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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Kitchen Goods

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We went to Bowie Trade days recently and had a great day. I have a great love for vintage jars and have several in my kitchen. If they have a red lid, well, that is all the better. I spotted this one, and had to have it. I paid $5.00 for it and tried to haggle down the price, but let me say the little old lady who was at the booth was rather proud of all her wares.

I liked this as it said Polish Sausage, and I thought it would be cute in my kitchen with the others jars I have. I inquired with the lady to see if she knew the age of the jar. She said she didn't but she assured me it was old, not that I was doubting that. She said "Honey, there are NO BAR CODES in that label, it is old." This would be the time I took out my five dollar bill and handed it to her!

I noticed there was a piece of paper inside the jar, but I could not read it until I took it out. The lady told me it was there when she bought the jar so she left it there. Evidently, I purchased Thurman's cookie jar and the date is there too. Icing on the cake.

I also have some vintage Peanuts cookie cutters. I love vintage cookie cutters, but I absolutely hate making rolled cookies and using them. I thought these were so cute for a buck.

This is how I felt when I found that note in my new jar......happy to have Thurman's cookie jar!!!  It makes me wonder who Thurman was, and what he was like, and what type of cookies did he keep in this jar.

This cookbook belonged to my mother in law. I really love it. The cookbook is full of great graphics as well as great recipes. I love a good recipe.

Here is a sample of the graphics on some of the pages. Really sweet.

Have a great weekend and the rest of spring break for many of you. See you next week, and I will announce the winner of the Vintage Thingie Giveaway for March. 


  1. Oh, I LOVE the Peanuts cookie cutters! I look for cookie cutters every time I go to the thrift store! LOVE the cookbook, too! Great finds! What a fun place to go! Thanks for hosting this fun party! ♥

  2. Guess I was not home when you call to invite me on this outing. You always find neat things regardless of where you shop. The little cookie cutters are the cutest ever.

  3. I just love vintage kitchen items, the note is interesting.

  4. Thank you as always for the opportunity to link to VTT! I have quite a collection of those vintage cookbooks and, like you, really like the graphics! ~ Janet

  5. Great cookie jar! I've been so busy I haven't participated in a few weeks and I have missed VTT.

  6. Suzanne, i love Thurman's cookie jar..what a treat! and as for your darling cookie cutters..i'm just a tad green LOL!!
    btw speaking of 'green'..Happy St Patrick's Day :) xx

  7. Great Vintage Kitchen items! Love those sweet cookie cutters

  8. Don't you just love a surprise note when you get things like that. I once found a surprise note on the inside of an old picture frame I got a garage sale. After I read it, I got choked up because it was a love note...
    Nice jar!

  9. Great cookie cutters...I will be joining you next week! I just found your sight..I need to rearrange how I write my tablescapes to include my vintage things better. Come buy and visit and tell me how to present better. I use alot of vintage dishes and would love to share!I grabbed your button and I am getting excited!
    Blessings to you,

  10. Woohoo girl!!! A vintage jar with a dated note. What a treasure but then ya done went and did it up right!!! Fillin' that cookie jar with great Peanut Cookies made from your vintage cookbook and cut from your vintage cutters. Doe's it get any better than this??? :o)

    God bless ya and have a beautiful St. Patrick's Day!!!

  11. I love a good recipe, too. I'm still making your rosemary chicken and potatoes at least twice a month. That note inside your jar is such a great find, it does make you wonder. I'm in that mood today to just step back in time.

  12. Great find!

    I have a cookie cutter just like that that was my mother's (it's a santa)and I also have older cook books like that as well that were my mom's. I love looking through them.

  13. I bet Thurman is missing that jar! Love those cute little cookie cutters!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Otis and James accessory giveaway

  14. I 'm linked up : )
    Hope your da yis wonderful!!

  15. I love the Peanuts cookie cutters---I am a cookie cutter fanatic myself. And that Snoopy---how adorable it that! But you are right that rolled cookies are a lot of work. ;-)

  16. hi Suzanne! Great finds on the jars - a bit more than you wanted to pay, but if they put a smile on your face, then I think it's a GREAT deal! My kids would LOVE those Peanuts cutters - I've recently got them hooked on old Peanuts movies. Glad I could link up with you and your sweet friends today! -diane

  17. I adore all kinds of kitchy things like the cookie cutters. I'll be back to visit some of the others soon.


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