Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last Minute Easter Centerpiece - Super Easy

Thought I'd post this fun, fast, and easy project I put together this afternoon. Are you in the middle of cooking for Easter Sunday and all of a sudden you realized you forgot the centerpieces? Well, take a look.....super easy.

All you will need is a clear glass vase, some jelly beans, some peeps, a little plant, a swatch of fabric and some Easter grass.

I took the jellybeans and filled the bottom. Then, took the fabric and covered the little petunia plant. Once the plant is placed in the glass vase over the jellybeans, I added the peeps. Not only are they cute, but they help hold the little plant in place. Lastly, I added some paper Easter grass on top at the base of the plant and added a little fabric strip bow. If you have a cute little spring plant pick, you can add that like I did. Possibly, you might be able to find all these things you need already around your house. I just bought the plant and the glass vase.....I could not find the vases I have stored safely in our shed!!!

I think it is cute, simple but cute. I am taking this with us tomorrow as we are going over to my niece's house for Easter dinner. I think she will like it, at least I hope so. She can plant the petunia in her flowerbed after Easter. Serves double duty that way!

Now, I need to get in the kitchen, I have a dessert to make and a side dish!

Happy Easter.....enjoy your day!!


  1. you must have read my mind. My table is bare..but I have ALL of this so I can put it together. I even bought a flat of plants today, I'll just put one of them in a paper cup and put this together! What a fun, easy and fast idea! Thanks so much. Happy Easter

  2. the peeps, peeking out make it! Happy Easter!

  3. very cute! similar to what i did with the lily for the church. :)(no peeps, though!)
    Happy Easter!

  4. How darling! I'm sure everyone will love it!

    Blessings to you and your family this Easter Sunday.

  5. So cute! I had to come up with a quick Easter centerpiece, too. I just posted a photo of it. I put some tulips in an Easter basket and they look lovely. Hope you have a lovely Easter.

  6. Bring home a "human" bag instead of a dogie one.

  7. Nothing says Easter like Peeps. Now that I'm older, I can't take the sugar load they provide, so it's good to know you've discovered another use for them. LOL!!


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