was there. Good VTT.

  30. I love those dishes! What a great find. I too have a weakness for dishes and glassware.

  31. I love dishes, glassware, stemware and yes, you MUST have it when you find it! Thanks for sharing...

  32. Isn't it wonderful how the simplest of things bring back memories?

  33. Hi Suzanne! Love the dishes! We're talkin' turkey over on my blog...thanks for hosting once again.

  34. I would have purchased those dishes in a heartbeat too. Think of the good memories you will have every time you use them! Nothing wrong with a little nostalgia.

  35. Love these dishes!! Such a beautiful pattern and color! I too have some childhood dishes . One small white bowl that I only eat soup from just for is the same pattern from my grandmother's house! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing your memory!
    Mama Holli

  36. I think I'm buying back my childhood too! Those dishes are so totally today! I see patterns like that everywhere now!

  37. Suzanne Hello.. you found such lovely dishes that you once used as a child! Am sure there are lots of precious memories with the dishes! thank you for sharing this story with us.. and I miss you already!

  38. What a great find! I love going to my parent's home and seeing many familiar things still there in their house. Especially since my mom passed away, many things remind me so much of her, her creativeness, her sweet, giving nature. My dad has given some things away, but I am thankful there are still many things he has kept.

    I have made some fun finds on Ebay :o) of some of my childhood things that have long been gone.

    Blessings & aloha!

    (Have to get ready for work, but wanted to stop in to say hi! and Suzanne, I sent you an email, so I hope you are able to get it... please check and see if it came through.)

  39. I remember those glasses-you could buy the regular bigger Grape jelly or the jelly is those lovely jars-I always made my Mom get the pretty jelly! :)

    I think the idea "buying back your childhood" is exactly right! I sometimes feel I've bought back my mythic childhood from 30 years before I was even born!


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